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Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 12
« on: December 03, 2022, 08:28:26 PM »
A good summary. Thought both 15s were very good as were th Driffield's away support for both their ones and twos. Also a v good try saving tackle from sandal 15 just b4 half time which may have changed game a bit if driffield had got one back before playing down the slope.

That was some tackle, he made a similar tackle in the second half in the corner which stopped another certain try.
Ultimately on the back of Driffields poor performance and the red card for Sandal it felt like a fair result. Neither side looked happy with the draw and going for the win in the final minutes

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 12
« on: December 03, 2022, 08:12:55 PM »
So none of my upset results came through and all results as league positions suggested they would be.

Driffield had possibly the worst performance I’ve seen this season. (For 60 minutes)
Some poor defence in the wide channels gave the Sandal 15 (who is a very good player) far too much room and he made ground at ease, putting driffield 12-0 down very quickly. Another try for Sandal and a penalty for Driffield left the half time score 17-3.
Driffield created very few chances early in the second half and quickly found themselves 29-3 down.
A Red card for Sandal seemed to be the wake up call Driffield needed and offered some hope as they started to take chances.
It was painful to watch at times, 4 forward passes which would have been certain tries, dominated the scrum and lineout all game but unable to capitalise on the dominant set piece until late in the game. Ultimately the Woldsmen left themselves too much to do, and not enough time.
3 points away from home on the back of a poor performance has to be a small positive. But hopefully not to many more performances like that this season

Regional One (North East) / Round 12
« on: December 02, 2022, 12:48:59 PM »
Let’s see if predicting this week’s figures gets a little more involvement than the final league standing.

Alnwick Vs Ilkley
Ilkley tested Driffield last weekend for 60 minutes, but they fell away in the last part of the game. If they had made it count for 80-minutes, then would have been a nervy game for both sides. However, don’t believe an 80-minute performance will be enough to beat Alnwick away – Alnwick Win

Paviors Vs Heath
Paviors seemed to test teams at home, beating Alnwick and York is no small feat. Think they will certainly test Heath who are coming into this game on the back of last weeks loss, but with the confidence of the high scoring result against Paviors earlier in the season. Think this will be a close game. Going for the 1st upset of the day – Paviors Win.

Scunthorpe Vs Donny
Scunny desperate for a win, even with 5 points not being enough to get them out of the bottom 2 they are going to need a strong second half to the season to stay in the league. I think they will be up for this game and will certainly run Phoenix close but not have enough - Donny Win

West Bridgford Vs Cleckheaton
I Imagine Cleckheaton will be disappointed dropping points last weekend and wanting to get back to winning ways quickly. The Nottingham sides certainly seem to prefer playing at home with Bridgford 2 wins of the season coming on home soil. Will go for a double Nottingham upset – West Win

York Vs Billingham
York only lost the reverse fixture by 10 points away on the 4g earlier in the season conceding 24 points, which has been the smallest winning margin for the Billingham boys at home. Think only a handful of fixtures left for Billingham that will be a real test and believe this will be one of them. If anyone else is to have a shot at the top spot then they will be hoping for York to get a result here. Think it will be a big ask but 3 wins in a row for York might have given them enough confidence to pull it off. 3rd Upset of the day – York Win

Sandal Vs Driffield
The reverse fixture Driffield got off to a flying start and Sandal were chasing the game, and they ultimately ran out of puff. After a slow start to the season Sandal have been competitive with a notable win at home against Alnwick and then last week's draw against Cleckheaton. So they will certainly give Driffield a close game, but the Woldsmen should have enough – Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Halfway Point
« on: November 28, 2022, 10:02:26 AM »
So as we have reached the midway point in the league season, and all teams have played the same opposition I would be interested to see people's thoughts on promotion and relegation?

Some sides have been as expected with Billingham and Alnwick showing why they were both early title contenders, with some teams having a slow start to the season, York and Ilkley probably being the biggest surprises for me.

For promotion I think Billingham are going to take some stopping, with Alnwick to come in second place.

The dreaded relegation places possibly looking a little be more difficult to predict.
West Bridgford will take some turning around to avoid the drop so think it's going to come down the final relegation place. Maybe as they are so fresh in my mind, I believe Ilkley will have enough to avoid the drop.
Scunthorpe will remain in the mix, and I believe Doncaster Phoenix could possibly be dragged into the scrap. Paviors are in a fortunate position that they face the majority of the teams around them at home so believe they will have enough to get out of it.

The league has turned out to be more competitive than I thought it would be, with 3 of the promoted sides in the top 5, and a number of level 5 regulars struggling in the bottom half. Has the money dried up for a number of the old National 3 sides? More clubs reliant on the strength of second team players and now finding the gulf in class to be too much?

Driffield have certainly found that the strength of the second team has made a big difference to putting out a competitive side each week, even with the number of injuries/unavailability's that's been experienced through the squad week after week.

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 11
« on: November 26, 2022, 09:13:00 PM »
The first half was pretty even, with Ilkley’s pack forcing their way over twice. Half time was 13.15 and it was anyone’s game.

