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Yorkshire 2 / Re: Predictions League Week 12
« Last post by Oldandslow on Today at 07:39:50 PM »
Baildon +7
Hullensians +7
Keighley +7
Wath +7
Wensleydale +7
W ahHills +7
Yorkshire 2 / Predictions League Week 12
« Last post by Ribb Exile in Lancs on Today at 07:00:01 PM »
Baildon v Leeds Corinthians
Hullensians v Yarnbury
Keighley v Wetherby
Ripon v Northallerton
Wath-upon-Dearne v Old Grovians
Wensleydale v Thornensians
Wheatley Hills v North Ribblesdale
Yorkshire 1 / Predictions 4/12/
« Last post by howzat on Today at 03:45:25 PM »
Fingers crossed we get a full set of fixtures this week.

Beverly V YMCA 34-28

Before last week I would have thought this might be a game for Bev to re-find some form. Either way big game for both teams who seemed to have promised so much at the start of the season. Think the weather will play a significant role, and I can see Bev sneaking a win in a high scoring game.

Salem V Ponte 28-5

Ponte to have far to much upfront for the young Salem team, can see this getting ugly for Salem especially around the set piece.

Goole V Dinnington 14-28

Despite an apparent upturn in performances for Goole, can't see Dinnington loosing especially after their impressive bounce back win last week against Selby.

Crocs v Roundhegians 35-22

Two weeks ago this would have been an easy win for Crocs, their small home pitch and wobbly form may allow Roundhegians to sneak a surprising result. But form over the entire season so far should give Crocs confidence.

Selby V Leos 24-14

Selby really need to find some form quickly to retain their place in the top 4, think this Leos game has come at a great time for them and they should have more then enough to win at home.

West Leeds V Brid 21-18

Game of the weekend for me and I will try to make it across to West Leeds for the first time this season. Think this match will hold significance when it comes to the end of the season. West Leeds at home to edge it for me but will be a big battle upfront and a test for Brids imports.

Middlesbrough V Rish 38-10

Middlesbrough at home will be a tough place for anyone this season and can't see Rish putting up much of a fight.
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Latest Table
« Last post by Locked Out on Yesterday at 10:47:51 PM »
Thanks for your diligence as ever Ribbex, much appreciated.

I always expect to be in the doldrums in this game, but come on Ripit - you can do better than this!

It looks like the competition is nip and tuck at the top end though, with all to play for. Congratulations to you who get it right.
Yorkshire 2 / Latest Table
« Last post by Ribb Exile in Lancs on Yesterday at 05:49:14 PM »
KLY-LAD - 53
Ribbex- 51
O&S - 51
ABR - 50
Rking - 49
Flaggy - 48
Ripit - 46
Locked - 39
DrRuck - 36

North One / Re: This weekends fixtures.
« Last post by Broughton on Yesterday at 04:14:39 PM »
I watched Heath 19 v 18 Old Brod's on Saturday, as this was one of the few games still on. The groundsmen at Heath had done a great job and the pitch was in good condition, despite the elements. The game was hard and uncompromising, with the lead changing a handful of times throughout the game. 

The Brod's played really well , but were undone in the final few minutes, when Heath's tenacious forwards scored an unconverted try in the corner.  Neither side deserved to lose.... but Heath came away with the spoils. It was a fabulous advert for the strength of rugby in North One and Halifax in particular.

Well done to both sets of players for displaying skill , strength and determination. I hope you enjoyed the ferocity of the contest, as much as I did watching it !

Games as close as this, are the ones you remember most, when you are retired !

North One / Re: This weekends fixtures.
« Last post by Pristine Shorts on Yesterday at 09:14:57 AM »
I’m rather partial to game sausage ! Sorry to miss the Scarborough match ( and lunch ) this weekend. I presume the rearranged fixture will be February 5th.

Will see you then, as SA seems unlikely !
North One / Re: This weekends fixtures.
« Last post by backrowbandit on November 28, 2021, 10:36:37 PM »
I was looking for a yes or no.

Not for some know it all dosser from the rectum of the east coast to take the moral high ground.
Love it.....

Someone is hurting. It's only a game sausage!
North One / Re: This weekends fixtures.
« Last post by Kellythorpe on November 28, 2021, 09:21:46 PM »
So cold in Bradford! Must have something to do with the handling mistakes on show. Wind down the pitch made a difference hence Drif found it hard to get out of their half in second period. Also Drif gave a lot of 2nd half penalties away, which I found some difficult to understand. Good 1st half by Drif when the game was won.
North One / Re: This weekends fixtures.
« Last post by Master_Knowledge on November 28, 2021, 08:21:57 PM »
I was looking for a yes or no.

Not for some know it all dosser from the rectum of the east coast to take the moral high ground.
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