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Regional One (North East) / Round 12
« on: December 02, 2022, 12:48:59 PM »
Let’s see if predicting this week’s figures gets a little more involvement than the final league standing.

Alnwick Vs Ilkley
Ilkley tested Driffield last weekend for 60 minutes, but they fell away in the last part of the game. If they had made it count for 80-minutes, then would have been a nervy game for both sides. However, don’t believe an 80-minute performance will be enough to beat Alnwick away – Alnwick Win

Paviors Vs Heath
Paviors seemed to test teams at home, beating Alnwick and York is no small feat. Think they will certainly test Heath who are coming into this game on the back of last weeks loss, but with the confidence of the high scoring result against Paviors earlier in the season. Think this will be a close game. Going for the 1st upset of the day – Paviors Win.

Scunthorpe Vs Donny
Scunny desperate for a win, even with 5 points not being enough to get them out of the bottom 2 they are going to need a strong second half to the season to stay in the league. I think they will be up for this game and will certainly run Phoenix close but not have enough - Donny Win

West Bridgford Vs Cleckheaton
I Imagine Cleckheaton will be disappointed dropping points last weekend and wanting to get back to winning ways quickly. The Nottingham sides certainly seem to prefer playing at home with Bridgford 2 wins of the season coming on home soil. Will go for a double Nottingham upset – West Win

York Vs Billingham
York only lost the reverse fixture by 10 points away on the 4g earlier in the season conceding 24 points, which has been the smallest winning margin for the Billingham boys at home. Think only a handful of fixtures left for Billingham that will be a real test and believe this will be one of them. If anyone else is to have a shot at the top spot then they will be hoping for York to get a result here. Think it will be a big ask but 3 wins in a row for York might have given them enough confidence to pull it off. 3rd Upset of the day – York Win

Sandal Vs Driffield
The reverse fixture Driffield got off to a flying start and Sandal were chasing the game, and they ultimately ran out of puff. After a slow start to the season Sandal have been competitive with a notable win at home against Alnwick and then last week's draw against Cleckheaton. So they will certainly give Driffield a close game, but the Woldsmen should have enough – Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Halfway Point
« on: November 28, 2022, 10:02:26 AM »
So as we have reached the midway point in the league season, and all teams have played the same opposition I would be interested to see people's thoughts on promotion and relegation?

Some sides have been as expected with Billingham and Alnwick showing why they were both early title contenders, with some teams having a slow start to the season, York and Ilkley probably being the biggest surprises for me.

For promotion I think Billingham are going to take some stopping, with Alnwick to come in second place.

The dreaded relegation places possibly looking a little be more difficult to predict.
West Bridgford will take some turning around to avoid the drop so think it's going to come down the final relegation place. Maybe as they are so fresh in my mind, I believe Ilkley will have enough to avoid the drop.
Scunthorpe will remain in the mix, and I believe Doncaster Phoenix could possibly be dragged into the scrap. Paviors are in a fortunate position that they face the majority of the teams around them at home so believe they will have enough to get out of it.

The league has turned out to be more competitive than I thought it would be, with 3 of the promoted sides in the top 5, and a number of level 5 regulars struggling in the bottom half. Has the money dried up for a number of the old National 3 sides? More clubs reliant on the strength of second team players and now finding the gulf in class to be too much?

Driffield have certainly found that the strength of the second team has made a big difference to putting out a competitive side each week, even with the number of injuries/unavailability's that's been experienced through the squad week after week.

Regional One (North East) / Round 11
« on: November 24, 2022, 03:11:52 PM »
Firstly, I think everyone’s thoughts this weekend will be with the players and supporters of Selby following the loss of Tom Edwards. A death in the rugby family is felt across the leagues. As has been said on other posts, if your struggling reach out and talk.

