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Yorkshire 3 / Red card rule changes!!!!
« on: August 25, 2013, 09:37:20 AM »
The RFU have come in line with the IRB and a red card will now come with an automatic ban until the day of your hearing.

As you will no doubt be aware, IRB Regulation 17.1 sets out the Core Principles that the IRB have directed shall be applied as mandatory provisions by Unions at all levels of the Game. In particular, IRB Regulation 17.7.1 (k) provides that: ‘Players Ordered-Off or cited by a Citing Commissioner shall be provisionally suspended pending the hearing of the case’.
The RFU challenged the IRB on this and sought dispensation for clubs playing at levels 5 and below, this challenge was rejected. Therefore Core IRB Principle will apply to the RFU at all levels and RFU Regulation 19.5.3 has been amended from the 1st August 2013 to reflect this:

"A Player that is subject to an Ordering off or citing by a Citing Commissioner in a domestic or any other match is not entitled to play the Game (or any form thereof) or be involved in any off-field match day activities anywhere in the world until his/her case has been finally resolved. For the avoidance of doubt a player cited by an opposition team in matches at Level 3 and below may play the Game pending the resolution of his/her case."

Therefore, from 1st August 2013, any player sent off by the referee is NOT PERMITTED to play under any circumstances until their case has been considered by either the GRFU or schools Disciplinary Process. Your club disciplinary committee should continue to consider any sending off ASAP and make its own judgement as to whether the offence is proven or not. However the player will remain suspended, whatever they decide, until after the case has been fully resolved by either the GRFU or schools disciplinary processes. Any player cited by an opposition team in matches at Level 3 and below may continue to play the Game pending the resolution of his/her case.

RFU Regulations 19.6.1 & 3 specify that the match referee and the club secretary for the player sent off must submit their referee report to/or inform the CB Disciplinary Secretary of the match within 48 hours so that they can take control of proceedings at their earliest convenience. Compliance with these regulations will be essential to avoid unnecessary periods of suspension.

In relation to prompt case progression, the regulations are to be amended to allow for a greater use of pleading guilty by post (or more usually by email) in appropriate cases. This will enable the disciplinary panel to deal with the offence based on the papers and without having to hold a formal hearing. The disciplinary panel will continue to hold a hearing where a player indicates a not guilty plea and they can also decide to see the player (e.g. in serious cases or where the player is a persistent offender etc) and adjourn paper consideration. Again you are reminded that, whatever the approach or plea, the player will remain suspended until the case has been resolved either by the GRFU, RFU or school.

To facilitate the effective implementation of this change the GRFU Disciplinary Secretary will arrange a hearing as soon as possible, normally within 7 to 14 days of receiving all the information. We have also appointed 4 new panellists and set up two area panels; one operating in the south and one in the north of the county to minimise travel and to speed up the process.

Yorkshire 3 / What players to look out for next year?
« on: July 14, 2013, 07:23:12 PM »
New to all this, also new to the forum and dont quite know everyone yet.

Who are the key players to look out for this season, whos who? and the game changing players for what side?

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