An early penalty to Driff and a yellow card for Ilkley tilted the balance and Driff ruthlessly exploited their advantage, running in four tries to revenge their defeat at Stacks Field last season. 45-18 was indeed somewhat flattering, but that’s show biz.

At 21.18 Ilkley had a great chance to go ahead, but a dreadful line-throw gave possession back to Driff and they never looked back.

There was just one of the Ilkley backs today that featured in last season’s title-winning side and the constant chopping and changing the side this season for myriad reasons have resulted in far too many disjointed performances.

Well beaten by a very competent Driff side.

The yellow card was certainly the turning point. The carnage Ilkley caused last season against Driffield with the dominant backs showed glimpses of coming through but often the final pass was dropped or support for the final pass wasn’t in place, which clearly comes down to the multiple changes you talk about.

Hope Ilkley turn things around, great club, with fantastic supporters and great group of players. Looking forward to the return leg in the new year

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 11
« on: November 26, 2022, 08:10:26 PM »
So results went mostly as expected today.
Alnwick winning a tight game against Heath, Billingham putting the 4g to good use, Sandal testing Cleckheatons credentials. Phoenix winning the battle of the forwards, and York coming good on the quality they have.

Driffield had a sloppy first half today with plenty of unforced errors and a few penalties (although much improvement on recent weeks penalty counts) losing 13-15 at half time it would of been easy for Driffield to fall into the mistakes of recent weeks and trying to force the game.
The second half performance from Driffield was much improved and the pressure showed in the final 10 minutes with 3 unanswered Tries and Ilkley looking out of puff.

Ilkley still a side who showed glimpses of last seasons brilliance, clearly a number of injuries in the squad. But the lack of depth appears the issue, Driffield 2s running out 72-0 winners against Ilkleys travelling 2nd team.
A well coached side, who play some fantastic rugby and deserve to be playing in this league, hope they have enough to turn around the second half of the season and pull themselves out of a relegation scrap

Regional One (North East) / Round 11
« on: November 24, 2022, 03:11:52 PM »
Firstly, I think everyone’s thoughts this weekend will be with the players and supporters of Selby following the loss of Tom Edwards. A death in the rugby family is felt across the leagues. As has been said on other posts, if your struggling reach out and talk.

Alnwick V Heath

Alnwick to have too much for Heath. Not going to be a big scoring game I don’t believe, as Alnwick appear comfortable controlling a lead rather than chasing bonus points. Alnwick Win

Billingham V Scunthorpe

League leaders to reach the halfway point with only the 1 loss against their names. Billingham Win

Cleckheaton V Sandal

Torn with this one, it should be a Cleck win on paper. But think Sandal could upset Clecks recent strong run of form. Sandal Win

Doncaster Phoenix V Paviors

Must win game for both teams. Sitting dangerously close to the relegation positions. If other games go in their Favour the winners could jump to 6th relieve a lot of pressure. Going to go with Paviors due to them having slightly more fire power in the backs, and a pack that will match Phoenix. Paviors Win

Driffield V Ilkley

Ilkley were the only side to beat Driffield home and away last season, and although Ilkley’s league position looks like this should be a Driffield win, I'm not sure many of the Woldsmen will be taking anything for granted on the back of some tough to take losses. Driff to bounce back.  Driffield Win

York V West Bridgford

Will West Bridgford improved performances be enough to upset a spluttering York side? With York beginning the season as one of my favorites for a top 3 finish its hard to see the hit and miss season continuing. I wouldn’t be surprised by a Bridgford win, however think York will get the result they need. York Win

P.S good to see we can finally get on to the forum

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 10
« on: November 14, 2022, 01:59:59 PM »
A different incident, in which the Heath prop was holding his hip and no contact with his head. Which you will see I highlighted in my earlier response. Lucky to not get a second yellow at the time agreed, but watching the footage the referee is correct as Driffield 9 never takes his eyes off the ball, and collides with the Heath prop in the air whilst going for an intercept.

One sided views of incidents I suppose.  The camera footage must look different when viewed on a Halifax PC.

It was a cracking game of rugby, with neither side giving an inch. Which always results in controversial moments. If watching the game as a neutral you certainly would have got your moneys worth.

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 10
« on: November 13, 2022, 08:19:30 PM »
Just to help the Heath supporters on the forum who accused Driffield No.9 of hospitalising the Heath prop due to a high tackle he committed.

After watching the footage (just after the 70 minute mark) Heaths prop leads with a straight arm to the face of Driffield 4, collides heads with a Heath player due to flying into a tackle out of control and remains down on the floor. The entire time Driffield 9 is sat comfortably on the bench.

Not one for points scoring, but it was a rather wild accusation that needed clearing up based on fact. Particularly with the mental health issue these accusations could raise as Woody kindly highlighted

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 10
« on: November 13, 2022, 02:33:18 PM »
Good fair response, and fair play to the Heath supporters in the stand who acted to correct the actions and to the club for acting so quickly after the game.
Genuinely shows a club who doesn’t accept that behaviour and drew a line under it so quickly!