Alnwick V Heath

Alnwick to have too much for Heath. Not going to be a big scoring game I don’t believe, as Alnwick appear comfortable controlling a lead rather than chasing bonus points. Alnwick Win

Billingham V Scunthorpe

League leaders to reach the halfway point with only the 1 loss against their names. Billingham Win

Cleckheaton V Sandal

Torn with this one, it should be a Cleck win on paper. But think Sandal could upset Clecks recent strong run of form. Sandal Win

Doncaster Phoenix V Paviors

Must win game for both teams. Sitting dangerously close to the relegation positions. If other games go in their Favour the winners could jump to 6th relieve a lot of pressure. Going to go with Paviors due to them having slightly more fire power in the backs, and a pack that will match Phoenix. Paviors Win

Driffield V Ilkley

Ilkley were the only side to beat Driffield home and away last season, and although Ilkley’s league position looks like this should be a Driffield win, I'm not sure many of the Woldsmen will be taking anything for granted on the back of some tough to take losses. Driff to bounce back.  Driffield Win

York V West Bridgford

Will West Bridgford improved performances be enough to upset a spluttering York side? With York beginning the season as one of my favorites for a top 3 finish its hard to see the hit and miss season continuing. I wouldn’t be surprised by a Bridgford win, however think York will get the result they need. York Win

P.S good to see we can finally get on to the forum

Regional One (North East) / Round 10
« on: November 11, 2022, 12:29:02 PM »
The half way stage of the season is quickly coming around, and the league table is looking interesting.

Heath Vs Driffield
Both sides have had similar results this season, both losing to Billingham and Cleckheaton, with Heath still to face Alnwick. Discipline will be key for Driffield to get a result from this game, Heath clearly have a very good defence, and the boot of Johnson able to punish teams. If Driffield can keep the penalty count low then they should have enough in attack to break them down. Driffield Win

Ilkley Vs Phoenix
9th vs 10th in the league, and could decide who gets dragged into a relegation scrap. Going with the good old principle that Ilkley struggle against big packs, they will certainly struggle with the size of Phoenix. Doncaster Win

Paviors Vs Cleckheaton
Cleckheaton are flying high on the back of some fantastic results in recent weeks. Paviors results have been hit and miss, but certainly appear stronger at home. Paviors Win

Sandal Vs Billingham
League favourites to continue the winning ways. Billingham Win

Scunthorpe vs York
Last weeks narrow victory could be a league defining moment for York, as could a loss to second from bottom Scunthorpe. Going to go with an upset here, Scunthorpe Win

West Bridgford Vs Alnwick
If the controlled performance of Alnwick is on show that Driffield experienced last weekend then very few sides will beat them over the remaining games, that said, the losses to Sandal and Paviors show they can be vulnerable. Think it would be a very big upset if Bridgford managed to pull a result out of the bag here but certainly would keep the table very interesting. Alnwick Win

Regional One (North East) / Round 7
« on: October 21, 2022, 10:34:54 AM »
Alnwick Vs Phoenix
Correctly predicted the Alnwick loss last week. But Alnwick back at home and think they will get back to winning ways. Phoenix could potentially be on the wrong side of a big result. Alnwick Win

Billingham Vs Heath
After witnessing the league favorites last weekend, think they will take some beating to top spot. I know we are a long way out but still stand by Billingham to win the league. Heath being unbeaten will travel full of confidence (specially with Johnson starting 10) but think they could be brought back down to earth this weekend. Billingham were incredibly fired up last weekend and think more the same tomorrow. Billingham Win

Cleckheaton Vs Driffield
Driffield historically don’t travel well to Cleckheaton, maybe it’s the long walk to the pitch? Who knows. But think the squad will be desperate to bounce back after the disappointment of last weekend. If Driffield come prepared for the kicking game of Breakwell they should have enough to breakdown Cleck. Driffield Win

Scunthorpe Vs Sandal
This looks like it should be a tight game. Results have looked very similar for both sides this season, so going to go with home advantage. Scunthorpe Win

West Bridgford Vs Paviors
The Nottingham Derby would be a good game to watch this weekend. West Bridgford will surely take some confidence away from the Ilkley result. Maybe this is the weekend the season turns around for them? West Bridgford Win

York Vs Ilkley
Great fixtures just keep coming this weekend. Another game that would be exciting to watch. Always the talk of Ilkley struggling against bigger packs, and York certainly have a big pack. The wide pitch at York will surely benefit the Ilkley backs but feel the York forwards will do enough to disrupt the game. York Win

Regional One (North East) / Round 6
« on: October 13, 2022, 01:53:19 PM »
Back to it after a weeks rest, teams regather, potentially some returning players from injury. Interesting week of fixtures that could be telling for how the season is going to go from here out.

