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Yorkshire 2 / bants - week 19
« on: February 10, 2016, 02:05:02 PM »
Keighley v Knottingley - COME ON KNOTT'LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moortown v Leodensians - this could be a long saturday for leos... they just need to play for pride here
Pontefract v Barnsley - Both teams seem to be a bit erratic, barnsley seem to be taking 1 step forward 2 steps back every week, cant see them getting a result away from home
Ripon v Wath upon Dearne - neither team are in danger of going up or down, cant imagine this will be good to watch
Roundhegians v Old Rishworthians - as above, rish must be wondering when they can resume rugby training and put their speedos away for the season
Sheffield Medicals v Castleford - Shmeds will finish strong this season... cas are probably beyond saving now
West Leeds v Old Grovians - all to play for for us... grovians have grown into the league now and will be a different animal to who we played at theirs, have heard there will be a number of new faces as well!

Yorkshire 2 / National Cup Rant
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:05:45 AM »
Yesterday we were informed that our (West Leeds) fixture against Barnard Castle was cancelled because they couldn't get a side together.

Considering the team has managed to field a team for every league fixture this season and that they are 2nd in their division, I find this extremely hard to believe.

Not only is everyone at the lane massively disappointed that our away day has been chalked off, 2 coach loads of people have to have their money refunded and we have been given a walkover victory, which is not how we wanted it to go for many reasons. But my main qualm is that a team that are clearly performing so well have just decided that they CBA/thought it was not worth it. Not only have they lost out on a load of bar revenue, but surely a massive opportunity to test themselves in what is the biggest competition you can compete in at our level? And i imagine there would be some teams in that division who would have run through brick walls to make a go of this competition. I hope they get penalised by their division/rfu.

I doubt any of them look at this forum but if they do I would urge them to invest in a defibrillator for their players/coaches to get their tickers going as its pathetic.

Rant over

Yorkshire 2 / Banter - Week 18
« on: January 26, 2016, 02:25:48 PM »
Barnsley v Moortown - Mini-revival over for barnsley, moortown will want to avenge last week
Castleford v West Leeds - just hoping its not called off and that both teams finish with 15 men
Knottingley v Ripon - no love lost between these two, knott'la supposedly "dont mind us" but it ended up with 5 yellows so I would put money on at least one red card between the two of them.
Leodensians v Keighley - big score, its snowing in France
Old Grovians v Roundhegians - close one, hegians to edge it with more power in the forwards
Old Rishworthians v Pontefract - forwards v backs, i think the weather will have a huge part to play here, if the weather stinks so will the rugby and that will favour rish
Wath upon Dearne v Sheffield Medicals - if wath can play their game they will win this, their driving maul is a hard thing to stop and their fat lads can maintain possession quite well, but shmeds backs are definitely better for me.

Yorkshire 2 / Week 6 - Bants
« on: October 08, 2015, 11:29:43 AM »
Im bored so:

Keighley v Leos - Beefy Keefly too strong at home, Leos already on downward spiral long before ski season
Moortown v barnsley - two inconsistent teams, the cliche of "which team will turn up" applies to both here
Ponte v Old Rish - wouldn't have put ponte down to lose against grovians, some weird results this year... home advantage to count, fiji still in a huff about not qualifying despite playing some of their best rugby
Ripon v Knottla - more punches and dog mess thrown around than at a gypsy wedding, can Knottingley negate the linesman? will Ripon find the tackles too hard? it will be tight, there will be fights!
Hegians v grovians - something seems to be happening at hegians who were below par last year, picking up plenty of points now, i think grovians may not be able to put together back to back wins here... another one difficult to predict
Shmeds v wath - After last week where we were out-played by Wath I cant see any other winners
WL v Castleford - we cant get complacent, too many sides in the running for promotion... desperate to keep our unbeaten run, this will be a big test of that


Yorkshire 2 / End of season awards
« on: April 16, 2015, 05:04:12 PM »
This is doing the rounds apparently... thought it might be interesting... as my current working day is not

Best pitch - for me its between ours(WL) WPE and maybe even leeds meds
Worst pitch - after seeing a dog turd literally scooped off the pitch before a line out its got to be grottingley
Best after match hospitality - knottla were a good laugh this year, one of the few who do MOM and DOD for both teams
Worst after match hospitality - The medics teams for sure, the facilities are decent but you are in there with about 10 different sports teams
Best food - if you can be arsed waiting for it the pizzas at LMD are decent, but generally i would say barnsley
Worst food - not sure on this one, depends what day you catch them but hegians slop im pretty sure i didnt want to eat this year
Best team to play and the reason - moortown for me, just a good all round team, dont give you much but can mix it up up front and in the backs
Worst team to play and the reason - knottingley, two poor games to watch
Best game of your season - beating WPE at home - if you don't count the cup games which topped the lot
Best player played against - chez
Dirtiest player played against - salem.....  :o

