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Other Senior Rugby / Rugby World Cup Volunteers Meeting 16/5/2015
« on: May 10, 2015, 10:14:26 PM »
If anyone has successfully applied to be a volunteer and is off down to the first meet up on Saturday by car, drop me a PM if you fancy a car share.
Just looked at train times and they are hopeless!

Short of the obvious eye test, training is a part of and refs summer free time.
So to start the ball rolling I plan to take the pink shirt on as many climbs as possible.
So here I am on Helvellyn. Scarfell is next.
Anyone else who wants to show their summer fitness training post away.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Mini & Junior Rugby / 2 Needed for FREE Level 2 Referees Course
« on: February 25, 2015, 11:49:42 AM »
We are planning to hold a Level 2 Referees Course on 8th and 15th of March at Woodhouse Grove. Fees are refunded by the Referees Dociety on completion of the course.

To hold the course we need two more people.

Surely in amongst all you people and your clubs there must be two people who are looking to develop themselves, or planning a bit of refereeing.

PM me for details or see my other post on the Senior Board for full details.


We are planning to hold a Level 2 Referees Course on 8th and 15th of March at Woodhouse Grove. Fees are refunded by the Referees Dociety on completion of the course.

To hold the course we need two more people.

Surely in amongst all you people and your clubs there must be two people who are looking to develop themselves, or planning a bit of refereeing.

PM me for details or see my other post on the Senior Board for full details.


« on: January 26, 2015, 04:15:55 PM »
The West Yorkshire Referees Society have decided to once again run a Level 2 Referees Course to attract and develop new referees at all levels of rugby. This year the venue is Woodhouse Grove School on March 8th and 15th.

Once again, the first 20 applicants who book the course via the RFU website, and complete the course will have their course fees refunded.

There is no obligation to join the Society as a full member, although you are always welcome, and should you choose just to become a club referee the free place offer still applies.

Please read the attached letter for full details, and spread the word, only 20 free places are available.

[attachment deleted by admin]

West Yorkshire Referees Society have organised an ELRA Course on 2nd and 16th March at Heath RUFC.

We are looking to attract new referees for now, and the future, and as part of our commitment to finding new referees there are 20 free places available to people who want to take the course.

If you are thinkng about refereeing at all, this course provides you with a great starting point to get to the basics of refereeing, as well as broadening your understanding of everyones role in the game.

If you are interested, you need to go online to reserve your place, the web address is shown below, just follow the details through. For those who complete the course and become Associate Members of the Society, your course fee will be refunded.

Refereeing is a genuine pleasure, rewarding and challenging in equal measures. Many referees you speak to will say they wish they had not left it so late to start. Whilst not the same as playing the game, it's the next best thing. A valuable part of the game, able to take you to higher levels than you played at, introduces you to new clubs and people, and keeps fitness levels, and mental sharpness in good order.

If anyone would like to speak to me please send me a PM. I urge anyone, especially, but not exclusively those in the West area, to think about refereeing if age, injuries or time presures are restricting, or are about to restrict your playing days.

Taking the course and becoming an Associate Member does not oblige you into games, the choice of that is yours. You can be assured though, when you are ready, West Society will be their to help and support you along the way.


So a few weeks in, and the early promise of a smooth introduction to the new scrum engagement process may have faltered a little.

Its taken some coaches a few weeks to adopt an attitude of trying to get some form of hit into the engagement when the directive for everyone has been very clear, THERE IS NO HIT.

Seen and reffed games where teams are trying all sorts to engineer hits and nudges at the point of engagement.

Front rows holding back and then thrusting forward and number 8s unbound and rocking into te scrum to get the nudge on are things I have seen recently whilst in the middle.

Why on earth must we try and get round the laws rather than accept them for the valid reasons they were introduced for? It seems "higher level" teams may be coaching this mentality throughout the club. I have refereed a 2nd XV whose firsts are in Y1 and their understanding of what and why the scrum engagement was about was quite worrying.

We will certainly be revisiting this topic at our referees meetings, and hopefully we can ensure we consistently implement the guidelines we have been given.

West Referees Society are holding their first meeting of the season on the above date at Keighley Rugby Club, and Chris Sharp our most senior referee will be holding a session on the new instructions at scrum engagement. We are making this evening available to all clubs, coaches, and indeed anyone interested in finding ways forward in getting these changes implemented smoothly.

If anyone is interested please PM me so I have an idea of how many of you want to come. details are as below:

Topic -             NEW Scrum Engagement Update (Part of West Yorks Refs Society Meeting)

Date –             Wed 28th August 2013

Time -              7.45pm- 9.00pm

Venue -            Keighley RUFC





The session will involve a short presentation by the Society and may involve some practical examples.

By the end of the session all referees and coaches will have:

·        Had the trial engagement sequence explained

·        Understood the rationale behind the changes

·        Discussed implications for referees; coaches; players and ‘the game’

·        Agreed a checklist for referees & coaches when working with the scrum –with a view to ensuring a safe and positive scrum

·        Identified a collective positive approach to the scrum


West Yorkshire Refs Society have agreed to open this session to all coaches and referees in the area and this is an ideal opportunity for Coaches and Referees at all ages and standards to attend.


No pre-registration is required, but it would help to have an idea of numbers from each club if possible.


