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Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 3 Banter
« on: September 18, 2019, 12:10:03 PM »
These will be my last comment for 3 weeks as i jet of on holiday  8) so here it goes;

Yawno v Farmers: Ive heard mixed things about both clubs so far this season, but given its not a traditional Saturday afternoon fixture and also that the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, im going for an home win.

Poo boys v Ex Fiji: Will Rish put a stop to Groves wining ways? maybe however momentum can carry a team a long way in this league so im going for another home win and groves to make it 3 on the bounce.

Bog trotters v Brawno: As ever im sure Thornes delightful and well mannered supporters will welcome Barney with open arms (maybe not) but i do genuinely think (from what ive hear) that Barnsley will likely be fighting to stay in Yorkshire 2 this season. Im going for a convincing home win with a bonus point.

England v County Set: Away win - dont really no what else to say on this fixture?

Slimmers World v Sheep sha**ers: Wetherby are a tough team to beat at home and i think North Ribb will come up against one of the better defences in the league. im going for a home win with a bonus point.

Wheatos v Pie Men: Credit to wath from what i heard about their performance last week against the Cheesmen, almost run for a full 60 minutes. however this is a completely different encounter and just like my first week predictions will come down to who controls the set pieces (particularly the scrum) and also who is best in contact round the ruck (pick and go galore) - im going for a draw.

Cheesy whotsits v Snoozers: Depending on whether the Cheese men have all their missing players back from their game against Wath, i can see snoozers racking up their 3rd win of the season.

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Pundits League 19/20 - Week 2
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:05:35 PM »
Old Grovians -7
West Park England -7
Northallerton +7
Old Rishworthians +7
Wheatley Hills +7
Wetherby -7
Wath upon Dearne -7

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 1 Banter
« on: September 03, 2019, 09:41:06 AM »
Thorne v Shepherds
A difficult start for Ribb, long away trip for us first up, Cricketers not available (Probably effects most clubs) Lost top players to Wharfedale, have promising youngsters & an over 50s prop but could be a difficult season. Northallerton & Ripon my tips for the top.

Have Ripon recruited? going off last year and maybe some players developing i can see them mid table and no higher.

My predictions:

Brawno v County Set - Despite not liking either team, i have a feeling that North may put on a big score here and Barnsley will contiune their decline into Yorkshire 3.

Poo Boys v Yawno - Not heard much about either team over the summer, however given that alot of "leeds" based teams seem to be climbing the leagues such as leos and Moortown, im unsure whether the recruitment policy would have worn off on Yawno and theyve decided to offer free taxis too.  Purely based on Yawno being the travelling team, im going for Groves narrow home win.

Bog Trotters v Sheep Sha**ers - Well we all know how welcoming Thorne is to visiting teams  ::), im fearing the worst for North Ribb this season, maybe be a long tough season to stay in this league given players have left. Home win and will now doubt take great pleasure in celebrating it too.

Cheesy Wotsits v Farmers - We have all seen it plenty of times when teams come up as champions from Yrk 3 and the momentum carry's them for the first few weeks. Im going for a convincing home win.

England v Snoozers - No doubt that this will probably be the least entertaining game of the weekend, also i dont really care but lets go for a surprise away win.

Slimmers World v Pie Men - As per my prediction last season, this will all come down to whos managed to loose the most at weight watchers over the summer and whos set piece is function the best on the day. Who ever wins the scrum in this fixture will win the game. Also given recent years, it appears that the home team normally win this fixture. Wath had a good season last year but can that form continue?

Wheatos v Used to be Fiji - Will old rish do a wheatley and drop to mid table yorkshire 2 team? or will they buck the trend of recently relegated teams from yorkshire 1 and bounce straight back up? i can see both these teams being in the top half but can also see one of them challenging for promotion. im going for an away win and Rish to go straight back to yorkshire 1.