Phoenix V Cleckheaton
Both teams coming into this fixture on the back of tough losses. With both teams wanting to get their season back on track I think this could be a proper battle. Imagine an even forward battle and the Cleckheaton backs to have the edge. Cleckheaton Win

Driffield V Billingham
Driffield full of confidence, against a Billingham side who will travel south hoping to put an end to the Woldsmen winning streak. Still believe Billingham will be at the top come the end of the season but think home advantage to have the edge. Driffield Win

Heath V York
Heath’s small pitch might be what’s needed to help the York forwards dominate this game. If Cusack is back fit, then I think/hope they will have enough to put an end to Heaths run of form. York Win.

Ilkley V West Bridgford
Ilkley Win

Paviors V Scunthorpe
Paviors shock win against Alnwick show they are a difficult team to beat at home. Scunthorpes Win against Ilkley also surprised me, and could potentially show some players returning from Injury? Think Paviors will have to much for them. Paviors Win

Sandal V Alnwick
Alnwick haven’t had the most convincing results on the road this season, and Sandal although only the 1 win will have confidence following the victory over Paviors. I would of gone for an Alnwick victory, but with the league showing in the last couple of rounds that nothing is certain, I will go for Sandal Win

Regional One (North East) / Round 5
« on: September 29, 2022, 06:37:37 AM »
Alnwick Vs Cleckheaton
Alnwick coming into this of the back of a loss, Cleck on the back of a big home defeat. Both will be looking to bounce back but think Alnwick to have to much at home. Alnwick Win.

Billingham Vs Donny Phoenix
Phoenix had a test on Friday, and came off second best. Think this is going to be a bigger test and think it will be the same again. Billingham Win.

Sandal Vs Paviors
Battle of the forwards, but think the Paviors pack are going to have to much (driving maul tries seemed to be coming to easy for them). Paviors Win

Scunthorpe Vs Ilkley
Unless Scunthorpe have some players returning from injury/suspension this might be a long afternoon. Ilkley Win

West Bridgford Vs Heath.
Heath Win

York Vs Driffield
Driffield coming into this game on the back of a solid performance against a poor side, so not ideal preparation for the physical forwards and sharp backs of York. The last time these two sides met it finished 22-18 to Driffield. I’m going to predicted a similarly tight result. Driffield Win

Regional One (North East) / Round 3
« on: September 15, 2022, 07:48:06 AM »
I think we have started to get a feel for some teams now, and round 3 should give some cracking games.

Great that me and Kellythorpe have some friends now as well.

Sandal Vs Heath
Friday night lights at Sandal, having now seen Sandal play and knowing what Heath had to offer last season this could be a great game. Sandal will be looking to bounce back from the opening 2 defeats, and Heath looking to maintain a great start to the Season. I think this could be a game that is decided by the boot, and Johnson will have the edge here. Heath bonus point win.

Alnwick Vs Billingham
Both sides yet to lose, both with Wins over York, this must be the game of the day. I must stick with Billingham as favourites for the league, and favourites to win this week. Billingham win, but think Alnwick will put up a great fight

Paviors Vs Ilkley
If Paviors have cut the grass then Ilkley could be let loose, a wide pitch which seems to dip and slide in all directions. The forwards of Paviors could be blowing heavy by half time if Ilkleys backline click early. Big win for Ilkley

Scunthorpe Vs Driffield
Yet another big pack, against a Driffield pack who have punched above there weights in open play and scrum time. Driffield will hope to continue to score some flowing tries and reduce the amount they have conceded in the opening 2 games. Scunthorpe desperate to get the season up and running. I have to go with a close Driffield victory.

West Bridgford Vs Doncaster Phoenix
Think West Bridgford could be in for a long season, although don’t know much about them. Phoenix seem to have a large pack and on the back of 2 good results, think this is only going one way. Bonus Points Win to Phoenix.

York Vs Cleckheaton
Another great game, and one that should give us promoted sides an idea of York’s strength. York have lost 2 close games against in my opinion the top 2 teams in the league, I suspect they will bounce back this weekend. York Win.

Regional One (North East) / Round 2
« on: September 10, 2022, 06:36:00 AM »
Whilst at risk of me and Kellythorpe being easier to just send telegrams to each other, I will keep going, might need to start some controversial comments to drag some people out of the woodwork, but let’s see!

Following the first round of fixtures and no massive surprises, I’m looking forward to round 2, and hopefully starting to get a better idea about a few sides

Billingham Vs York

Home advantage will always play its part for Billingham, combined with the fact they will be far to good for York, another big Win for Billingham I think.

