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Well here we go again after a long hot summer and a new league format how are teams going to fare this season? Pitches are going to be hard to start with after all the dry weather, lets hope they all received plenty of water before the hosepipe ban, so I think fast flowing rugby will hopefully be the order of the day on Saturday. I know nothing about what any of the teams have done through the summer or if any have brought in new players from afar. Perhaps in these hard economic times the cheque books have been put away and clubs are bringing their own players through the ranks, which of course many already do. Consequently with absolutely no idea how good any of our teams will be I’ll kick off with my guess for how I think Saturday’s fixtures will go and sit back to be corrected by those in the know.

Brods v B & B.
Brods always seem to start the season strongly so this is going to be a tough one for the Bees after all the troubles of last season. Let’s hope they’ve put their house in order but with points deducted it’s only going to be a tough season for them. They’ve obviously had to bring in players from somewhere so we can only wait and see how they perform. Maybe Brian Noble will give them the magic touch but I can only see a comfortable win for Brods.

Old Crossleyans v Morley
Crocs had a good season last year and should be on a roll. They’ve been in the doldrums for that past few years but now look like they have set their stall out to compete at this higher level and may surprise a few teams this season. Morley are always a team to be reckoned with and I think they will have been very disappointed with last seasons results so will look to make significant improvements. This should be a good game and I’ll just give it to Crocs with home advantage, but it will be close.

Pocklington v Moortown
Two strong teams with the potential to be fighting it out at the top this year. Moortown like Brods always seem to start the season well so I think they will fancy their chances. Pock finished last season with some good results and will want to do better than last seasons lowly position so will be looking to be much improved this time and it could go either way. With little confidence I’ll take Town to just come out on top.

Pontefract v M & N
Ponte had a really good season last year so will be out to prove it was no fluke, however, without any evidence I just feel that this step up might be a problem for them, but they’ll come out all guns blazing. Malton are always a team to fear and like Pock finished lower down NE1 than they would have wanted. They put some good performances together towards the end of the season and I take them to come away with a win in a close encounter.

Scarborough v Dronfield
We welcome Dronfield to compete here in Yorkshire and we wish them well. Like many others in this region I know little about them although it appears from their social media that they have a thriving club and I’m sure we’ll all look forward to visiting them. They certainly have no easy introduction to this league because as usual Scarborough will again be one of the teams to beat and must be one of the favourites to win the league even at this early stage. The result should give us a good indication as to how good Dronfield are but I can’t see them coming away with a win. They will, however, come away having received the usual great welcome and hospitality Scarborough always provides and which I’m sure will be replicated at all the clubs they visit this season here in Yorkshire.

Selby v Bridlington
Both teams will know each other well having progressed together from Y1. Selby just secured a narrow win in this fixture last season so another close encounter should be anticipated, however, Selby finished with a huge defeat at Ponte and if brb is to be believed Brid have had the cheque book out. So based on that information alone I take Brid to come away with the spoils.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Saturday 2nd April preview
« on: April 01, 2022, 06:31:35 PM »
Getting to the squeaky bum end of the season and at the top it's neck and neck for the top spot with the game in hand giving the advantage to Ilkley but I'm sure Driffield will tell them it's no gimme and I'm sure it will go down to the wire. The third spot is just as competitive with Heath, with a game in hand, 2 points behind Cleck with the big game here to come in a fortnights time when Cleck travel the short distance to West Vale which could well be the 3rd place decider. Until then this weekend's games will help provide some more guidance to the final positions. Here's my view.

B&B v Heath
Heath certainly won't be taking their foot off the accelerator so another hefty defeat is on the cards for the Bees.

Consett v Old Brods
Apart from the score line overall Brods were arguably the better side against Heath last week and a similar performance from them against Consett should be good enough to come away with the spoils.

Durham v Morpeth
Another of the many potentially intriguing local Derbies we've had this season in this league and with Durham winning their local Derby against Consett last week they will be up for making it two wins in a row. With just the one loss at Ilkley in their last 5 games Morpeth are still riding high and I take them to be too strong for a Durham side who will never the less run them close.

