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Regional One (North East) / 10th Feb
« on: February 09, 2024, 01:02:40 PM »
Well I suppose this week most people except York will be hoping the games will be on. Very congested end to the season if not.

Although Harrogate Vs Alnwick is no longer appearing on the fixtures for this weekend?

Harrogate vs Alnwick (assuming it’s on)
Will go for a Harrogate Win. Keep the promotion hopes alive. Recent signings and potential names being bounced around certainly sound like a club who want to return to Nat 2 at the first time of asking by any means possible.

Scunthorpe Vs Blaydon
Blaydons season is now fully over in my opinion, and a middle table battle isn’t going to excite anyone. Travelling to Scunthorpe will do little to inspire the troops. Scunny comfortable Win

Ilkley Vs Driffield
Recent adverts for Player Coaches at Ilkley certainly show intent for something. Have they been employed in time for this weekends fixture?
Driffield Win on a heavy pitch

Merit Leagues / YRFU & NE Premiership
« on: January 29, 2024, 09:30:15 AM »
Is anyone able to shed some light on playoff this year and how it will work in the Merit Prem?

I understand in other merit leagues/tables it used to be a minimum number of games played to qualify?

Just with Billingham and Tynedale sitting in the top 4 having only played 5 fixtures in the league.

Regional One (North East) / 13th Jan Fixtures
« on: January 11, 2024, 01:27:58 PM »
Let’s move on from last week, and look forward to a great round of fixtures.

Alnwick Vs Cleckheaton

Will the extended Christmas break help or hinder Alnwick? Think they will be thankful this is a home fixture. Cleck had a great result last week but think in the road this might be a big ask. Alnwick Win

Blaydon Vs Donny

Donny got the upset of all upsets last week, but not sure they will be able to replicate it away at Blaydon. Although plastic pitch last weekend could set them up nicely. Blaydon win

Pontefract Vs Heath

Seen Pontefract on 3 occasions this season, the style of play is simple, and when it clicks they cause problems. But the fitness of the forwards seems to let them down. Heath Win

Sandal Vs Harrogate

Harrogate clearly disappointed to not play last weekend, will be eager to get 2024 going with a big win. Sandal will be in good spirits after the result last week. If they pull off a result this week then the fight for survival is well and truly on. Sandal Win.

Scunthorpe Vs Ilkley

Appears consistency for both sides will be key for the remainder of the season. Both will be disappointed with last weekends results. From the damage Scunthorpe did to Driffield at home before Christmas I’m going to back them here. Scunny Win

York Vs Driffield

It appears very little has been said about last weekends result for York. Beaten by the better side on the day. Imagine they will be doing everything possible to stop that from happening again. A few players have been approached to come on loan this week by all accounts. So trying to pull out all the stops for promotion.
Driffield need to win this game to keep the top of the table battle going. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / 14th October Fixtures
« on: October 11, 2023, 02:55:49 PM »
Following a week off for most sides in Yorkshire it will be good to get back to some league rugby.

Alnwick Vs Sandal
Both sides have surprised me with the league positions and certainly would have fancied both teams to be in the top half at this stage of the season. Sandal got a narrow win in this fixture last season and imagine it will be similar this weekend. Sandal Win

Cleckheaton Vs Phoenix
Phoenix to continue the strong start to the season this weekend, imagine this might be a game for a few cards to be shown which could impact the result, I think Phoenix will have too much for them. Phoenix Win

Pontefract Vs Ilkley
The last round of fixtures had Ponte pulling out the result of the season so far. If they can use the conduct of Heaths 10 as ammunition this weekend, then they could test Ilkley on Home soil. I think this game could go either way but going to go for the fire power of Ilkley’s backs to really stretch Ponte. Ilkley Win.

