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Yorkshire 1 / Re: Predictions, Week 18
« Last post by Welshwonder on Yesterday at 11:03:57 PM »
Beverley +7
Middlesboro +7
Moortown +7
Crocs -7 (19-14)
Heath +7 (28-10)
Ponte +7
Keighley -7
North One / Re: Pundits' League: Week 18 predictions
« Last post by Welshwonder on Yesterday at 10:58:52 PM »
Bees -7
Cleck -7
Malton +7
Morley +7
Percy Park -7
Scarborough +7 (44-12)
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Yesterday’s results
« Last post by Part time hooker on Yesterday at 09:57:12 PM »
Salem who where missing 8 regular 1st team players put up a fantastic fight against a strong moortown side. Salem having a 18yeat old colt making his debut.
Salem didn't give a inch in the scrum ( up until last 20 mins with front row replacements from both sides) which considering the hype around towns pack was a good start point for salem.

Good 1st half  with town having most of the ball and Salem staying strong in defence.

Town going in to half time with a 10 nil lead  (I think)

2nd half 3 quick trys in 20 mins from town .Salem thengained some momentum and scored 3 trys in the last 20 to finish the game 29 -19 to town. 10 more minutes I may have been a different story.

Good luck with the promotion push and the rest of the season.
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Comments Week 17
« Last post by Thread Killer on Yesterday at 09:39:24 PM »

Several walkovers in 7 seasons is not taking it seriously.
I just find it odd asking for cup games when a walkover is a distinct possibility.

Once again. What is the relevance in this cup walkover against the 12 team league arguement we are for?  Happy to discuss the cup which I’ll give more comment on below but it’s really odd the link you’re trying to make.

From memory I think Leos were due to play Yarnbury in the cup. We were playing them the week before or after in the league both at their place.  We asked for a double header which they refused. Fair enough.

We ended up having 2 other games for 2nds and 3rds that day. Both with uncontested scrums and probably max 3 first teams squad made themselves available.  This is players saying they are too tired after too many league games to enter a cup. We had the discussion at start of season and players were for the cup. What more can we do?
Merit Leagues / Re: Questions
« Last post by Ripit on Yesterday at 09:15:12 PM »
1. Dont know

2. NO as Wharfedale 2 are in the Premier.
Yorkshire 4 / Re: Results 19-1-19
« Last post by Ripit on Yesterday at 09:13:47 PM »
I was the referee at the Thirsk v Wibsey game.

This was a lot closer than the score suggests. 12-7 to Wibsey with 10 mins left. Thirsk were camped on the Wibsey 5m line for a good 5 mins and were undone by a breakaway try!  This took the wind out of their sails and Wibsey went on to score a few more.  Great game to Ref with both sets of players playing some good rugby.  There was only 10 penalties in total which showed excellent discipline from both. Back to Yorkshire 2 for me! Hopefully will be back soon as I really enjoyed it.
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Comments Week 17
« Last post by He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. on Yesterday at 08:55:43 PM »
Stella, you’re a fountain of knowledge on everything except your own side.
Having a shandy.... you comment on everything except rugby, please give us a match report.
I heard Salem pushed moortown close? 
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Comments Week 17
« Last post by avinastella on Yesterday at 07:53:57 PM »
I'm with Leos on this one. Stella, your points don't really add up to me. The fact they entered in the first place suggests they want to take part in the cups, they just couldn't raise a side. The fact they even voted for reduced league fixtures and cups to remain suggests also that they take the cups seriously.

Several walkovers in 7 seasons is not taking it seriously.
I just find it odd asking for cup games when a walkover is a distinct possibility.
Merit Leagues / Questions
« Last post by Bren on Yesterday at 07:53:32 PM »
Just a couple of questions regarding the merit/pilot leagues:

1. Are the pilot league good/worthwhile for the clubs involved?

2. If Wharfdale 3rd team win their league can they compete in the same league as their second team?

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