M & N  v Ilkley
The Malton pitch can be a bit of a leveler and probably won't be conducive to Ilkley's type of play, but having said that with the incentive of winning the league Ilkley will come out with all guns blazing and should be too good for the home side.

Morley v Driffield
It's been a funny season for Morley with a number of up and down performances so I'm not sure which Morley team will turn up, however, I can't see even their best efforts being good enough to overcome what all seem to agree is a very good Driffield outfit.

Pocklington v Moortown
I really don't know which way to lean in this match. Pock keep putting in some really good performances only to intersperse them with some mediocre efforts. Meanwhile Moortown have shown they have a good young team in the making and on their day can produce some nice rugby. Having beaten Cleckheaton last week I'm going to take Pock to carry on the good work and win but only by a narrow margin.

Scarborough v Cleckheaton
It is commendable and brave of Scarborough to give chances to some of their younger players who will no doubt take away some great experiences from playing at this level and it will certainly benefit the club in the long term. However, if they do that against Cleckheaton I think they'll be on a hiding to nothing as last weeks result at Ilkley showed. I take Cleck to win no matter which team Scabs put out, but a strong Scabs team will help to make the game more competitive.

Unfortunately I've been out of the loop recently so I have not been able to put my 4 penneth into the mix and whilst many will consider that a good thing this is my ideas for the weekend.

Cleckheaton V Pocklington
A good game in prospect but past results suggest that Cleck at home will have too much for Pock.

Consett V Durham City
I reckon this will be a great days rugby for the NE and as with most local derbies it could go either way. Both sides have upped their game recently but with home advantage I take Consett to scrape home with a narrow win but I think it will be a great game for the neutral.

Ilkley V Scarborough
BRB says Scabs are blooding some juniors which is a commendable strategy for this point in the season considering Scabs place in the league. My only concern is whether this is the game to start doing that depending on how many they bring into the team. With that in mind I cant see Scabs coming away with more than an honourable defeat.

Moortown V Morley
Not much to say about this game. I can't see Morley competing with Town so I think a convincing home win.

Old Brodleians V Heath
From a West Yorkshire/Calderdale point of view this is the match of the day. Heath have hit a low the last couple of games and Brods are only making a minor recovery from some poor results since Christmas so this could go either way. However this is a genuine Derby and the Brods slope will be no problem for Heath who are used to playing it having won there many times before, so the result will be based on who can put out the strongest team on the day. It remains to be seen but with Heath being involved there will only be a few points in it.

Driffield V Bradford & Bingley
The question is will B&B turn up? If they do they are down for another very heavy defeat unless Driff decide to put out their Colts in which case it might be a loss of lesser numbers.

Morpeth V Malton and Norton
Morpeth must be wishing they could have put their current performances out at the beginning of the season as they would surely have been up there challenging. I'm sure Malton will put up a sterling effort but I can't see them coming away with any points.

I'm not sure this is the right place for this post (I'm sure it will be moved if it isn't), but if you've seen the response from around the rugby world in support for the young Welsh boy Alfie Pugsley, we at the grass roots should be feeling pretty proud that we are a part of an organisation where those from top to bottom are prepared to stand up and speak out and defend this young man. I know that if any of our club's youngsters had received abuse like this we here in N1E would all stand together beating the drum of condemnation and it's heartening that the elite of our sport, from the All Blacks, South Africans, Argentinians and French, to those from the home nations all stand shoulder to shoulder with this young man. It makes you proud to be part of rugby.


Regional Two (North & North East) / Results 22 Jan
« on: January 22, 2022, 04:25:05 PM »
Consett 18 - 26 Heath
Durham City 59 - 3 Bradford & Bingley
Ilkley 29 - 22 Moortown
Malton and Norton 38 - 17 Morley
Morpeth 31 - 18 Driffield
Old Brods 10 - 16 Cleckheaton
Scarborough 37 - 7 Pocklington

Regional Two (North & North East) / Saturday 8th Jan fixtures
« on: January 07, 2022, 11:27:43 PM »
I hope everyone had a super Christmas and you have recovered from all the excesses everybody seems to undergo at this time of year. May I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope we all manage to watch some great rugby here in N1E.