Scunthorpe Vs Harrogate
Should only be one winner here; however, I thought the same when Heath travelled to Scunthorpe. Never an easy place to go. Scunthorpe could match Harrogate in the forwards, with the lineout being a great match up. If Scunthorpe’s backs can do some damage up the 10 channel, then they will start to get some joy and pressure Harrogate. Another shock result. Draw

York Vs Heath
MOTD. York have had a fantastic start to the season following the opening weekends result. Heath not able to raise a side for the Yorkshire cup, or maybe the journey men don’t get beer vouchers for cup fixtures. Either way they will be focused on getting a result this weekend. I’m going with York to send Johnson and his band of not so merry men packing. York Win

Blaydon Vs Driffield
Nearly 13 years since Driffield made the trip to Blaydon. With Jenkinson set to welcome the Woldsmen to the Northeast with open arms this is set to be a cracking game. Last years vice-captain will certainly have some ideas of how to upset Driffield and try to get the result for his boyhood club. Hopefully the rest of his new teammates aren’t on the same page as him and the plastic pitch can benefit Driff with some flowing rugby. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 02/09
« on: August 28, 2023, 06:06:07 PM »
New season, new teams and the first round of fixtures offers what are potentially some great games

Alnwick Vs York

2 teams that should be in the fight for a top 4 place. So a cracker of a game. Alnwick never an easy place to travel, and look like they have a new threat in the centres. Cusack has retired by all accounts and not heard to much of Yorks summer signings that makes me believe they will have enough to beat Alnwick away. Alnwick Win

Blaydon Vs Pontefract

2 leagues between these sides last season, so on paper this should only go one way. Pontefract seemed to of struggled with discipline during preseason (7 yellow in one game?), one thing you can’t afford in this league is players off the pitch. Blaydon Win

Cleckheaton Vs Scunthorpe

Based on last season this should be an easy Cleck win. However Scunthorpe appear to of had a busy summer with signings, and Cleck seem to of had the opposite. Scunthorpe Win

Donny Phoenix Vs Sandal

Another team that has been busy doing summer business is Sandal, not heard much of Phoenix activity so can only take this as being a big away win. Sandal Win

Heath Vs Ilkley

Cracking game for the opening weekend. Ilkley increasing the fire power in the backs with the returning names from Otley. Heath being the leagues big spenders and starting to look like the lost and found of the national leagues. Let’s go for the firm narrow pitch to work in Ilkley favour. Ilkley Win

Driffield Vs Harrogate

Driffield only losing to Billingham at home last season will be hoping to go one better this year. Harrogate have to be up there with Heath as one of the early favourites, and the appointment of Scarborough will no doubt help. Tough game to call but home advantage. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Papa Johns Cup - 22/04/23
« on: April 21, 2023, 09:25:11 AM »
Good Luck to all Regional 1 sides in action this weekend.

Driffield play Syston at home, both sides finished 3rd in the leagues, with very similar records. Syston also seem to enjoy travelling with some good wins on the road after Christmas, so this should be a cracking game with a big crowd.

Heath have a monster trip down to Portsmouth to take on Havant, big unknown and the 4g pitch could be a factor. Hope they can get the victory on the road.

Yorks win over Cleckheaton last weeks has given them an outside chance of topping the pool, but it has to be between Cleckheaton and Stockport who play each other in a big fixture tomorrow for a semi final place.

Scunthorpe 2 from 2 in the pool and another massive game against Oundle at home tomorrow for a place in the semi.

Ilkley on the road to Wirral with yet another side in contention for a semi final place.

And finally (although not playing this weekend) West Bridgford making it into the Bowl Final.

One thing is for sure, the Cup competition has really demonstrated how strong Regional 1 North East was this season, with so many sides in a position to top the pool competitions and reach semi-finals and finals this weekend

Good Luck to all teams.

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 18/03
« on: March 17, 2023, 08:29:32 AM »
With several fixtures left to play before the season is finally finished thought best to finish my season of predictions off.

