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End of Term Report
« on: April 19, 2019, 09:20:02 AM »
With the season done, thought an end of term report on Y2 clubs might work. Just a bit of fun, don't take too much offence, feel free to defend/have a go back etc etc.. Oh & please, no-one cite "injuries & unavailability". We all have it. We all think we've "had it particularly badly this year". It's usually a symptom of a deeper problem. When the atmosphere at a club is positive, people make the effort to get back sooner/be available.

Barnsley; Way below par/expectation. Would have been relegated if usual applied. Seem to be in transition having lost some old stalwarts (Reed, South, Appleyard)? Still a physical side but in a competitive catchment area might struggle again next year. 3/10

Goole; Worthy Champs. As much grunt up front as any & by far the most potent set of backs. Had a worrying mid-season wobble but recovered enough to hold of Leo's to the tape. 10/10

Grovians; Great recovery having seemed all but dead pre-Christmas. Coughing up a HWO at this level is usually a sign of terminal decline but not only have they turned it round, but seem to have formed a basis for challenging upwards. 6/10

Leos; Story of the season. Not quite Tiger Woods but gone from 12th,12th,12th dodging relegation in last 3 years to arguably being, since Xmas (Think they were 16 behind Goole then?), the best team in the League. Their transformation will (hopefully!) put the cat amongst the other North Leeds pigeons. Student idea genius & if we're  honest, we're all just jealous we didn't think of it first. 10/10

North Rib; Bit like Exeter in the Prem in that they're everyone's 2nd favourite team, simply because it's a stunning part of the world, they're a friendly bunch and it's usually a good bus trip. However, I'm sure they'll feel they've underperformed this year. Have to compete for players as theyre a Town club with powerful neighbours, particularly if those neighbours 2nd teams are going to be introduced to the proper league structure. 5/10

Northallerton; Coped easily with coming up & looked like they might do it again. Probably secretly content to wait & challenge next year. "Proper" club who'll be there or thereabouts. 7/10

Otliensians; The opposite of the above. Never got to grips with the step up & might struggle to hang on to players as in similar position to N Rib with "bigger" neighbours. 2/10.

Ripon; Pulled some results out of the bag to pull out of the nosedive before the end of the season, but clearly not the force they once were. Bringing some good youngsters through though. 4/10

Roundhegians; The Club that's made the best fist of transitioning juniors into a senior set-up. Still blow hot & cold but I really think they might challenge next year. 7/10

Wath; Don't know enough. Seemed to be consistently near the top & one of only 4 teams in the League with a winning record. 8/10

Wetherby; Don't know enough. Seem to struggle with consistency week to week but were never in real trouble. 6/10

West Park; Absolute shocker. After the first few games, I honestly thought promotion was a real possibility but then the wheels came off and stayed off. Don't quite know what those in charge of the club are waiting for, as for years there's been the resource available to make a real push into the upper echelons (Nationals) of the leagues. Juniors/Girls etc are one thing and all very laudable, but the headline at any club is the mens 1sts. What was historically 2 great & 1 really good club (Headingley, Roundhay & Bramhope (my era)) has been turned into one really mediocre lower league team and a "senior" club about to collapse, despite a massive property windfall. No inside knowledge, but could what's happening at Carnegie and the future at WPL become intimately connected? Could finally be shocked into pressing the button by the fact that local rivals like Moortown & Leos (on the pitch) & Yarnbury (facilities at least) have all overtaken them. 2/10

Wheatley; Didn't see them this year.

Yarnbury; Expect them to be top 4 next year having massively underperformed this year. Probably deeply annoyed that the other ring road clubs have left them in the dust but must get some dividend in the future from the new 4G pitch?  5/10.

See you next year.