Any posters making the trip down to HQ this Sunday who fancy meeting up for a pint or two , send me a PM.
Team just announced, highlights being Brown, Wade,Joseph, 36,Yardie and Burns as a backline.

Other Senior Rugby / Brian Campsall Thursday 28th Feb 7.45 at Keighley RUFC
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:20:45 AM »
The West Referees Society hold a meeting the last Thursday of every month. (Mainly we moan at how inconsistent and unfit players are!)

This month we are pleased to announce our most illustrious former member, Brian Campsall, will be our guest speaker, and amongst other things will be highlighting how referees are instructed to implement certain laws and guidelines. Knowing Brian, there will be plenty of candid opinions and a chance to ask a few of those questions you always wanted to know the answer to.

The Society are putting out an open invitation to all clubs for any of their coaches,  players, club referees or members to attend.
Should any of you wish to join us please send me a PM so I can ensure we have the correct room at Keighley

Don't be shy, come along for an entertaining evening, and bring your autograph books to get the signatures of your favourite referees.

Other Senior Rugby / Jimmy Higham Bursary Fund
« on: December 10, 2012, 03:25:23 PM »
I heard this story and the song on Chris Evans breakfast show this morning.
As Christmas, and the anniversary of his death approaches wouldn't it be nice if every poster bought the song for 79p, and gave a worthy song a chance of keeping the Sh**e Factor off No1!


Other Senior Rugby / When coaches coach badly.........what do you do
« on: November 30, 2012, 08:04:02 AM »
At our Referees meeting last night we discussed the tackle area, and at one point mentioned players rolling out of the tackle area into the path of the opposition, standing up and ruining good ball.

One of our members mentioned that Leeds Carnegie were actively coaching how to do this all the way through their teams.

Now, you may think me a bit of an old git, but what the hell sort of coaching attitude do we have when coaches are spending time actually developing cheating instead of focusing on the positives? If we are building this attitude into our players from a young age I believe it lowers the standard of players, and the quality of game we see and participate in?

So what do we need to do to get coaches coaching positively, I know there are many coaches on the boards, what are your experiences and thoughts on things such as this?

Other Senior Rugby / 6 Nations reflections
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:21:26 PM »
So, where do we look to get the pluses and minuses from this years 6 Nations?

Statrting at the top:

Wales:  Could not have done more this tournament, although not good against Ireland and England, they scraped wins that they would not have done in other seasons. Lydiate was my player of the tournament, but Priestland is not yet anywhere near good enough and looked less than comfortable at times. Is Hook the answer Gatland seeks to avoid?

England: Lots of positives if you take into account the RWC. 4 out of 5 wins gives every reason to give the job to someone the players respect and would give everything for. But how to score more tries? This needs resolving as Farrells boot will not result in the same wins we had previously.

Ireland; A two man team by the looks. O Driscoll's absence was significant, O Connells injury proved fatal. Where is the new leader? Creamed today by a team who would not go to maul and set up rucks instead. One dimensional, and unlike Wales and England, no youth coming through.

France:  All the talent, none of the results. Always a danger, but something of the toothless lion about them at the moment.

Italy: "Give me a half back combination and I will give you the world"  One step away from being a strong force in NH rugby, just like they always have been.

Scotland: Loads of possession, no ability to turn that into points. Murray , Gray and Denton will be Lions, but the rest give the impression of wading in treacle. Is it Robinsons fault? No, but that wont save him!

Other Senior Rugby / Merv the Swerve
« on: March 16, 2012, 09:31:45 AM »
Being born in the very early 60's I was introduced to Rugby through Grandstand and Grammar School. My abiding memories of those days, and what hooked me to the gam,e centered around the fantastic Welsh sides of the early 70's.

Skill, pace and awareness well beyond any other team, it was a pity for Wales that the RWC came to late for this golden generation.

And so it was with sadness this morning that I read of the passing of Mervyn Davies. A colossus of the Welsh team in more ways than one; Hard, strong, good hands and a rugby gentleman of the classic mould. Merv the Swerve was forced to retire from rugby far too early and then has struggled to fight against cancer. A man who brought so much to so many should not have so many troubles fall upon him.

Merv follows Ray Gravell in going too early, but that huge form powering from a scrum, large white headband visible all around the ground will last long in the memory, and, as an Englishman, I am thankful for him and his team mates for introducing me to the world of Rugby.

RIP Merv the Swerve

Other Senior Rugby / Are Elite refs now starting to enforse the laws
« on: March 12, 2012, 09:25:53 AM »
This weekends round of games were pretty average entertainment until Sunday, but did I see the start of a trend in referees actually applying some of the games most fundamental laws?

Previously Joubert was the only ref looking to penalise players off their feet in a ruck, however this week both Pollock and Clancy were consistent in penalising players for off feet and coming in from the side. Tidier rucks were the result in both games.

Rolland had an off day in Paris, he looked to be setting his stall out early doors, but his decision making went awry as the game wore on, so it was difficult to see what his approach was, but it looked as though he was more vigilant than in previous games.

However, if the glory boys are going to be penalised for sealing off, and supporting themselves using their hands, it can only pass the right message down to club rugby. 

Joubert has France v Wales next week, and I can only see Wales getting beat if they don't adjust to this new emphasis, as it will kill their quick ball and give France plenty of kicking opportunities.

As a side note, I thought Pollock had a cracking game on Saturday in Ireland, and maybe he will replace the awful Bryce Lawrence on the IRB list.

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