Heath Vs Billingham
A game with pride riding on it for Heath and Billingham. Heath have finished 2nd in every league season since 2018/19 season (with 3 promotions) so they seem to be the masters of picking up the runners up spot. If Billingham want to finish this on a high then can’t see Heath having much joy from this game, however get the funny feeling Heath will be more up for this game. Chris Johnson also going for top points scorer in the league, he could find taking the 3 points to be the way forward. Im going for a disappointing (for Driffield) Heath Win

Ilkley Vs York
Ilkley had a tough week last weekend. With neither team having much to play for I think I will go for Home advantage being the deciding factor here. Ilkley Win

Donny Vs Sandal
Again, another game with neither team having much to play for. Sandal being by far the better side over the season. Sandal Win

Scunthorpe Vs Paviors
Game of the day. Paviors had a tough time last weekend, maybe the shorter trip to Scunthorpe might bring a few more players with them this week. Paviors win and the relegation battle goes on for another week. 5 Point Scunthorpe win and they guarantee safety. Think Scunthorpe will want to stay in the league more then Paviors. Scunthorpe Win.

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 11/03
« on: March 08, 2023, 02:32:36 PM »
Going early this week with the friday night lights and end of the season for a few teams. I personally think it has been a fantastic season, seen some brilliant rugby throughout the league, with most teams looking to play some open rugby. I have felt the referees have been fantastic and enhance the league with the quality of officials we have.

Phoenix Vs Sandal
With Phoenix now being safe and Sandal looking to push for a 5th place finish I feel this could be a one-sided affair. Sandal were a very strong side in both fixtures I watched, and certainly have more fire power in the backs then Phoenix. Comfortable Sandal Win.

Cleckheaton Vs Scunthorpe
With Scunthorpe sitting dangerously in 11th place, they will be looking to pick up points from anywhere in a hope that when the meet Paviors a win will be enough to keep them in the league. On a normal day I would be going for a Cleckheaton win. But will Cleckheaton heads already of started turning to the rugby league season? Will guaranteed safety be enough to turn the tables and give Scunthorpe the edge? I think it might be. Scunthorpe Win

Heath Vs Ilkley
Following last weeks performance from Ilkley I think they have enough to beat most sides in this league on there day. They played some fantastic rugby at times, and even whilst struggling in the scrum they still managed to produce some front foot ball. Think this will be another game they will struggle upfront; however, the defensive intensity should be able to match Heaths direct running and think Ilkleys backs (if the same as last week) will have the beating of Heaths. If Ilkley can control the penalty count and prevent Johnsons boot or the rolling maul causing damage, they could find themselves jumping Cleck in the table. A bold Ilkley Win

West Bridgford Vs Billingham
Billingham Win even with the party bus.

York Vs Alnwick
Game of the day for me, Alnwick not picking up a result on the road last week, and a York win would open the door to a 4th place finish for them (Or Sandal). I feel York will be more up for this one, and Alnwick will have to be at there best to get the win. Think it will be a great game to watch. York Win

Driffield Vs Paviors
It feels like its been a long season since watching Paviors play in September, and Driffield coming away winners but only just on that occasion. Although Driffield look a much different side from the beginning of the season, Paviors threat at set piece cant be taken lightly. With Driffield hosting their annual charity shirt day in aid of Leeds Hospitals Charity the club should have a great atmosphere about it, and a large crowd expected. I can only hope the players don’t get confused not playing in the usual Blue, Black & White shirts. Driffield Win

I have made some bold predictions this week, but think they all have a chance of coming in, which all could have a real impact on the final league standings in a couple of weeks time.

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 04/03
« on: March 03, 2023, 03:29:20 PM »
Another great weekend of fixtures with some big games for some sides.

Heath Vs Alnwick
Heath able to get take control of second place with game in hand if they are able to pick up 5 points from all the remaining games. Alnwick will no doubt struggle as most teams do away at Heath. Heath to win but no bonus point.

