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Regional Two (North & North East) / Todays results (16th Sept)
« on: September 16, 2023, 06:31:24 PM »
Bridlington 22 - 27 Old Brodleians
Dronfield 52 - 10 Glossop
Malt-on and Norton 26 - 40 Selby
Moortown 46 - 5 Scarborough
Morley 18 - 11 Rochdale
Old Crossleyans 27 - 31 Goole

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Week 3 Predictions 16/09
« on: September 15, 2023, 11:32:15 PM »
Bridlington v Old Brods – The first big test for this young Brods side. Based on the scorelines they performed better against Glossop than Brid did last week but that is not necessarily a good marker for this result. I think Brid are favourites for the game with home advantage and apparently the return of some good experienced players that might turn the balance their way, so a home win.

Dronfield v Glossop – The first away game for Glossop and I think they are going to struggle. Bonus point win for Dronfield.

Moortown v Scarborough – We have to ask, what happened to last season's Moortown? They certainly haven't performed so far this season. With Scabs not exactly setting the world on fire so far it sounds like a fairly even game in prospect, but I suspect Town will run out easy winners.

Morley v Rochdale –Results suggest an even game in prospect but I think Rochdale might find this game harder than they've played so far in 2NE, and I can see Morley getting their act together and coming away with a win all be it close.

Old Crocs v Goole – Crocs are still in the rebuilding stage and the way Goole have started the season there is no reason to believe they won't come away with a bonus point win.

Malton & Norton  v Selby – Selby seem to have put last year's poor season behind them and shown they are going to be a team to be reckoned with this time. M&N have made an equally good start to this season so it should be an interesting game to watch. Someone is probably going to lose their unbeaton record and, as a draw is unlikely, I think Selby might come away disappointed although with a bonus point.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Todays results (9th Sept)
« on: September 09, 2023, 11:39:16 PM »
A typical derby game at Woodhead in sweltering conditions which was fairly even in the first half mainly due to Brods being down to 13 men at one point. In the second half Brods were dominant running out easy winners. The game was marred by 4 yellow cards (2 to each side) for high tackles which 12 months ago would have been a penalty at the most.

Unfortunately, this new rule, in my opinion, is converting rugby, a sport steeped in tradition and physicality, into something unrecognizable, resembling glorified touch and pass rugby. Rugby is undergoing significant changes due to the implementation of the new high tackle rule aimed at reducing head injuries and, while we all agree that the primary goal is player safety, there are concerns that the powers that be in the sport, who say that the game is evolving, are taking the sport into areas that those involved don't want to go.  Already the frustration over increased penalties and stoppages caused by these rules are showing both on the pitch and on the terraces (people who both play the game and pay good money to watch the game they love). The fear is that the spirit of rugby is being diluted and something needs to be done before it goes completely out of control. What we do, I don't know?

Back to the game it was a nice tribute to Richard (Bruce) Turner at the start of the game, Brods long standing president who passed away during the close season. He had been a stalwart of the club for many years and will be sorely missed. The game was played in a good spirit and Brods young side have made a good start to the season. Crocs are still at the rebuilding stage but there was plenty of positives for them to take forward into the coming matches and they will only get better.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Todays results (9th Sept)
« on: September 09, 2023, 05:50:17 PM »
Glossop 22 - 27 Bridlington
Goole 31 - 10 Morley
Old Brodleians 44 - 10 Old Crossleyans
Rochdale 36 - 15 Moortown
Scarborough 8 - 29 Malton and Norton
Selby 36 - 24nDronfield

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Todays results (2nd Sept)
« on: September 02, 2023, 11:33:27 PM »
A really warm welcome was given to Brods’ supporters today on their first ever visit to Glossop who are a super friendly community club who will be a great addition to Regional 2NE and we thank them for their hospitality. The game was a bit early season hit and miss with both teams trying to find their feet, but Brods were generally on the front foot controlling the early action with a try in the first 5 minutes. Mistakes by both sides made for a bit of a disjointed game but there was plenty of free flowing rugby in between. Brods came out worthy winners but by no means as convincing as the final score suggests. Win or lose Glossop will certainly be one of the more pleasurable clubs to visit for supporters this season that is for certain

Regional Two (North & North East) / Todays results (2nd Sept)
« on: September 02, 2023, 07:06:56 PM »
Not 100% sure as results on England website have gone awol once again but I think these are correct.

Brid        10 v 34 Selby
Dronfield 40 v 22 Scabs
Glossop   13 v 39 Brods
M&N        18 v 15 Rochdale
Town         0 v 34 Goole
Morley      39 v 24 Crocs

It is with great sadness that the Old Brodlieans have announed the passing of their President Richard Turner, Brucie to all who knew him. He was a great ambassador for his club and grassroots rugby in general and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Sue and the rest of his family.  RIP


Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: We need to talk about....
« on: April 07, 2023, 06:08:12 PM »
Info below might be helpful to those not in the loop regarding any Yorkshire Cup matches.

Just a reminder that the draws for the four Yorkshire Cup Competitions will be held on Monday 17th April at 7pm. The draw will be carried out at Yarnbury RUFC by Yorkshire RFU Hon President, John Riley.

Clearly the weather has caused delays to the PPJ Cup and as a result, the Yorkshire Competitions. The first round of matches will be held on 22nd April, when we will know which clubs are continuing in the PPJ. Quarter Finals 29th April, Semi Finals 6th May and Grand Final Day on Sunday 14th May.

Peter Morgan
Chair Yorkshire Competitions

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Papa sumat cup
« on: April 01, 2023, 11:50:19 PM »
As far as I can see the Papa John's competition is turning into a consumate disaster and I feel sorry for the sponsors.

