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Yorkshire 4 / Re: Yorks 4 fixtures
« Last post by Too old too slow on Today at 08:06:48 AM »
Fax to beat Burley
Leeds to beat knaresbrough
Thirsk to beat bramley

Hessle to beat rossington,,(if they show up)
Mosbrough to beat Phoenix, just
Rods to bounce back against Osset
York to have a home win

As for Y1 teams all they are any good at is stealing players.
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Preview, Scores and reaction week 7
« Last post by backrowbandit on Today at 06:55:39 AM »
For those of you who don't like writing match reports and especially when you this example of a very classy match report. The writers team got a thumping but he manages to write an inspiring script even in defeat.
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Preview, Scores and reaction week 7
« Last post by backrowbandit on Today at 06:48:21 AM »
Bradford Salem v Heath
Interesting re-match from last week in the shield. It does seem odd that so many matches were against teams that were being played the following week. 3 sent off last week, 2 of which from Salem. Heath also claim to have suffered 3 injuries but it's not clear if they were first team regulars. However it was one of their props who was sent off so he could be missing for 4 weeks. Salem also lost a prop and their influential number 8. Will be closer than people think but Heath should pip it.

Hullensians v York Jug
The juggernaut certainly doesn't run as smoothly away from home but still remains unbeaten. Not too much to say about Hullensians as no one there seems capable of writing a match report....however they will be thinking hard about how to control the Jug, if that's possible. I would say bonus point within 25 mins for York and a win by over 40 point margin. Unless of course Hullensians really knuckle down.

Keighley v North  Ribb
Ribb probably had an idea that they may struggle a bit this year but Keighley fully expected (and stated) that they would be challenging at the top. The way Keighley are playing, a home.match against Ribb is the closest they will come this season to a dead cert. They won't have many others. Ribb are slowly talking about players returning, they'd better hurry up and get their boots on! Home win with bonus point.

Moortown v W Hills
Another 2 sides that seem incapable of writing a few paragraphs about their matches. Hills are no dogs and have the firepower upfront to give them a fighting chance against most sides. But they don't seem to be able to turn their various strengths into points or wins. Moortown went a season without loss but have found victories few and far between this year. Could be a bit of an arm wrestle and I don't see either side pulling away and try bonus points unlikely.

Old Rish v M'Boro
I have the feeling that Old Rish quite fancy themselves in this league and they certainly did ok against York (although still thrashed). Middlesbrough are hard to call. They have a couple of players missing following a red card in two games (one may be back?) They have a competent fly half and a quick running 12 but there is some question marks over their forwards. Rish will be expecting to win this but Middlesbrough won't want to slip into a losing habit. On balance I think Rish will pip this one.

Scabs v Brods
The re-match. Scabs still with 2 banned players and then had another 3 come off injured last week. With others at a stupid mid season wedding then who knows what will happen here. Brods lost their unbeaten record last week and their good defensive record was challenged. They will want to bounce back this week and take revenge in the league. Very close match expected between 2nd and 3rd.

Selby v Beverley
The talk is of Selby having their best player (by some distance apparently) back and playing. I don't know what position he plays but can one player make a difference? Well in the right circumstances and position, yes they can. It may prove a lift to other players. Beverley continue to quietly move on only really slipping up when their availability of players lets them down. Beverley are a well run club who manage to post match reports for all their games! Bev are a backs oriented side much so will depend on whether Selby have recently had one of their two annual cuts of grass!! If the grass is it's often knee length then there won't be much running rugby! Bev are heavily influenced by their usual 8 and 10. If either are missing then they are not as good. High scoring game (possibly both getting try bonus) but Beverley will run clear.
Yorkshire 4 / Re: Yorks 4 fixtures
« Last post by Shirt filler on Today at 05:19:42 AM »

Halifax vs Burley
Knaresborough vs Leeds Corinthians
Thirsk vs Bramley


Rossington Hornets vs Hessle
Rotherham Phoenix vs Mosborough
Stanley Rodillians vs Ossett
York R.I vs Sheffield Oaks

Some good fixtures this week, Rotherham vs Mosborough maybe the pick, top 2 in SE and both 4 wins from 4 so far
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Pundits' League: Week 7 predictions
« Last post by Whoopey on Yesterday at 10:42:16 PM »
Salem v Heath                        Heath +7
Hull v York                              York +7
Keighley v Ribb                        Keighley +7
Moortown v WH                      MT+7
Rish v Boro                             Rish +7
Scabs v Brods                          Scabs +7
Selby v Bev                             Bev +7
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Brod v Dirty Scarbs
« Last post by Dropkicker on Yesterday at 10:07:15 PM »
With Scabs taking the honours at Brod’s they must be cast iron certainties to take a second victory on Saturday at home, unless Brod’s are back to full strength of course!!
No comment from Brods as to whether your in for a torrid time with there full strength team this Saturday. Maybe you will get another easy ride.
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Preview, Scores and reaction week 7
« Last post by Dropkicker on Yesterday at 10:04:21 PM »
Come on , just message me who you are ! A low achieving front rower , are you me ?
I'd give in Porkies easy to hide behind anonymity and spout a load of "bull" although some of what he has said re junior makes me believe he is definitely a Yorkie, he knows a little to much not to be.
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Preview, Scores and reaction week 7
« Last post by Dropkicker on Yesterday at 09:57:19 PM »
The other point is that successful youth sections are themselves big revenue raisers! N

Only at an unscrupulous club! A friend of mine has two boys in York juniors and is disgusted at the cost for so little return - I understand that there is a big rift between your junior section and senior. Largely down to the juniors getting ripped off to pay senior wages!

I can assure you that running teams on the East coast at every age group from under 6's to colts plus three girls sides is far far far form profitable! You know nothing John Snow!

I have just been pouring over last months accounts and the cost of travel alone for all these teams from this part of the world is phenomenal.

Buy another battery for your scooter and come and see for yourself...

BRB give your friend my email and get him to air his grievance or via our Youth Section Chairman, of course if he's not happy he can vote with his feet, I suspect he will do neither.
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Preview, Scores and reaction week 7
« Last post by porkies on Yesterday at 09:52:06 PM »
Come on , just message me who you are ! A low achieving front rower , are you me ?
Yorkshire 1 / Re: Preview, Scores and reaction week 7
« Last post by Dark Arts Advocate on Yesterday at 09:33:47 PM »
Never at York! Nor those dizzy heights!!
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