Paviors Vs Donny
Paviors need to pull a result out of the bag to raise hopes of survival. Phoenix have had a very tough run of fixtures since Christmas so can see them being desperate to get a win. Phoenix win

Sandal Vs Cleckheaton
Sandal will surely be unstoppable in this fixture. Cleck struggling for players last week so will hope to have some returning. A Sandal win will create a big divide between the top and bottom half of the table. Sandal Win.

Scunthorpe Vs Billingham
I think Billingham will have to much for Scunthorpe even if they are wanting to give players an opportunity. Billingham will surely be looking to keep momentum going for the cup run. Billingham Win

West Bridgford Vs York
York Win

Ilkley Vs Driffield
The ever improving Ilkley will be looking to get a big win to offset the slow start to the season. And think they will be a very difficult side to beat at home. The additions to Ilkleys squad seem to of done the trick, with the loan players picking up some tries on there return to Stacks Field, and pulling them clear of a potential relegation scrap. So Driffield will need to be on top form to get the result. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 25/02
« on: February 23, 2023, 11:56:34 AM »
Another round of rearranged fixtures, will sides be missing players based on the free weekend? Are injuries starting to show?

Alnwick Vs Paviors
I feel I have spent the season thinking Paviors will have enough to beat certain sides in the league, however it’s been a long season since Driffield met the Nottingham based side in Round 1. 3 wins to show for the campaign so far, and not sure this weekend will be adding to the tally, Alnwick will be looking to avenge the loss when they travelled south. Alnwick Win

Driffield Vs Cleckheaton
Cleckheaton always seem to have answers for Driffield’s attack, and this always guarantees a good game. Recent form should make Driffield favourites for this, but Cleckheaton will be full of confidence following last weeks victory and the win against Driffield earlier in the season. If Driffield are firing like last weekend, then this could be a tough day for Cleck. Driffield Win

Sandal Vs Ilkley
Sandal being humbled last weekend by the league champions, might have dented some confidence. Ilkley continuing the great run of form, and will be confident going into this with the win at home earlier in the season. Sandal a tough side to beat at home though and think they will bounce back. Sandal Win

Scunthorpe Vs Heath
Scunthorpe certainly aren’t an easy side to beat, but seem to struggle to convert the pressure in games into results. Heath will be looking to bounce back from last week’s result and will have more than enough to get the win at Scunny. Heath Win.

York Vs Doncaster Phoenix
Think this has the potential to be a great game. Looked a tight game when they met earlier in the season. Phoenix seem to of had an up and down season, with York coming into form at the back end. York Win.

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 18/02
« on: February 17, 2023, 09:04:14 AM »
Another round of big fixtures, if things work out as planned for Driffield and Billingham then the leagues overwhelming favourites before the season started will be crowned champions with 3 games left to play.

Alnwick Vs West Bridgford
I can only see this going one way. I imagine Alnwick will be feeling very hard done by to not pick up 2 bonus points last week, and looking to bounce back with the 2 sides above them in the league going head to head. West Bridgford looked like they had a tough game with Scunthorpe, however think this will be tougher. Alnwick win

Billingham Vs Sandal
Firstly, Billingham need to do a job on the most inform side in the league. Then they can worry about the Driffield Heath result. I feel Billingham will be doing everything they possibly can to get the league tied up this weekend in the final home game of the season. If any team in the league has a chance of putting the party on hold for another week, then you must think its Sandal. However, Billingham at home to want it more. Billingham Win 

Cleckheaton Vs Paviors
Have the wheels come off for Cleckheaton? The timing of Dickie Pipers absence from the team sheets and the current run of form surely can’t be a small coincidence, or have the Rugby league players left for the season? Paviors seem to be doing everything possible to get themselves relegated at moment, with not even a bonus point to show for themselves since the last meeting with Cleckheaton in November. Let’s make the bold call of Cleckheaton’s slide to continue. Paviors Win

