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Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 4 Predictions (23/09/23)
« Last post by ribbrugby on Today at 11:11:33 AM »
Thanks Locked Out, been on since the beginning but lost logins etc.

I’m sure we will expect another arduous and banter filled season. Good luck to you chaps

Welcome ribbrugby - good to have some more balanced and erudite input. Look forward to further commentary in due course.
Bridlington v Dronfield - Brid seem to be missing something early this year but will have too much for a travelling Dronfield. Brid to win, bonus points all round.

Old Brods v Goole - The two form teams, Goole have surprised most on this forum and I'm reluctant to bet against them for fear of backlash on the forum. Draw on the hill. (22-22)

Rochdale v Crocs - I've not seen Crocs yet this year but given their summer issues and early results this will be a tough test over the Pennines. Rochdale comfortable win but not by loads.

Scarborough v Morley - The opposite to the Brods game, this appears to be two teams yet to find some rhythm hard to call. Scabs to do enough at home.

Selby v Moortown - I'm going on form and Selby to win it, but I can similarly see OldandSlow being correct. Surely this Moortown ship will correct itself soon? Do they have a similar side to last year those that have watched them to date?

Glossop v M&N - Again M&N don't seem to have hit the ground running. Glossop need to win soon otherwise it could be a Bradford and Bingley type season. I don't think it comes this weekend. M&N win with BP.

A few interesting games this week with teams trying to prove early results are/aren't reflective of their ability. 
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 4 Predictions (23/09/23)
« Last post by MagicCarpet on Today at 10:24:40 AM »
Hemsworth v Roundhegians:
After a tough loss last week at North Ribb, Hemsworth will be looking to bounce back. Roundhegians also looking to get back to winning ways. Roundhegians to edge it in a close affair. Hegians +7.

Huddersfield Laund Hill v Dinnington:
Impressive win for Dinno against Baildon last week. Dinno to continue their impressive start after a week 1 hiccup. Dinno +7.

Ossett v North Ribblesdale:
Cant see much else than a bonus point win for Ribb after a good start to their season. Ribb +7.

Wath Upon Dearne v Bramley Phoenix:
May be a premature call, but with Wath looking destined for Y1 next year, I see this being a comfortable home win. Wath -7

Yarnbury v Ripon:
Great win on the road last week against HLH. Had 3 great games against Ripon last season, should be another. Yarnbury looking to take revenge on the tough Papa John Semi Final loss last year. Yarnbury +7.

Baildon v Leeds Corinthians:
Comfortable home win here. Baildon -7.
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Week 3 Fixtures
« Last post by Pomfresian on Today at 09:23:41 AM »
Are Cas$ still paying.?

Cas haven't been paying for years

fax seem to be the money men this year

Well it must be November all ready Wallbanker!
Castleford are the last club to be getting involved throwing mud at Halifax with regards to paying players.
You have been around long enough to know what goes on. Thats why the club is where it is and where it will no doubt stay!
£9,600 is small fry compared to Castlefords commitments.
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Predictions: Week 4
« Last post by Dropped It on Yesterday at 08:26:24 PM »
Burley V West Park Leeds.
Will be a good game. Burley play their ground well. Home win.

Halifax V Halifax Vandals.
Game of the week if I do say so myself. 2nd Vs 3rd. Both are playing well so far. I’ve looked forward to a Halifax derby for years! Can’t wait to play it and see who gets bragging rights for a couple of months.
Northallerton V Castleford.
Northallerton won’t lose many and I think will probably go undefeated at home.

Sheffield Medicals V Barnsley.
Gonna go with Meds on their ground.

Skipton V Wheatley Hills.
Skipton aren’t far off a first win…. Couldn’t say if it will be against Wheatley. But I will back them… just.

Thirsk V Rotherham Phoenix.
Pheonix for this one.
Yorkshire 3 / Predictions: Week 4
« Last post by Dropped It on Yesterday at 08:17:46 PM »
Burley V West Park Leeds
Halifax V Halifax Vandals
Northallerton V Castleford
Sheffield Medicals V Barnsley
Skipton VWheatley Hills
Thirsk V Rotherham Phoenix
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 4 Predictions (23/09/23)
« Last post by Banjobandit on Yesterday at 08:12:52 PM »
Hemsworth v Roundhegians
Hegians+7 roundhegians was tested against the league leaders last week and will be looking to bounce back here.
Huddersfield Laund Hill v Dinnington
Dinnington+7 on a roll now and can’t see it stopping just yet.
Ossett v North Ribblesdale
Ribb+7 could be a long day for ossett.
Wath Upon Dearne v Bramley Phoenix
Wath+7 league leaders to put a few points past struggling bramley.
Yarnbury v Ripon
Yarnbury-7 the green carpet kings confident from their win over Huddersfield last week to grind it out.
Baildon v Leeds Corinthians
Baildon+7 can see Baildon putting a few points past LCRL.
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 4 Predictions (23/09/23)
« Last post by Locked Out on Yesterday at 07:07:00 PM »
Welcome ribbrugby - good to have some more balanced and erudite input. Look forward to further commentary in due course.
Regional One (North East) / Re: 23rd September Fixtures
« Last post by Alf Hart on Yesterday at 06:43:11 PM »
 North of the North  v Betties broken biscuits  -Brady bunch all day

Biggest empty clubhouse in the World v beneath and below average Clackers  -home win for the mercurial number 9

Lord Toffeenose-Snotgobbler of Wakefield and chums  v Turdtown anyone but the posh boys -away win

ScottercBottom v  the bowlers who play for free… amateurs obvs

Clifton Conservative club v the boring style of rugby club that’s emptier  than Blaydons … Sunaks fan club by quite a few

Fat boy Slim and the Ropergate runclub  v Dry Fields and pig slurry   ….  Harry the Biff and mad Mikey both score in a draw
Regional One (North East) / Re: 23rd September Fixtures
« Last post by Kellythorpe on Yesterday at 06:26:40 PM »
I shall give forecast but with little confidence, as they have been off the mark in certain areas.
Alnwick v Harrogate. I have been surprised by some of A's results, so have to give the win to Harrogate.
Blaydon v Cleckheaton. home win
Sandal v Ilkley. I think Ilkley will win by small margin.
Scunthorpe v Heath. I haven't seen Heath lately but think Scunthorpe will prove difficult opponents, Heath win.
York v DP. Although DP are unbeaten, I think York will stop this continuing.
Pontefract v Driffield. This should be close game, judging by promoted Ponte's close results to date especially last week's close encounter with DP. If Driff can put full side out, they should win.
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