« on: April 13, 2015, 10:25:55 AM »
Keighley v Goole - should be a close one, with keighley taking the points, i think goole will probably be happier with their results this season although they seem to have capitulated as a club based on grapevine information
Knottingley v Bradford Salem - $al£m to invest heavily and contend yorks 1 title next season a'la donny phoenix, grottingley should get some fresh faces in their ranks to aviod going down next season
Leeds Medics & Dentists v Barnsley - sad to see them go, cant see this game being any kind of solace for them
Leodensians v West Park Leeds - WPE will pump leos here, i imagine they will do quite well next season as they have the re$ources to attract players
Moortown v West Leeds - i have said it all season, think moortown are a top side, dont know where that result last week came from, teamsheet there must be very different from mid-season
Old Rishworthians v Sheffield Medicals - medics have a hell of a lot more to play for and i think they will do it, fiji have not been getting the results that you would have predicted and have nothing to play for
Ripon v Roundhegians - hegians will want to make it a miserable day for Ripon, getting sent down on the last day on wins difference will be pretty awful for any team, glad its not me! should be a good game to watch

Yorkshire 2 / Banter - Week 24
« on: March 23, 2015, 09:11:47 AM »
Goole v Bradford Salem - looks like Salem are on for an undefeated season
Keighley v Barnsley - think this one will be close but Barnsley should bounce back
Knottingley v West Park Leeds - grottingley seem about a million miles away from their early season form, was not the same side that beat us 7-0 and tackled everything that moved
Leeds Medics & Dentists v West Leeds - still chasing everything this season, we a have quite a few beaten bodies now, this should still be a 5 pointer hopefully
Leodensians v Sheffield Medicals - Shmeds probably can still make it out of relegation, and i hope they do, they MUST win this to do it though
Moortown v Roundhegians - Towns wrecking machine to smash through hegians
Old Rishworthians v Ripon - if Ripon win this i think they will stay up, tough ask at fiji though

Yorkshire 2 / Banter - week 22
« on: March 02, 2015, 08:57:51 AM »
Bradford Salem v West Park Leeds , although we need wpe to lose this game, i hope the motherless salem 5 who cheap shotted me with my back turned as i was getting up off the floor subsequently breaking my hand gets some karma his way, >:( >:(
Goole v Barnsley - tight game, home advantage to count
Keighley v West Leeds - keighley seem to be doing much better now, we need to up our game from a poor display last week
Knottingley v Sheffield Medicals - which knott'la will turn up?
Leeds Medics & Dentists v Roundhegians - winnable for lmd, think hegians might edge it
Leodensians v Ripon - think ripon might be able to build now
Moortown v Old Rishworthians - moortown train to keep on rolling

Yorkshire 2 / BANTER - WEEK 20
« on: February 09, 2015, 08:58:28 AM »
Barnsley v West Leeds - Regardless of recent form, we need to give them due respect, not won here in a while
Bradford Salem v Sheffield Medicals - I think sheffield will pick up enough points to stay in the league, it wont be away at salem
Goole v West Park Leeds - routine for WPE
Keighley v Roundhegians - will be a close game, think hegians are having a mini-resurgence but keighley will have home advantage
Knottingley v Ripon - At home, takes points
Leeds Medics & Dentists v Old Rishworthians - This will be the last chance for LMD to start a winning run, until we go to theirs  8) if they don't, i think they will not be staying up this year, which is a shame
Leodensians v Moortown - Moortowns train to keep rolling

Yorkshire 2 / BANTER - WEEK 19
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:31:43 AM »
Leodensians v Goole - I think this one will be quite close but Goole seem to have some of their early season mojo back
Moortown v Leeds Medics & Dentists - 50+ to town, sorry meds
Old Rishworthians v Knottingley - Knottingley play good D they and have some key players to make the difference.... if they travel
Ripon v Keighley - I personally didn't think Ripon would be doing as badly as they are but they seem to be on a downward spiral now, some of the other teams around them are getting better, they don't seem to be, not looking good for them
Roundhegians v Bradford Salem - Hegians are one of the teams i am referring to above, when we played them early season it was a cake walk, when we played them at ours it was nothing like that at all... no bonus points here but should be routine.
Sheffield Medicals v Barnsley .... never an easy place to go, and Barnsley cant buy a win at the moment
West Leeds v West Park Leeds.... we will be considered underdogs for this one, game of the afternoon, hopefully ill be involved myself