Phoenix Vs Ilkley
Ilkley could well of turned a corner, or they are just proving they are better than 4 other teams in the league, either way this weekend will show are they better then the bottom 5 teams in the league. Ilkley only narrowly lost the home fixture earlier in the season, so I imagine confidence will be high going into this, and Phoenix not having much in response. Ilkley Win

York Vs Scunthorpe
I think Scunthorpe probably had their final win of the season last weekend, with a terrible run of fixtures to come. York to have far to much for Scunthorpe in all aspects of the pitch. York Win

Driffield Vs Heath
A fixture that has a lot riding on it, not only for the 2 teams going head-to-head, but for Green Army up north. Heath has clear hopes of promotion, a number of mid-season signings showing squad depth isn’t needed when the bright lights of Halifax pulls in players from around West Yorkshire and New Zealand. If Driffield Win then they put themselves in control of second place, if Heath Win then they put Billingham’s party on hold and keep their incredibly faint hopes of promotion alive. Earlier in the season Driffield travelled with a squad battered by illness and several absentees. It takes nothing away from Heaths performance that day, but it will give Saturdays side huge confidence they can get the win. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 11/02
« on: February 10, 2023, 10:17:29 AM »
Some great fixtures this weekend, 2nd vs 3rd and the 2 inform teams of the league go head-to-head with Sandal Vs York, and the bottom of the table clash. The table could potentially have a very different feel about it after this round of games.

Heath Vs Donny Phoenix
Heath will certainly be looking for a reaction following last weekends result, Phoenix will be refreshed following a weekends rest to regather. Feel Donny could enjoy Heaths smaller pitch. However, Johnsons boot also enjoys the pitch dimension and think Penalties will ultimately win the Day. Heath Win

Ilkley Vs Cleckheaton
Ilkley with 3 wins and 1 loss in the last 4 games, Cleckheaton with 1 win and 3 losses. It sounds like things have potentially turned a corner for Ilkley, but Cleckheaton will no doubt be firing for this one. Would love to see the Ilkley revival continue, so going to go for a very tight game. Ilkley Win

Paviors Vs Billingham
Paviors have enjoyed some good results at home, with Alnwick proving its no easy task taking the trip down to Nottingham. Still don’t see Billingham losing another game this season. Billingham Win (But not by much)

Sandal Vs York
Match of the Day for me. Both sides on a great run of form and looking to close the gap on the top 4. Think the winners of this game will have a great chance of finishing 4th in the league. I’m going to have to go with home advantage to be the only thing to separate the sides. Sandal Win

Scunthorpe Vs West Bridgford
Looks very likely that the losers of this game will have their fates sealed to relegation. Scunthorpe certainly didn’t look like a side fighting to stay in the league last week, and a team capable of fighting for a top half finish. Based on last week’s viewing I must go with the home team. Scunthorpe Win 

Driffield Vs Alnwick
Winners of this game should end the day in second place, with the losers potentially slipping to 4th, so big fixture for both sides hoping to finish the season as high as possible.  The away fixture saw Alnwick winners with a 14-point margin. Ultimately penalties cost Driffield in that fixture. If discipline is improved then Driffield will be difficult to beat at home. Driffield Win.

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 29/01
« on: January 26, 2023, 03:18:50 PM »
Alnwick Vs Scunthorpe

Fixture that is only going one way for me. Alnwick looking to keep control of second in the league and the pressure (for what its worth) on Billingham. Alnwick Win

Billingham Vs Ilkley

Billingham certainly looked beatable last time out for Driffield, but are a quality side and will take some work from Ilkley to get the points. Keep waiting for Ilkley to click into something that resembled last seasons form, and think the 4g pitch will suit them. Billingham Win (Ilkley to sneak a shock bonus point)

Cleckheaton Vs Heath

This is a big game for both teams, Heath wont want any slip ups as they look to finish 2nd, and Cleckheaton looking to break into the top 4. Think the Halifax derby will be the game of the day, but Heath to have to much for Cleckheaton. Heath Win