With regards the on field incident, both sides film the game so I’m sure the footage will show exactly what happened and the scrumhalf sitting in the dugout. (Confusion might be made when the driffield scrum half made a big collision with the Heath prop in driffield half, but this wasn’t a head injury, and the Heath prop got up and continued playing after some treatment)

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 10
« on: November 13, 2022, 07:32:58 AM »
Interesting day at Heath,the frustration from the crowd was fed  by some odd decisions.Which unfortunately have become a bigger talking point than the outstanding game.Nothing between the 2 teams over the last 2 seasons and the winning team on all 3 occasions deserved the result.As for BRB and the money paid by Heath makes me lol.Anyone would think Scarborough don’t pay there Kiwi coaches.Some would say waste there money paying there Kiwi coaches but I’d never say that.Driff a great club and the young referee,will only improve with these big games.UTH

The odd decisions were felt both ways, however I did feel the ref was consistent with his decision for both sides, and let both sides get away with the same offences (supporters only tend to notice the oppositions offences and not their own). He is a good young Ref, and has developed a lot over the last few seasons we’ve had him officiate our games

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 10
« on: November 12, 2022, 08:31:13 PM »
So just firstly to point out the Driffield No.9 was yellow carded for slapping the ball out of Heaths 9s hand whilst playing the ball, the injury to the Heath replacement prop was a head collision with his own player whilst trying to tackle a driffield player in the Heath 22. (Whilst Driffield scrum half was on the bench)So not entirely sure why Driffields scrum half was brought into justification for that moment of abuse directed at the ref.

The out burst whilst the prop was injured was one of many moments of concern, a passionate crowd appealing for offsides or high tackles is one thing “you’re a blind c**t ref” is not acceptable, so glad to hear it’s been so quickly addressed.

To the game, Driffield started slowly and gave away too many penalties early in the game. Heaths electric winger Harriot-Brown I believe scored two fantastic individual efforts and the boot of Johnson proved to be too much. Driffield put up a good fight and played some brilliant rugby at times. But Heath defended very well as always. Not many teams will score 30 points against Heath so suppose that’s something! Disappointing to not pick up a bonus point or 2!
Heath will be in the top 3 come the end of the season as long as Johnson stays fit (the 10minutes Johnson spent in the sin bin Heath looked a completely different side)

Regional One (North East) / Re: Round 10
« on: November 12, 2022, 03:33:58 PM »
Whilst the game is happening, so no accusations of bitterness (score 30-23 currently) the Heath crowd in the stand are some of the most vile supports I’ve ever heard, and the language and abuse aimed at the referee is disgusting and not welcome in this game!

Regional One (North East) / Round 10
« on: November 11, 2022, 12:29:02 PM »
The half way stage of the season is quickly coming around, and the league table is looking interesting.

Heath Vs Driffield
Both sides have had similar results this season, both losing to Billingham and Cleckheaton, with Heath still to face Alnwick. Discipline will be key for Driffield to get a result from this game, Heath clearly have a very good defence, and the boot of Johnson able to punish teams. If Driffield can keep the penalty count low then they should have enough in attack to break them down. Driffield Win

Ilkley Vs Phoenix
9th vs 10th in the league, and could decide who gets dragged into a relegation scrap. Going with the good old principle that Ilkley struggle against big packs, they will certainly struggle with the size of Phoenix. Doncaster Win

Paviors Vs Cleckheaton
Cleckheaton are flying high on the back of some fantastic results in recent weeks. Paviors results have been hit and miss, but certainly appear stronger at home. Paviors Win

Sandal Vs Billingham
League favourites to continue the winning ways. Billingham Win

Scunthorpe vs York
Last weeks narrow victory could be a league defining moment for York, as could a loss to second from bottom Scunthorpe. Going to go with an upset here, Scunthorpe Win

West Bridgford Vs Alnwick
If the controlled performance of Alnwick is on show that Driffield experienced last weekend then very few sides will beat them over the remaining games, that said, the losses to Sandal and Paviors show they can be vulnerable. Think it would be a very big upset if Bridgford managed to pull a result out of the bag here but certainly would keep the table very interesting. Alnwick Win

Regional One (North East) / Re: 5 Subs
« on: November 11, 2022, 10:20:15 AM »
I personally don't feel 5 subs are a benefit at this level. With rolling subs when managed properly it can be just as effective with 3. The obvious impact to the 2nd team has to be the biggest concern if sides start having 5 subs.

I do agree the issue with an injury during the warmup can be a problem, think the benefit of having both 1st team and 2nd teams playing at the same location each week would solve this, making players available to call on if needed. It has been brilliant to see both 1st team and 2nd team home and away for most of our games this season, which has been positive for all squad players, and also makes it easier for supports to go grab a glimpse of a second team fixture they wouldn't normally get.

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