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Author Topic: Latest scores 12/1/19  (Read 2295 times)

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Re: Latest scores 12/1/19
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2019, 04:44:12 PM »
tremendous character shown by York in defence against a good PP side who haven't lost at home in the league for 3 seasons apparently. York were 100% better across the park than in previous weeks game. Unfortunately another serious injury that will warrant an operation (thats 10 ops this season) Sam Forbes compound fracture of thumb. if we can continue with these qualities we shall end mid table which will be a massive achievement given the woeful injury position

PP lost numerous times at home last season fyi
Well we know that now! but when posting I believe that Mr Stubbs was believing the hype from the PP win, I was told it was 2 years.

So I checked last years results which nailed the myth!

In any case it would be fair to say that a team that has lost so many to injury so far this season, pulled off an outstanding result at PP, a club that had not lost at home, so far this season.

Even the semi professional Globetrotters could only manage a draw!

Hopefully the York boys can repeat their top performance again this week against Malton!
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