Apart from the Ponte result the only other R2NE results I can find from our league are:-
Morpeth 28-21 Moortown
Waterloo 62-10 Old Brods
Middlesbro v Bridlington HWO
Percy Park 28-23 Scabs
Rochdale 34-30 Malton
Vale of Lune v Morley HWO

From the 7 of the 12 clubs in R2NE point of view it shows that our teams who played are not on a par with our counter parts in other leagues, but this assumes that they all put out full strength teams at the end of the league season, but more importantly looking at the stats from all the Papa Johns matches played around the country I think the RFU have made themselves look utter fools trying to push this disasterous competition.

Of todays match results shown on the RFU web site for all the Papa John matches the stats are appaling:-

Matches recorded to be played:-   211  (100%)
Matches actually played               104  ( 49%)
Walk  Overs                                 96   ( 46%)
Postponed                                   11    (  5%)

All the above doesn't take into account the massive numbers of teams (too numerous for me to count) who got a bye in the first round. How can they justify what has taken place and, if this is the best the RFU can come up with then I think it might be time for clubs to consider a breakaway movement because in my opinion the RFU are not fit for purpose and have only one agenda and that is themselves, and not the grassroot Rugby clubs that they are supposed to represent.

Maybe others would differ?

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Sorry Money again !!
« on: February 14, 2023, 11:46:25 PM »
Unless they have a Sugar Daddy I don't think many of our clubs will have the spare cash to splash, but who knows?

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Week 20
« on: February 10, 2023, 05:06:24 PM »
Morley vs Malton and Norton - Not sure about this one it's tricky depending on which Morley team turns up, but with little confidence I take M&N to just scrape a win in a close contest.

Old Crossleyans vs Dronfield - Dronfield only seem to know how to play close games so I expect this one won't be any different. However, there's not many teams that have come away with a win at Broomfield in recent months and I can't see Dronfield changing that. Maybe a bonus point for Dronfield.

Pocklington vs Bridlington - Brid were run close last week by Brods who with better goalkicking could have won it. So if Pock can get their act together and, if Brid are starting to slip, then Pock could cause an upset. I'll be a coward and go for a draw.

Pontefract vs Bradford & Bingley - Whilst B&B might be getting a bit better I think it will be another big defeat for them here.

Scarborough vs Selby - Selby's away form hasn't been good with only one win at B&B all season so I don't hold out much hope of them getting anything out of this encounter, consequently I go for a 5 point win to Scabs.

Moortown vs Old Brodleians - Brods beat Town in a close game at Woodhead so they know how to do it. Whether knowing how to do it once can transfer into doing it again I'm not so sure. Brods are slowly getting a little better each week, allbeit with the odd hiccup along the way, so they will be confident that they can give the League Leaders a good game but, the break that Town had last week will have done them good and with home advantage I feel they will be too good for Brods this time. It should certainly be an interesting game to watch.     

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Rearranged fixtures Week
« on: February 04, 2023, 05:37:02 PM »
Bridlington 19 - 17  Old Brodleians
Dronfield 33 - 29 Bradford & Bingley
Malton and Norton 54 - 22 Selby
Morley 14 - 26 Pontefract
Old Crossleyans 34 - 24 Pocklington

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Rearranged fixtures Week
« on: February 03, 2023, 06:37:01 PM »
Brid v Brods - Last week's win against Scabs will see Brods head East with confidence but I suspect at home this Brid outfit wil be just that bit too good for this young Brods side at this stage of their journey, and I can't see them coming away with any rewards.

Dron v Bees. - Dronfield never seem to lose by many but they don't win by many either so even against Bees I think it will initially be close. Having said that I think Dronfield will eventually come away with a 5 point win.

Morley v Ponte - Ponte are good at grinding out a result and I don't think Morley will stop them doing the same again, although like BRB says I think it will be closer than Ponte would be expecting.

Crocs v Pock - For me Pock have been very disappointing this season as I expected a good showing from them which just hasn't happened and, I can't see them improving here at Crocs. I think that home advantage is the thing that will win it for Crocs who have performed well all season at home while Pock have been dire away. 5 points to Crocks to avenge their early season thumping at Pock.

Malton v Selby - I'm afriad I can't see Selby coming away with anything other than a heavy defeat at Malton. Malton haven't lost at home all season and Selby aren't the team to change that.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Week 18
« on: January 27, 2023, 11:01:17 PM »
A few weeks in the Antipitedes has seen me a bit short on recent form but here's my take on this weeks results.

B&B v Pocklington –I just can't see Pock not coming away with 5 points. B&B need to be in a lower league in order to organise themselves to get back up where I think they feel they belong.

Brid v Old Crocs – Crocs have put in some good performances but I think they will find Brid a bit too good for them this time.

Dronfield v Morley – I think Dronfield have been a breath of fresh air in this league. I don't think anyone gave them much chance at the begining of the season but they have battled in every game they have played and gained the respect of all the teams they have played against. At home they are no gimme and I take them to beat Morley albeit by a slender matgin.

Old Brods v Scarborough –Brods are very hit and miss at the moment and the loss of their coach, long serving club member Ollie Ackroyd, isn't going to help, but their club policy of continuity means that the smooth transition to new coaches Lee Imiolek (ex Sale Sharks) and Neil Sheard to see them to the end of the season won't cause too many problems. On their day Scabs are as good as anyone in this league and with a potential new influx of players they could come away with the spoils, but I take Brods for a narrow victory.
Selby v Ponte - I can't see Selby having enough in the tank to take on Ponte who I think will take home a 5 point victory.

M&N v Moortown – Town have been the team to beat this season and I don't think M&N will be the team to beat them even with home advantage. 5 point win for Town.

Regional Two (North & North East) / Re: Week 14
« on: December 17, 2022, 09:00:51 AM »

Brods v Pocklington off

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