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Pre Season Rumours / League Predictions
« on: August 12, 2019, 10:48:54 AM »
Oh, as far as Northallerton skipper going to York is concerned, it would be good to get confirmation from a reliable source. Is anyone from Northallerton allowed on here?

I think the article on York RUFC website is a pretty reliable source  ;D

I genuinely think this season will be extremely close both at the top and bottom of the league. if you take last season league table as a starting point then no doubt Wath and Northallerton will look to have a strong season again, maybe promotion candidates?

Are Yarnbury sleeping giants / dark horses ? given that Leos got promoted last season and moortown in Y1, there maybe some quality players available?

How will old Rish do in there first season back in Y2? When Ribb came down there was alot of noise about them bouncing straight back up. i think people dont realise how tough Y2 is. 

Yorkshire 2 / Pre Season Rumours / League Predictions
« on: July 31, 2019, 09:32:57 AM »
With the preseason friendly's fast approaching, is anyone willing to stick their neck out and have crack at predicting this years Yorkshire 2 league table?

I have not heard too many rumours this year with regards to marque signings, however i do understand that Northallertons captain has gone to York?

Does anyone know of any other movements in Yorkshire 2?

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 26 Banter
« on: April 10, 2019, 08:39:07 PM »
Ribb Exile - you may have / had injuries but having seen most teams this season you was certainly not a title contender for in my opinion.

The two best teams ive seen this year are getting promoted.

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 26 Banter
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:43:03 AM »
Goole v OOs; can only see one winner here, goole to finish the season with a win and be crowned champions.

Leos v Barnsley; Leos still seeing the benefits of free club merchandie, apparel and taxis, i have a feeling they will even get a BP before half time. long trip and long day for Barnsley.

North Rib v Grovs; i fancy Grovs here, im unsure whats happend to Ribb as many tipped them to bounce straight back to Y1. Maybe this shows the strength of the top Y2 teams?

Ripon v WPL; Ripon to win by alot. if two teams where going down this year into Y3 then Ripon have shown they wanted to survive more than Barnsley.

Hegians v Northallerton; This will be fully down to what team North send. i fancy Hegians to win JUST however would not be surprised if North travel with a good team to keep the momentum up going into the last stages of the CUP.

Wath v Wheatley; Local derby with only one winner for me, WATH. in the early part of the season wath showed they could beat any one, however due to injuries, the promotion push never came. i fancy them for next season.

Yarnbury v Wetherby;  dont really care but im going to go for a Wetherby win as i like them a little more than Yarnbury.

Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 24 Banter
« on: March 25, 2019, 10:26:45 AM »
Long Time Reader, First Time Poster;

Goonies v England: Champions to get back to winning ways at home, never anything spectacular in there play but very consistent with little to no mistakes.

Sheep Sha**ers v Brawno: Given the big win last weekend against Ripon, i can see barnsley taking their eye of the ball and slipping further into the relegation battle, Ribb to win comfortably in the end.

Farmers v County set: Must win game for Ripon, seen them play twice this year and in general not a bad team but feel as though they lack a game plan and rely alot on their captain in the second row to carry the team. im going to go for a draw with this one as Norths heads may be turned by wanting to keep fit for the big cup games.

Snoozers v Skiers: The free taxis and free club merchandise is working wonders for Leos this season. Leos are by far the best team ive seen this season particularly post the Christmas break, they seem relentless in their play and a have game plan which the team appears to be fully bought into. Leos to win with a comfortable bonus point.

Piemen v Slimmers World: This will come down to whos set piece in both the scrum and line out is working best. over the last few seasons, home advantage has always counted in this fixture and therefore im going for a Wath win.

Wheatos v OOOO's: Hills to win, unfortunately i think the step up to Y2 has not been as fruitful as the OOOO's would have hoped.

Yawno v Poo boys: Grovians seem to be picking up few wins recently and therefore i think this will be a close game with a few points in it however i fancy Grovians to just get over the line in this one.

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