West Bridgford Vs Sandal

Sandal Win

York Vs Paviors

Paviors pulled out a 1-point victory over York earlier in the season and think York will be desperate to right the wrongs from that one. York Win

Doncaster Phoenix Vs Driffield

Phoenix certainly seem to be a different side at home, Beating Billingham is no small task and losing with the last play of the game to Alnwick will certainly have confidence high. The 17 point loss to Cleckheaton 2 weeks ago shows how unpredictable they can be so Driffield will have to be switched on for this one. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Fixtures 21/01
« on: January 20, 2023, 01:53:06 PM »
Lets hope the weather holds out and the pitches have time to thaw before kick off tomorrow. The Kelleythorpe pitch is getting softer by the hour, so confident that will be played.

Phoenix V Alnwick

Would like to think Phoenix will test Alnwick, but feel Alnwick will want to bounce back after last weeks loss, and wont be taking Phoenix for granted following the home sides victory over Billingham a couple of weeks ago - Alnwick Win

Heath V Billingham

One of 2 games of the day for me. Heath lost the away fixture and following last weeks loss will no doubt be looking for a reaction. No better game to bounce back with a win. Billingham last weekend showed their class by the end of the game, although they looked like the previous weeks result had left a few doubts within the squad. If Heath get off to a strong start I think Billingham will struggle - Heath Win

Ilkley Vs York

I feel Ilkley are no doubt going to be a side improving week after week, however think they might struggle with the size and power of York. - York win

Paviors Vs West

Nottingham Derby, turned out a result previously that not many saw coming. Think West Bridgford could be up for this - West Win

Sandal Vs Scunthorpe

Sandal seem to have strung together some good results, and non better then last weeks victory over Alnwick. Can see Scunny getting much out of this. - Sandal Win

Driffield Vs Cleckheaton

2nd game of the day for me. If either team have a hope of catching the top 3 this is a must win. Cleck are a very physical side and with Breakwell at 10 they are dangerous from anywhere on the field. Going for another tight game but this time home advantage - Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / 7th Jan Fixtures
« on: January 05, 2023, 11:12:11 AM »
It has been a quiet few weeks without the weekend rugby, however not made a great deal of difference to the lack of activity on this leagues forum. But for what its worth I might as well continue with predictions.

Cleckheaton Vs Alnwick
Will the Dickie-less Cleckheaton find the start to 2023 difficult with their captain out of action? How are Alnwick going to bounce back after Billingham pulled off the result of the season. (Must have been a long Christmas with that 50-point deficit playing on their minds) Think this has the potential for an interesting result. So Cleckheaton Win

Donny Vs Billingham
Well Donny will be praying that Billingham had a heavy Christmas and started the promotion party early. However, I think even if they turn up on the promotion party bus, celebrating before kick-off, they will get a result. Billingham Win 

Heath Vs West Bridgford
I have a lot of respect for West Bridgford following the efforts to get the game on pre-Christmas against Driffield. However, all the respect in the world can’t make me go for a big away upset here. Heath have however had 4 weekends without competitive rugby, so may have a steady start, but a big result should be on the cards. Heath Win

Ilkley Vs Scunthorpe
Neither side have played since the 3rd December. Which could be a blessing for 2 struggling sides, an opportunity to hit the reset button. Both teams going to be desperate for the win but I think the Home advantage will edge it. Ilkley Win

Paviors Vs Sandal
Paviors results are so hit and miss they have become very difficult to predict. Sandal had back-to-back draws before the frost set in. So going for the bold call to make it a hattrick of draws for Sandal

Driffield Vs York
The away fixture was a cracking game, a fast start for Driffield and a strong finish for York. York have had the full 4 weeks off, which might see some returning faces from Injury. Driffield had a comfortable result before the break and will be hoping to start 2023 with a big result against the local(ish) rivals. Home advantage in another tight game. Driffield Win

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