The second half of the season starts in earnest this weekend and with luck the break will have given teams the chance to recharge batteries and bring back some of their injured. I just hope we don't all run scared of this Omicron variant for ever as I think we should now, as a society, accept it's something we are going to have to live with and come to terms with it as soon as possible. (just my opinion)
So back to the rugby and for what it's worth these are my thoughts about this Saturday's games.

Consett v Moortown
Unfortunately I can't see Consett progressing much from last years efforts. Consequently I think Moortown will come away with a very comfortable victory.

Morpeth v Cleckheaton
A difficult one this with Morpeth finally finding their feet and moving up the table and Cleck being able pull out the result on the day against anyone in the league. However, I think Morpeth's year end momentum will continue and they will come out on top albeit not by much.

Old Brods v Ilkley
Probably the potential match of the day with Brods claiming a severely weekend side as the reason for their early season defeat at Stacks Field so they will be wanting to show they are better than that result. Ilkley in the past have always done well at Woodhead so this will be no gimme for either side. Ilkley will want to try and resume their table topping early season form and I think that might just give them the edge and take the win.

Pocklington v Morley
Two fairly evenly match sides on paper so again a difficult one to unravel, however, Morley's last effort of 2021 against Brods was not very good, although the conditions were atrocious, and unless they have made good progress since then I think this will comfortably go to Pock.

Durhan v Driffield
Unfortunately I can't see Durham getting near Driff although their home form does seem to be a lot better than it is away, so maybe they'll make a game of it. Although Malton ran them close in their last match I can't see Driff faltering and should remain at the top after taking a 5 point win.

Malton & Norton v Heath
This looks like yet another close finely balanced match for Heath who I think might end up in yet another game with only a few points difference between the teams at the end. Malton lost their last 2 matches whilst gaining losing bonus points so are there or thereabouts and I take them to scrape a win here in a very tight tussle.

Scarborough v Bradford & Bingley
Match off but I would have taken Scabs to come away with an easy victory.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Saturday 11th Dec fixtures
« on: December 09, 2021, 11:32:52 PM »
Saturday is upon us again with another set of fixtures to ponder:-

Bradford & Bingley V Old Brodleians
Logic would say an easy win for Brods but as B&B seem to be bringing players in from who knows where (Catterick camp has been mentioned) so maybe a Brods win is still on the cards but not by the cricket scores we have seen recently.

Consett V Morpeth
I saw Consett last week and they really struggled in defense so even at home I can't see them repelling a rejuvenated Morpeth side.

Durham City V Ilkley
It's a long trip for Ilkley who've not performed to their best in recent weeks but I can't see Durham providing enough opposition to cause Ilkley any problems.

Malton and Norton V Cleckheaton
This is a tricky one and it's a brave man who'd put his mortgage on the result. Malton perform well at home but have only had one home game since the middle of October so might find home advantage is what they need to win this one. It's going to be close but I take M&N in a tight game.

Morley  V Heath
Heath very rarely win a match by more than a few points so I don't think this game is going to be any different. Morley's results have been hit and miss in the last few weeks so I take Heath to win this one but again by a narrow margin.

Scarborough V Moortown
I feel Scarbs is a team who should be doing better than their results suggest, but just when I think they are running into form they take 2 steps back. Moortown have had some tough matches over recent weeks  (apart from B&B) but had a good win against Pock last week so I take them to win this one.

Pocklington  V Driffield
I think this Derby match is probably the Match of the Day and as with any local Derby it will be a close run thing. I just feel that Driffs momentum at the top of the league is going to take some dislodging and that Pocklington are not the team to do it, so Driff for me are going to come away with the spoils and consummate their position as League Leaders.

What do you think??

