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Other Senior Rugby / Simon Middleton MBE
« on: March 17, 2022, 07:19:40 AM »
England’s Simon Middleton, who was the first women’s team coach to win World Rugby Coach of the Year, took a day off training camp for the Six Nations to collect his MBE.

Anyone who missed this … well done Simon …

Yorkshire 1 / Results yesterday
« on: October 24, 2021, 07:53:29 AM »

Pintefract 49-Ym a few

Intended to go to Heath for the big game of the weekend … plus rip Spud for his new teeth, Botox andhair transplant … ended up at Ponty due to late flight home ..

Ponty were very good first half and dominated up front ( several times at scrum YM were taken to the cleaners ) some good open running tries and one cross field kick after a fifty metre break from Ponty fullback was outstanding for a try on the opposite side of the field  .

Second half … oh dear … the ref spent most of the second period marching Ponty back ten and lecturing them about back chat … it was really poor by the home side who were so far in front but seemed intent on arguing with the official  . Decent lad reffing who should have simply sent one of them off .. I’d have picked the Ponty 12 who seems to gob off at every decision, doesn’t seem to think he should be tackled , doesn’t seem to have a clue about the rules around breakdown  and generally got up everyone’s neb .. YM stuck at it and second half fairly even … some big lads on the field … neither team anywhere near the standard of the league above .. the likes of Ilkley , Brods , Town etc would have both on toast .

Yorkshire 1 / dogging at Heath
« on: January 26, 2019, 07:58:30 AM »
Last weekend I proceeded about my lawful occasion along to Heath to watch the "big" match... my match report ... not that I expect anyone can be R'sed to read it.

Lovely LITTLE ground and club Heath, nice to meet a couple of old friends as usual. Parking was hopeless and for some reason there was eleventy million gatemen.

On the touchline I was entertained by a procession of delightful dogs, two scampering charming springer spaniels, rhodesian ridgeback, a black mountain dog, sloppy labrador, mongrels, a greyhound and my favourite a curly haired Shitzu ( not sure how that is spelt) but that may actually have been the lady owners pubic wig she was carrying. Im not sure the club has got the idea of this 'dogging' malarkey though....bit like the style of 'rugby' from the home side.....tedious doesn't do it justice.. win the ball and shovel it to the fly half to pass it back inside for his centres to run back to the forwards. Our fat fellers are fatter than yours ! A home supporter only with victory in mind could enjoy it.

Next time I shall visit Hampstead Heath for my canine stimulation ( FREE GRATIS I may add)... when paying to be entertained by thirty silly gormless fat chaps I shall go elsewhere.... anywhere but Heath ... that style of rugby may get promotion but probably won't retain it.

Before you issue the Fatwah Spud its only tongue in cheek...( mainly as the nice lady let me stroke her Shitzu)!

I was a also disappointed that Pontefract were missing their mid term lounge lizard incredibly handsome stand off... apparently mercurial Mr Boyd had gone to some James Bond villain heath clinic for his scrotum ironing.  My miserable day was complete!

Ps Have Moortown taken their balls home ? MM etc have gone very quiet. Karl 't' lewis I like your dissertations mate and you are obviously doing good things up there. I haven't seen anything on here that should really upset you.. MM and bulldog etc are actually quite amusing ... as they say Karl you can pick your nose but you can't pick your 'member' ......

Other Senior Rugby / Rfu redundancies
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:21:28 PM »

I have no official verification but have been told that middle management down to RDO’s have all been served with official notification of end of employment across Yorkshire .

In my own world this precedes redundancies . Usually some have to reapply for their ‘own ‘ jobs . Sometimes it is ‘restructuring’ but apparently so I am told the financial model has been made up by Rob It and run inc and there are some very serious underlying problems afoot .

Anyone heard anything ?? Apologies if this has already been discussed suffering from altitude sickness in sooth afreker

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