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Yorkshire 2 / Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Last post by Boatracer on Today at 01:40:52 AM »
Hullensians deserved the 14-5 today.

Mistakes by both sides, and the game could of gone either way…mistakes from both sides and the score doesn’t reflect the competitive game that was played.

Credit to Hullenisans. The hospitality was exemplary.

We’ve had a tough start to life in Yorkshire 2…. But we’ve now played 2 teams ( Keighley and Hullensians ) who dropped a division … and our other fixture was against Northallerton… a top of the table finishing team pre-COVID.

All I will say is, Yorkshire 2 is a very competitive league, but most importantly , more than anything… it’s great to be back playing competitive rugby… week in, week out… and seeing smiles on faces after an 18 month lay off.

Interesting season ahead… we all go again next week

Yours in rugby

Beverly Hills Of Bradford RUFC 😂🏉

North One / Re: League front runners
« Last post by Streakofpiss on Today at 01:00:33 AM »
In all fairness today consett are a good outfit and will cause  some teams some trouble.  Moortown should have put alot more points on them and when they eventually click will be very difficult to beat.  Very quick game today in the heat but all played in good spirits and very physical.
NE1 is throwing a few early surprises so far and will be interesting to see the standings come late November.  All calderdale clubs have seemed to have found their feet but is it just 1st season syndrome, only time will tell.
North One / No interest in NE1
« Last post by omigidiant on Yesterday at 11:08:39 PM »
It’s sad but it would appear that with an almost full list of matches today nobody is interested in commenting on todays events and how their team performed. Perhaps you are not really interested in your teams performance, once upon a time supporters would be falling over themselves to bull up their teams on this site, but not any more. It’s sad, it would appear we are dumbing down like everybody else. I’ve had a couple of beers and would usually write a load of lancashire but it doesn’t make it any better. It looks like Yorkshirerugby.net is dying, at least at NE1 level. Very sad!!

Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results 18/09/21
« Last post by Speedy Python on Yesterday at 09:50:24 PM »
Pythons 18 Barmsley 45. No compaints from the Pythons Barnsley's no8 and No15 were simpley unplayable. Think this season will be a battle for 2nd place. well played Barnsley.
North One / League front runners
« Last post by omigidiant on Yesterday at 07:59:39 PM »
Although there is a long long way to go it looks like after only 3 games Ilkley and Moortown have set the bar high for the teams to beat in NE1. Whilst Driffield and Cleck are also unbeaten the early rounds seem to point to the former 2 being the front runners with 3 convincing wins each. Early days but is there anyone going to stop it being a two horse race?
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results 18/09/21
« Last post by Beachy on Yesterday at 07:57:00 PM »
Decent enough game against WPL, quite stop start first half with alot of errors from both sides stopping any momentum. We managed to settle in to some kind of groove second half and run in some good tries to get the win and the bonus point. Disappointed to have been given my marching orders for possibly the softest red I've ever seen 😂 West Park's long haired centre wants to have a long hard look at himself in the mirror and decide if he should be on a rugby field or a football one or even better teaming up with Tom Daley. Tripping someone on their way to celebrate a try isn't in the spirit of the game and diving to the floor holding your face once I've grabbed your shirt to ask you why you did it is even worse, saving grace is he received a red too, hopefully he learns that sort of stuff isn't needed on a rugby field, especially the play acting. Other than that doylem WPL a good set of lads and good luck to em for rest of the season.
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results 18/09/21
« Last post by BEZ on Yesterday at 07:55:56 PM »
What a scrappy game. Very physical.
 I am sure WPL will agree with us. Both teams up for it and just wanted to play rugby.

3 reds
6 yellows.
568 scrums 

And I am still unsure as to why? Not a punch  thrown, no malicious high tackles, from either team.
 No competition at all at the breakdown for fear of been penalised & sin binned. From both teams. Completely taking any competition out of the ruck area.

WPL Good set of lads as always.
Except the southerner with long blonde flowing hair. What an absolute wet wipe that lad was, even his own team mates were embarrassed of his on field and off field attitude after the game.

Nice to have  a beer with some of you.  Not sure what’s happened at the club but I’m sure you will sort things out and bounce back.

Up the worms
North One / Saturday Scores 18th Sepr
« Last post by omigidiant on Yesterday at 07:38:36 PM »
Bradford & Bingley 32 - 59 Scarborough
Cleckheaton 36 - 27 Morpeth
Driffield 33 - 5 Durham City
Heath 15 - 20 Malton and Norton
Ilkley 36 - 12 Old Brodleians
Moortown 59 - 17 Consett
Morley P - P Pocklington
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Results 18/09/21
« Last post by Dropped It on Yesterday at 06:05:45 PM »
Vandals 59 - 7 Medics
Yorkshire 3 / Re: WPL Nightmare
« Last post by Diglet on Yesterday at 05:50:56 PM »
Then had a strop when we gave him 8==D of the day with a fruit shoot. Mother and father will be furious
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