Regional Two (North & North East) / This weekends fixtures.
« on: November 25, 2021, 04:35:10 PM »
Another set of fixtures this weekend that potentially could go either way including 3 derby matches all of which are difficult to call. Reports that Moortown now play like the Fijian Flyers and Pocklington are bringing in mercenaries to boost their team, combined with Bees coach thinking N1E is now a colts league means lots of things seem to be going on. Two very close derby matches from the top and bottom ends of the table with both games looking like being the places to be for the neutral to see a good game. Looks like some interesting rugby on show this weekend. Here's my thoughts, no doubt many will disagree, what do you think?

Bradford & Bingley Colts v Driffield
Probably a walk in the park for Driff after two weeks of high tempo league victories. The Bees colts only positive is that they are at home and their mums and dads might be there to watch them lose.

Durham v Consett
The only sure thing in a derby match is that league positions doesn't usually count for much so this could be a close affair. I think it will probably just go to Durham with home advantage but with bad weather forecast in the NE who knows?

Heath v Old Brodleans
Undoubtedly match of the day at North Dean and I have no idea which way to call it. Brods won there at the start of the season in the Yorkshire Shield in their bid to retain that trophy, but that doesn't mean anything in this match with Halifax bragging rights at stake in front of what I expect will be a very large crowd. If someone had to twist my arm I'd say Heath with their big pack and home advantage might just swing it, but with absolutely no confidence in that prediction.
Malton & Norton v Morpeth
Another game which could go either way. A couple of weeks ago I'd have said M&N but Morpeth go there on the back of 4 wins in a row so deserve respect and I take them to win a close encounter.

Morley v Moortown Fiji Flyers
With only 10 miles or so between the team's grounds this has to be considered a derby and if the Fiji off loads go astray, as mentioned by Memory Man, then the Flyers could soon find themselves quite a few points down as this is not B&B they are playing. I think they will however be on the front foot after their big win last week and will take the spoils although again in a close game.

Pocklington Mercenaries v Cleckheaton
Until the middle of this week I firmly believed this would go to Cleck, but after hearing BRB's comment mid-week that Pock are now paying to bring in players to boost their team, coupled with their win at Ilkley I've had to think again. Without knowing what sort of a team Pock are going to put out I still take Cleck but if Pock have put together some new avaricious players then the Mercenaries might very well take it.

Scarborough v Ilkley
Unfortunately I think the winner of this match could well be the weather after hearing the forecast for the East Coast this weekend with the potential for gales,sleet and snow. If it doesn't materialise then Ilkley have to be the favourites but bad weather can be a great leveller and if the wind and rain arrive Scarbs could have a chance.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Thoughts for this Saturday (13/11/21)
« on: November 11, 2021, 02:12:14 PM »
After a week off for most teams to recharge their batteries and get injured players back to fitness I think we should be in for a good round of matches. Here’s what I think!

Bradford & Bingley V Cleckheaton
Nothing positive seems to be coming out of the Bees camp these days and when a team’s down and out like Bees seem to be I can only see another heavy defeat from a Cleck side that will want to make amends after last week’s home loss.

Heath V Moortown
It would be a brave man who would back against Heath at the moment as they quietly grind out good result after good result. On the back of 3 consecutive losses Moortown look unlikely to break down a strong Heath side at North Dean.

Morley V Ilkley
I favour Ilkley to take this one and end Morley’s 100% home record although it should be quite a close match. Ilkley’s strong back division should be too good for Morley to contain.

Pocklington V Morpeth
If Morpeth continue where they left off against Morley then Pock might be in trouble and I feel Morpeth could well win this one as they keep threatening to bounce back with a good run. It’s difficult to call.

Scarborough V Consett
Scabs don’t seem to have developed much consistency so far this season but I can’t see them losing this one against a Consett side who appear to struggle away from home.

Driffield V Old Brodleians
This top of the table clash looks to be the match of the day and could go either way. Both sides keep putting together good results and home advantage might be the thing that gives it to Driffield, however, as Driiff seem to be the draw specialists this season maybe another draw is on the cards.