Cleckheaton Vs West Bridgford

Don’t know anything about the West Bridgford side, but last weeks results tell me Cleck are going to have far to much for them, specially as they won’t be used to 3 mile walk to the pitch. Cleck Win

Doncaster Phoenix Vs Scunthorpe

Another week that doesn’t tell anyone to much about either of these sides. 2 teams who finish low last season, another battle of the big boys. Phoenix to have to much and get a close win

Driffield vs Sandal

First home game, first time the Kelleythorpe crowd get to see a level 5 league fixture in over a decade. Playing against a Sandal side who are more then use to this level of rugby. I have to go with home advantage and a Driffield win

Heath Vs Paviors

Heath should easily match the Paviors forwards power, Johnson’s victory tour at 10 will certainly be able to pick apart Paviors back 3. Big win for Heath

Ilkley  Vs Alnwick

Game of the day for me. Will last years North 1 champs be able to get back to winning ways against an Alnwick team who should be finishing in the top 3 this season? I think the home advantage will be enough for a narrow Ilkley win.

6 home wins for me this week, think Alnwick and Scunny will pick up a couple of bonus points on the road!

Regional One (North East) / New Season and New league
« on: August 31, 2022, 08:06:01 AM »
Again hoping to start some discussion and possibly some debates that BRB would be proud of let’s get started with the first round of fixtures.

Alnwick vs York

With both sides not giving much away regarding new signings, and not able to read to much into the preseason results. Last seasons league standing surely puts Alnwick as favourites here?

Billingham vs West Bridgford

I feel Billingham have to be the team to beat this season, West Bridgford have posted a few new signings, however think an easy Billingham win.

Ilkley vs Heath

Last seasons results showed Ilkley struggled to play against Heath, with the addition of Heaths big name signings they could prove hard to beat again. But I get the feeling Ilkley will have to much and feel back at home in level 5. Ilkley to get a narrow victory

Paviors vs Driffield

Not found out much about Paviors, finishing second bottom in last seasons Midlands Prem and what appears to be a lack of preseason it’s the complete unknown. Following Driffield’s Preseason and some returning faces I have to go with a Driffield win.

Sandal vs Doncaster Phoenix

Two sides who finished towards the bottom of their level 5 leagues last season. Phoenix have been posting a lot of player recruitment posts but not much else, a sign of a club struggling for numbers? Or just hoping to increase the depth at the club? Sandal win.

Scunthorpe vs Cleckheaton

Low finishing Scunny take on a Cleckheaton side who seemed to find some brilliant form during the second half of last season. Would imagine this will be a battle of the forwards. The confidence of Cleckheaton to win this for them.

Be very interested to get anyones thoughts particularly about the midlands sides some of us northern clubs know very little about!

Regional One (North East) / Who comes out on top?
« on: August 25, 2022, 01:56:08 PM »
So with the new season fast approaching, and with the Nat 3 / North Prem / Regional 1 (North East) part of the forum having a tendency for limited activity lets see if we can kick it off early.

Obviously the combination of the North & Midlands Prem sides will be interesting to see. The recruitment of the promoted sides will play a big factor with who will have enough to survive at this new standard.

Merit Leagues / What's the Solution?
« on: March 24, 2022, 08:54:17 AM »
Following the vote against clubs entering lower XV's into the league structure, certain clubs in Yorkshire will be scratching their head's to think of ways to get regular competitive fixtures for players who aren't playing in the first XV.

When you look at the Yorkshire Premiership Merit League its fully understandable why clubs in Yorkshire 4 & 3 aren't entertaining the idea of entering lower XV's into the league, with certain clubs in the league only able to field sides when the first XV don't have a fixture, leading to games being cancelled or worse genuine second teams be greeted by a bolstered "second team" featuring National League regulars.

Post Christmas we have seen Otley pull the second team from the league and both Harrogate and York having to award Walkovers due to not being able to field a side. I understand this is the trend we have seen across all leagues, both lower XV's and Senior leagues.

However we have a number of players in our county wanting to play rugby on a Saturday who are left without fixtures, with playing numbers on the decline something needs to be done to support those clubs who have players available who aren't getting fixtures.

So I suppose the question is, what's the solution if it isn't going to be allowing those clubs with genuine Second Teams to enter into the senior leagues?

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