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Yorkshire 3 / Re: Y3 predictions 24/02
« Last post by gateprop on Yesterday at 11:58:57 PM »
Aire v Shmeds - Aire’s confidence should be sky high after last week and will have a too much in the pack for Medics.

Cas v North - will be a tough game but North to continue their winning run.

Leeds Meds v Baildon - Medics on a bad run at the moment so if Baildon bring the same intensity and commitment as they did against us I’ll back them for a win.

Mods v Hemsworth - comfortable home win.

Dale v Pythons - not an easy place to play so big performance needed from us this weekend.
Middlesbrough wont bother Beverley - they reply too much on one player.
From what i saw at the weekend, i think they just might bother them.
Middlesbrough wont bother Beverley - they reply too much on one player.

Agree entirely Wouldn't be surprised with a +20 in Bev's favour.
Also  Heath have to visit OR's on the 17th of March and I am sure OR's will be looking for a double over their neighbours
Middlesbrough wont bother Beverley - they reply too much on one player.
IMO I think Heath are in pole position for 2nd place as it stands. With a lot of rugby to be played between now and the end of the season the team who walks away with most points in the scarb/ bev/Heath games should get second place. Personally think Bev might just get their noses in front. If scarbs or Bev do go up via the play off, it looks like the team who remains behind will miss some good local derbys next season as it looks possible for  Pock, Driff, Brid, M+N, and York to be all in same league along with this years Y1 runners up assuming they win the play off.
Yorkshire 3 / Re: Y3 predictions 24/02
« Last post by Bastion on Yesterday at 07:49:48 PM »
Aire, north, Leeds medics , hems, dale all to win.
There is a lot riding on this game for Boro.

If they can beat Beverley? It puts them potentially back in the mix with an outside chance at second place!

It also opens the door for Scarborough to get back on their donkeys and wallop them back into the promotion shakedown (with games against both Heath and Beverley to come). 

So which, if either, of our East Coast Riviera sides,  have got the minerals to force their way into the end of season contention for promotion?
Yorkshire 1 / Re: The Battling 5?
« Last post by Dark Arts Advocate on Yesterday at 07:02:58 PM »
I suspect four of the six wont agree!
Yorkshire 2 / Re: Y2 XV
« Last post by plantpotjim on Yesterday at 06:14:23 PM »
1. Ripons long haired tight head was very good against us at the start of the year , looks about 35 but only a youth by all accounts

2. Weatherby Hooker was pretty solid, hit his arrows.

3. OG skipper Joe Garforth - Great scrummager & flys round the park for a 20 stone bloke.

4. WPL - youngish lad who played us 2nd time round , wore a scrum hat and played well, solid boy

5. Barnsleys 8 - another large body with some decent ball skills.

6. Hegians scrum hat wearing no.8 dave wilson , carries well and jumps in the lineout

7. Ripons Ginger ninja

8. Croccs 8 - Pretty dynamic with ball in hand, probably better than most 8s ball carrying wise.

9. Ripons 10 scully - Played 9 for Bees in Nat 2 & 3 for years , best 9 by a mile and a very good 10 for ripon.

10. Pontes- Easy pick

11. Barnsley's 13 - Little whippet whith decent feet.

12. OGs 12 - Garforth, big lad , great in D and surprisingly light on his feet

13. Ponte 13, although he didnt do much against us this year hes been pretty good in past fixtures

14. Goole had a lad with genuine wheels when we played them away , forget what he looked like though

15. Leo's 15 - Haire , good peg on him , carries wells and reads the game.

Waterboy - Gasman
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