Malton and Norton V Durham City
I watched Malton in their last match against Brods and they came back really strongly in the second half and gave Brods quite a scare and could have won. On that performance I can’t see Durham being strong enough to cause them too much trouble.

Any thought's for this Saturday's matches? Here's mine.

Cleck v Heath
This derby looks potentially the match of the day depending on which Cleck team turns up after last weeks drubbing. Heath are a hard team to beat and never seem to give up so I'll take them to win in what I think will be a real tough head to head derby game.    

Consett v Pock   
I think Consett seem to be slowly improving so might give Pocklington something to think about but I still take Pock to win all be it not by that much.

Durham  v  Scarboro'   
Durham seem to play fairly well at home but without much success, and Scabs have had a couple of poor shows away from home so this could be quite a close game. I think Scabs will be buoyant after last weeks win so should just pull it off but I think it will be tight.
Ilkley v Bees
I don't think there's much to say about this match, it's not who will win but how many Ilkley will win by.   

Town   v Driff
After last week's defeat it looks like Town will have another tough home game against Driffield, and I feel this could go either way, but I take Driff to followi up last weeks victory with another win but with a much reduced score line.
Morpeth v  Morley   
Morley will be looking to make it a hat-trick from their 3rd game in a row against NE opposition. However this will be the toughest match of the 3 but I expect them to just scrape a win.

Old Brods  v  Malton
Brods confidently continue their winning ways making it up to the top 2 in the league and I think their current confidence makes them favourites to win and continue their undefeated home run.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Thoughts about Saturday!
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:44:07 PM »
Bradford & Bingley V Morpeth
Heath V Ilkley
Moortown V Old Brodleians
Morley V Consett
Pocklington V Durham City
Driffield V Cleckheaton
Scarborough V Malton and Norton

With the league now settling down, some sort of patterns are beginning to emerge but are open to interpretation. For what it’s worth. My interpretation is as follows. What’s yours?

Morpeth comfortable winners at Bees.
Heath to test Ilkley to the limit, could go either way. I hope it’s Heath.
Again it could go either way although I think Town are slight favourites. I hope it’s Brods.
I think Morley should beat Consett convincingly.
I can’t see Pock faltering against Durham.
Another difficult one, my hearts with Cleck, my head with Driffield.
Can’t see this Derby going any other way than Malton, Scabs are not looking good so far.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Results 2nd Oct
« on: October 02, 2021, 05:15:03 PM »
Bradford & Bingley 18 -26 Durham City   
Cleckheaton 16- 30 Old Brodleians   
Driffield  46 - 0 Morpeth   
Heath 36 - 3 Consett   
Morley 25 - 14 Malton and Norton   
Pocklington 20 - 8 Scarborough

Regional Two (North & North East) / No interest in NE1
« on: September 18, 2021, 11:08:39 PM »
It’s sad but it would appear that with an almost full list of matches today nobody is interested in commenting on todays events and how their team performed. Perhaps you are not really interested in your teams performance, once upon a time supporters would be falling over themselves to bull up their teams on this site, but not any more. It’s sad, it would appear we are dumbing down like everybody else. I’ve had a couple of beers and would usually write a load of lancashire but it doesn’t make it any better. It looks like Yorkshirerugby.net is dying, at least at NE1 level. Very sad!!

Regional Two (North & North East) / League front runners
« on: September 18, 2021, 07:59:39 PM »
Although there is a long long way to go it looks like after only 3 games Ilkley and Moortown have set the bar high for the teams to beat in NE1. Whilst Driffield and Cleck are also unbeaten the early rounds seem to point to the former 2 being the front runners with 3 convincing wins each. Early days but is there anyone going to stop it being a two horse race?

Regional Two (North & North East) / Saturday Scores 18th Sepr
« on: September 18, 2021, 07:38:36 PM »
Bradford & Bingley 32 - 59 Scarborough
Cleckheaton 36 - 27 Morpeth
Driffield 33 - 5 Durham City
Heath 15 - 20 Malton and Norton
Ilkley 36 - 12 Old Brodleians
Moortown 59 - 17 Consett
Morley P - P Pocklington

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