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Title: Rugby start up under new regs.
Post by: Ribbflagman on November 26, 2020, 08:48:51 PM
Hi Everyone
                 just wondered what peoples thoughts are on the proposed RFU getting mini leagues on under "adopted rules". Personally I think it is total madness and I personally (who has been an avid Ribb stalwart all my life) will be going nowhere near any social gatherings or sports events until numbers are at least down to the summer levels or I have been vaccinated. I might be accused of being a kill joy, but i can practically see nothing but possible negatives as an outcome and NOTHING positive.
IMHO Batten down the hatches until its safe.
I have heard that the RFU are worried about losing players to rugby league. If that's the case let them go and monitor how many pass the virus on to older relatives that might die.
Title: Re: Rugby start up under new regs.
Post by: Red Horseman on November 27, 2020, 10:31:26 AM
I'm sure all clubs will be ensuring the necessary protective measures are fully in place.
It then comes down to individual players' integrity regarding symptom declaration and isolation where needed.
As we have seen at professional level in ours and other sports, despite all the bubbling and testing this cannot be guaranteed.
So for non players and spectators it will all come down to individual choice regarding risk. If you're happy to risk it, fine - get down the club. If you're not, also fine - stay away.
Bear in mind that thousands of deaths occur annually anyway due to "normal" flu viruses that pass unnoticed and uncommented on.
Title: Re: Rugby start up under new regs.
Post by: Pristine Shorts on December 05, 2020, 05:19:53 PM
A bit different from when we met in Tokyo, Flaggy !

I’ll be at IRFC as soon as they open., RH.
Title: Re: Rugby start up under new regs.
Post by: Rob13 on December 05, 2020, 10:37:56 PM
End of the day personal choice. Of the 40 players I am involved with 6 won’t return until things calm down or they take a vaccine. Issue is when will it calm down? We are 9 months in and on no certain path in my opinion.

The damage this perceived dangerous virus has done is beyond comprehension, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in May had major surgery and is having to monitor herself because they’ve shut down cancer services at the LGI and can’t see her consultant. In my opinion the cost of this virus across the board is beyond comprehension.

Meanwhile in Aus and NZ it’s been a walk in the park for them.Beggars belief.
Title: Re: Rugby start up under new regs.
Post by: Ribbflagman on December 06, 2020, 09:25:09 AM
Sorry to hear about your mum Rob. Best wishes on that front. Financially it will take us a generation to repay all the money that has been borrowed, but, despite criticism from many, I believe the support measures generally have been a great effort. Personally I wont be going anywhere near a public gathering (sport or not) until vaccinated.

Mr Short,s Cant believe its over a year since we met up in Tokyo. Strange times. Keep well and see you on the other side.