Yorkshire 2 / BANTER - WEEK 17
« on: January 12, 2015, 08:59:03 AM »
Leeds Medics & Dentists v Goole - I think this one will be quite close, LM&D are probably going down but are due a win and considering that they will get players coming back and forth all the time they will probably put up a decent fight here... but still lose
Leodensians v Knottingley - another tight game, Knottingley though look like they are getting into their stride now
Moortown v Keighley - Moortown will out play Keighley at home, conditions may help them slightly but there is only going to be one winner
Old Rishworthians v Bradford Salem - fiji not having the new year that they had hoped for, i dont think the bowling ball tactic will work here
Ripon v Barnsley - which Barnsley will turn up?
Roundhegians v West Park Leeds - hegians made us work really hard on Saturday, if they play like that from now until the end of the season they will be fine
Sheffield Medicals v West Leeds - never won here before, Shmeds are hard to predict and always make me want to cough up my lungs regardless of whether they play well or not... too much running

Yorkshire 2 / BANTER - WEEK 16
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:02:35 AM »
Barnsley v Old Rishworthians - After last week its hard to resist betting on Rish, but i know that away from home they are not quite what they are at home and Barnsley will be demanding a big response from that drubbing
Moortown v Bradford Salem - DRAW - Another very tough one to predict, therefore i am copping out on a draw
Goole v Sheffield Medicals - Who knows with Shmeds but Goole should be good enough at home
Keighley v Leodensians - Another home advantage win, lots of close games this week
Knottingley v Leeds Medics & Dentists - This could be the high scorer of Knottingleys season especially if LM&D are all still at mum and dads
West Leedss v Roundhegians - If we want to be competing for anything this year, we need to beat hegians
West Park Leeds v Ripon - West park to stroll this one

Yorkshire 2 / BANTS - WEEK 14!
« on: December 08, 2014, 08:49:33 AM »
Barnsley v Leodensians - Barnsley miles more clinical despite the loss last week cant see them losing this one
Bradford Salem v Leeds Medics & Dentists - Salems target here will be to beat the mighty West Leeds scoreline of 77-0
Goole v Roundhegians - tight game i think at home goole will just edge this one
Keighley v Knottingley - im backing Knottingley on form and on their defence, lots of talk about selections in their last game, if craig fields plays that gives "not LA" a massive boost if he doesn't play... against keighley, away from home i think Keighley will take the points.
Sheffield Medicals v Ripon - shmeds hoping for some points this x mas, all they will get is a lump of coal
West Leedss v Old Rishworthians - fiji not far off us, we scraped a win at theirs so unless some of their players have gone off for some winter sun I cant see this being easy
Moortown v West Park Leeds - game of the afternoon... will be tight... come on town!

Yorkshire 2 / BANTER - WEEK 13
« on: December 01, 2014, 09:56:25 AM »
Goole v Ripon - Goolies should be able to see this one out, as Ripon don't seem to be getting value for money anymore from the saffas
Keighley v Bradford Salem - $al£m are probably going to go up, i cant see them losing here
Knottingley v Barnsley - knottingley are a different animal at home, this is the closest game of the afternoon... have the ambulance on standby
Leeds Medics & Dentists v West Park Leeds - hope LMD's players are OK from last week as ambulances were actually called... they may need them again this week
Leodensians v West Leeds - probably playing Leos at the worst time of the year, going through a resurgence, recruited well recently and the piste is not quite ready yet
Moortown v Sheffield Medicals - wonder is town feel a bit gutted that they fiddled their squad sheet as they would be contenders this season IMO
Old Rishworthians v Roundhegians - rish are brutal at times... hegians not firing, have they lost players?

Yorkshire 2 / Banter - week 11
« on: November 17, 2014, 11:40:08 AM »
Bradford Salem v Barnsley - salem seem to have gone up a gear
Goole v Old Rishworthians - fiji to win, tries all over the place at both ends
Keighley v West Park Leeds - keighley are hard to break down for sure but dont think they are going to live with WPE
Knottingley v West Leeds - another bruising encounter
Leeds Medics & Dentists v Sheffield Medicals - has yorks 2 hosted a varsity game before? 2 strugglers .... could be game of the week
Leodensians v Roundhegians - £eos recruitment drive to pay dividend$$$
Moortown v Ripon - cant dent that Moortown are a good side, cant see the saffas stopping them one their new sand turf

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