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Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results Week 4
« Last post by dave t on Today at 07:36:58 AM »
Very funny and well observed.
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Week 5 Predictions
« Last post by Ribb Exile in Lancs on Today at 12:20:27 AM »
Guisborough    vs    Beverley - Bev +7
Middlesbrough    vs    Keighley - Boro +7
Moortown    vs    Bradford Salem - Town -7
Old Brodleians    vs    Dinnington  Brods +7
Old Rishworthians    vs    Hullensians  -Rish +7
Pontefract    vs    Heath  - Heath -7
Selby    vs    Old Crossleyans - Crocs -7
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Scores and Updates.
« Last post by Grimsby71 on Yesterday at 10:46:57 PM »
In recent years Brods trips to Bradford have been dominated by head butting, dubious line calls and the Salem crowd’s general displeasure at Danny Monk’s very existence - so I was hoping to enjoy an eventful afternoon.

Ultimately though it was a somewhat dire affair and reminded me of that time I accidentally watched dwarf porn.  Was entertaining for a while and quite hilarious in parts with the odd good bit but in all honesty was pretty poor quality and in the end it left me feeling a little grubby and wishing I had gone to Ikea instead as I really do need to get some new shelves for the living room.

Best bit for me was the Salem kicking and how their 8 influences the rest of the team and of course there was the quality screaming by the Brods coaches and their introduction of the uncontested lineout, maul, scrum and tackle in an attempt to cut the penalty count.  I can still hear Ackroyd bellowing for his team to “leave the ball” with all the passion and desperation of a mono-testicled catholic choirboy .

Other Senior Rugby / England, word in the know.
« Last post by ye olde 9 on Yesterday at 10:14:39 PM »
Info off a mate who knows a bloke. England lose Autumn internationals, Jones goes. Rfu already had talks to form coaching team for World Cup, Woodward, Johnson and Wilkinson.  😜😜
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results Week 4
« Last post by ye olde 9 on Yesterday at 10:05:18 PM »
Rotherham on the up, Rick Astley no1, brexit (country chairman) all good again.
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results Week 4
« Last post by ye olde 9 on Yesterday at 10:03:39 PM »
Thank god, proper banter rather than the boring PC lancashire. Vandals will be fine, Jumior Titans will win the league hands down. Three more promotions for them and 3 more relegation for the the Titans they shall be one club once more. Then hopefully another double glazing window company will sponsor again and the journey begins again a sit it did in the 90s.
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Pundits League Week 5
« Last post by Locked Out on Yesterday at 08:15:26 PM »
Take a deep breath and...

Ripon -7
Northallerton +7
Roundhegians +7
Wath upon Dearne -7
Barnsley +7
Wetherby v Leodiensians DRAW
Wheatley Hills -7
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Results week 4
« Last post by Locked Out on Yesterday at 08:04:16 PM »
Wetherby getting on the wrong side of cards? Thought it was part of the game plan to restore the "Wetherby arrogance" and deliberately get players carded to show how well they could do with less players on the pitch?
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 5 Banter
« Last post by Locked Out on Yesterday at 07:59:50 PM »
"Clapped out" - love it, have you seen me attempt to run then Bastion? Ripon prop at Romanby Road - he must be there to try and get the autograph of the 'Ton superstar Aussie while he regains his strength to burst back on the scene (for Ripon) and perhaps reminds him of the kindness shown to him in his last season in Y2.
North One / Re: Pundits' League: Week 5 predictions
« Last post by Piccolino on Yesterday at 07:32:41 PM »

B&B 16 v 23 WL
Cleck v YM.     Cleck -7
Consett v brid   Consett -7
Malton v York.      York +7
Morley v  Driff.    Driff -7
PP v Pock.          Percy Park -7         
Scabs v Morpeth.   Morpeth -7
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