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League Rugby => North One => Topic started by: MyPennysWorth on January 14, 2022, 08:38:37 PM

Title: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: MyPennysWorth on January 14, 2022, 08:38:37 PM
It would be interesting to know predictions for tomorrow’s fixtures.

Mine are as follows:

B&B vs M&N - a comfortable win for M&N after what they will consider a poor result against Heath last week on their home turf.

Cleck vs Ilkley - game of the day for me. Ilkley had a good result last week, however given Clecks recent form and good result at Morpeth I see them pushing Ilkley all the way. I’m going to say after the scoreline between the two sides earlier in the season, the home advantage to make the difference and Cleck to claim the win.

Heath vs Durham - the table standings would indicate a comfortable Heath win, however sides like Durham and Consett will no doubt give their all in the second half of the season and are likely to turn somebody over at some stage whether that be home or away. Having said that, Heath to win this one. 

Moortown vs Morpeth - a +7 win for Moortown, after Morpeths poor result last week I can’t see this being any easier for them on the road tomorrow.

Morley vs Scarborough - a close affair, but I’m going to say a win for Scarborough. Can’t see Morley being able to match them over 80 minutes and claim a win.

Pocklington vs Old Brods - after the disappointing loss last week, I can only imagine Brods will be keen to keen to get back to winning ways. Brods win.

Driffield vs Consett - Sadly I don’t think after my earlier comments this will be the day for Consett. After not playing last week I think Driffield will be out the traps quickly with their fast style of play. Driffield to win nicely.
Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: omigidiant on January 14, 2022, 11:11:30 PM
A fair assessment PennysWorth and the results could easily go the way of your predictions but I do have a couple that I think might turn out differently.

B&B vs M&N. I agree should be comfortable for M&N but depending on how many decent players B&B can extract from Catterick camp might mean the score isn't quite as big as we might think.

Cleck vs Ilkley. Again I agree the match of the day and it will be a tight game, however, I saw Ilkley last week and they looked pretty impressive so I take them to take this one.

Heath vs Durham.  Far better teams than Durham have tried to take the points from Heath and failed so I don't hold out much hope for Durham's chances.

Moortown vs Morpeth.  Morpeth had a good run before Xmas but didn't maintain it last week and they just don't seem to be the team we hoped they might be. Moortown haven't had a game for a month so the youngsters there will be raring to go and when they click they are very good so should win this one reasonably easily with home advantage.

Morley vs Scarborough This is a difficult one as both teams seem to be very hit and miss this season. Scabs also haven't had a game for a month so they will be well rested and might come out all guns blazing, alternatively they'll be ring rusty, who knows? Morley had a close win last week so are coming back into a bit of form and I take them for this one as I don't think Scabs seem to travel very well.

Pocklington vs Old Brods.  I agree Brods will be smarting after last weeks loss against Ilkley so will be looking to bounce back with a win. To me Pock are at best only a mid table side and I can't see them having enough to overcome a strong Brods outfit.

Driffield vs Consett. Driff along with Ilkley for me are the class outfits of this league so far and there is no way I can see Consett getting anywhere near keeping Driff from a 5 pointer.

Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: Pristine Shorts on January 15, 2022, 08:26:31 AM
Two good sets of predictions there….

Bees v M&N - comfortable away win here. I don’t think Bees will win a match this season.

Cleck v Ilkley - last week, Ilkley handled the Brods forwards well and they’ll have to do an even better job today to get a win. Cleck led for most of the match at Stack’s Field and only a wonder try with 8 minutes to go gave Ilkley the win. Two of last week’s Ilkley pack are out injured today, but the conditions look right for the backs. Narrow away win.

Heath v Durham - close for 60 minutes, then Heath to score a few more. A five pointer for the Halifax boys.

Moortown v Morpeth - the Northumbrians have gone off the boil it would seem. That plus home advantage means a straightforward win for ‘town.

Morley v Scarbs - the Maroons need to click. I think they’re better than their league position indicates. Haven’t seen Scarbs yet this season, so I’ll go home win.

Pock v O Brods - Pock don’t seem to have maintained the form they showed when they beat Ilkley away and I was very impressed with Brods last week. Away win then. 

Driffield v Consett - a one way street for the Woldsmen.
Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: Pristine Shorts on January 15, 2022, 06:51:25 PM
A crackling game at Moorend today, as Ilkley were utterly rampant in the first half, scoring three tries, each converted to give them a 21 point lead at half-time. Surely a five pointer coming up ? Nope….

The second half saw the visitors almost give it all away as Cleck woke up and scored three tries of their own, happily for Ilkley only converting one.

Great hospitality before and after the game, as per last week.

Next week it’s Moortown…
Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: omigidiant on January 15, 2022, 07:42:00 PM
A depleted Brods side were under pressure from the kick off and were no match for a rampant Pock who went 14-0 up  after 15 minutes and continued to dominate the first half until Brods ran in an unconverted try just before half-time making it 14-5. Unfortunately Brods had lost a couple of players to injury which didn’t help their cause and Pock continued to dominate the second half and whilst Brods pulled back another unconverted try Pock kept the pressure up and moved into a 26-10 lead. With 20 minutes to go further injuries had reduced Brods to 13 players with no fit subs left to bring on and there looked to be no way back for them. However the remaining 13 had other ideas and with great spirit took the game to Pock and put them under intense pressure which resulted in 2 converted tries taking the score to 26-24 with only minutes to go. Time ran out and whilst Pocklington deserved the win for their early work they would have been extremely relieved when the final whistle went.
Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: MyPennysWorth on January 15, 2022, 10:47:58 PM
Unfortunately was unable to attend any league rugby today. However, a very interesting weekend all round judging by the results!
Malton, Moortown, Driffield as expected….

Cleck and Ilkley as expected, down to the wire in what was always going to be a close game!

The two surprise results of the day being Durham pushing Heath close and Old Brods losing away at Pocklington, although sounds like they battled hard to the end.

Looking towards next weeks fixtures this poses some real questions. Can Moortown reproduce another W away at Ilkley?

Who will come away victorious in the local derby between Brods and Cleck after both sides losing this weekend?

This season really is turning out to be a cracker!
Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: Woody on January 15, 2022, 10:51:56 PM
Durham made the long trip to Heath today, however they did not show any signs of tiredness, starting the game at an impressive pace and demonstrated great ball retention. It didn’t take them long to put 6 points on the board following two ruck infringements from Heath. Durhams defence was also well organised and extremely aggressive. However Heath managed to overcome this scoring two tries in the first half. Durham soon pulled it back to 12-9 with an accurate penalty kick from the Durham number 9 (Durham’s man of the match). Heath got hit with a red card early in the second half for a high tackle, this surprised most people on and off the pitch as the tackle seemed safe and at a legal height. We will have to wait for the dvd. Durham took the 3 points on offer. 12-12 This hampered Heaths efforts significantly, however both teams continued to threaten. After hammering the Durham line for sometime, Heath opted for the  3 points to secure the 15-12 lead. Both teams had opportunities to score before time was up, but the rugby gods had other ideas. Heath finished the day with enormous respect for Durham and 4 well earned points. I believe Durham will win more games this half of the season. I believe Durham will win their next three games, and yes this includes beating Driffield at home.
Title: Re: Predictions 15/01/21.
Post by: Kellythorpe on January 16, 2022, 08:05:02 PM
Consett defended well first half and score at half time 14 to nil for Driff. 2nd half Driff's speed to breakdown and backing up proved too much for C. Jenkinson and Cullen outstanding and as usual Brankley to the fore. I see no future for Consett in this league, for although very willing and have some size they are so much off the pace in open phases.