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Other Senior Rugby / Re: England Squad
« on: October 31, 2019, 11:34:13 AM »
Party line selection, won't win referee

Glad you're not on the selection committee

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Yorkshire Silver Trophy
« on: October 29, 2019, 12:03:37 PM »
This e mail was sent to league secretaries on 30th September

Dear All

I have received a directive from Mike Smith via Dave Clarke to forward to all League Secretaries.

Saturday 2nd November is a non play day due to the World Cup Final unless both teams wish to play.

Hi Fredsbar, does this apply to merit league games as well? Thanks

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Not a lot of fun. Is this a record?
« on: October 17, 2019, 02:23:59 PM »
Another 2 games, another 2 losses...

124-11 against Broadstreet (who are one of the weaker teams in the league)
120-0 against Paviors

They've now conceded 683 points in just 6 games. Derby finished bottom of the table last season and conceded 872 all season (26 games)

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Not a lot of fun. Is this a record?
« on: September 18, 2019, 04:06:17 PM »
Sad state of affairs. Birmingham & Solihull folded this year too after the money ran out, all their players left and they decided to pull out of the league and enter a team in the merit leagues instead of throwing their remaining players to the lions.

As you say, players seem to follow the money in the midlands and most of Birmingham's players have now turned up at Bournville, no doubt pushing a few of their existing players out in the process. It is an age-old argument but I'm not sure what anyone really gains out of throwing money at players, rather than investing the money in developing a sustainable source of players from a well-run junior set up.

Merit Leagues / Re: Fixtures
« on: September 11, 2019, 12:31:26 PM »
Haven’t been around the forum for long but is the 114-0 wharefdale and Morley game any kind of record?

Doubt it, Bourneville beat South Leicester 119-0 on Saturday.

Merit Leagues / Re: Fixtures
« on: September 05, 2019, 09:43:47 AM »
Any idea when / where we can see merit fixtures yet?

Merit Leagues / Fixtures
« on: August 08, 2019, 10:45:12 AM »
Have any merit fixtures been released yet? If so are they available anywhere online?

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Gerry Roberts (South Yorkshire) Trophy
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:13:19 AM »

What times ko at Hemswart might have a trundle down....

7:30 I believe.

Referee's appointment says 18h30

Yes my bad, just been confirmed 6:30KO

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Gerry Roberts (South Yorkshire) Trophy
« on: April 08, 2019, 10:39:58 AM »

What times ko at Hemswart might have a trundle down....

7:30 I believe.

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Gerry Roberts (South Yorkshire) Trophy
« on: April 05, 2019, 05:24:25 PM »
Anyone have the scores from round 1? And the fixtures for next week? It would be good if they were posted online somewhere or even on a Facebook page...

We lost against Sheff Tigers in the cup so drop into the plate where we travel to Hemsworth on Tuesday...

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Gerry Roberts (South Yorkshire) Trophy
« on: March 22, 2019, 09:07:25 AM »
Sent to club contacts on Tuesday. Which club are you from

Doncaster Phoenix

Other Senior Rugby / Gerry Roberts (South Yorkshire) Trophy
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:44:39 AM »
Does anyone know if / when the draw will be made for this year's competition?

Yorkshire 1 / Otley points deduction
« on: March 19, 2019, 01:55:02 PM »
Can anyone explain this one?

Doncaster Phoenix played a 16 year old in a pre-season 10's tournament this year and subsequently received a 20-point deduction (10 suspended)

Otley have just been deducted 8 points (4 suspended) for exactly the same offence.

Why the difference in punishments?

Link to the Otley disciplinary report here: https://www.englandrugby.com/mm/Document/Governance/Disclipine/01/33/29/54/OtleyRUFCJudgmentMar19_English.pdf

Merit Leagues / Re: SELBY 3’s 22 Ilkley 3’s 42
« on: December 18, 2018, 01:30:31 PM »
Unfortunately our 2's compete at a level that the majority of our 3's aren't capable of playing at, the previous week we actually called off so that our 2's could get their game played bolstered by some of our 3's. The step up was there to see (not that we disgraced ourselves trying to get the fixture fulfilled).

This policy of players have to step up doesn't always work against some of these sides that to be frank are impressive.

We'd had the bus booked for months so we had plenty of numbers seen as it was our Christmas night out. Just a shame as we were going to stick around and put some money behind the bar but that unfortunately didn't happen.

Last season was a car crash for us as we were in a league where we were hammered every week, we have gone down and rebuilt the side of which I am proud to say has plenty of numbers enjoying rugby again. If people want to throw it around about us being bolstered by two's go for it you are wrong.

I know it is difficult with availability at the minute, Phoenix are feeling that as much as anyone and have had to pull our 3rd team fixtures this year as we just don't have enough players, with the 3rd team lads who do want to play stepping up and playing for our seconds.

It is just a shame when you boast about having 26 players available that you couldn't field two teams, which meant that 20 lads at Phoenix didn't get a game on Saturday - I've played in several games this season when players have agreed to play for the opposition just to make sure everyone gets a game of rugby and doesn't have to spend a Saturday in the middle of December Christmas shopping  :'(

Merit Leagues / Re: SELBY 3’s 22 Ilkley 3’s 42
« on: December 17, 2018, 09:52:27 AM »
If you'd have bothered to fulfil your 2nd team fixture at Phoenix then maybe everyone would've got a meal ticket.

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