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Author Topic: Week 3 Banter  (Read 1231 times)

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Week 3 Banter
« on: September 16, 2019, 08:26:37 AM »

Yawno v Farmers: A Friday night playing Rugby instead of going out on the lash will see Ripon continue with winning ways - just.

Poo boys v Ex Fiji: Groves on a roll, so Rish to slip up here.

Bog trotters v Brawno: Barns with no answer to the baying mob and Thorne supporters will be influential too.

England v County Set: North to find good form on the biggest pitch in the world.

Slimmers World v Sheep sha**ers: indifferent away form will tell here and Wetherby to romp to victory.

Wheatos v Pie Men: Another "survival of the fattest" competition. Whoever can rumble for 80 minutes will take this, but betting on a home win.

Cheesy whotsits v Snoozers: Dale to catch Hegians napping and notch up a decent home win.

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Re: Week 3 Banter
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2019, 11:35:21 AM »
Yawn – Rippoff; Friday night lights on the magic carpet. 2 losses in a row for the big yawn and the pressure of a much needed first win in the post-Bob Hood era may be a banana skin in front of a partisan home crowd.

Grrrroves – Ri$h; If the public-school boys can keep the ball out wide this could be a hard day out for the men from Rish who are still waiting for their antipodean imports. Lots of smelly chat on an even smellier dog sh*t pitch for a big home win.

Thorne Massive – Brawn; Barnsley to be out brawn’d. The slipperly slope continues as Thorne rack up home win in front of their lovely supporters.

WPE – County; If England can even raise a team this could be a hard day at the office for most boring team in the league on their huge pitch. North to rack up a big win - enjoy the facilities whilst you can lads – as it may be the last time you get to visit them.

Fat Fighters – Wharfedale Feeder Club; Rib’ to give SlimShady a rogerin’ as the local sheep of settle breathe a sigh of relief for an afternoon off. More comfort eating for the men from North East Leeds. 

Ch££rios – Pies; A thrilling encounter between 2 of the most intellectual and athletic packs in the league. Winner of this one will be determined by whichever Neanderthal discovers fire first.

Cheesevalley – Nytol; Not much to say about this one. If ‘hegians can stay awake on the coach I’m predicting an away win. However, their time may be better spent at the Creamery for a more entertaining afternoon out – don’t eat any cheese before bed though – nightmares.

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Re: Week 3 Banter
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2019, 12:10:03 PM »
These will be my last comment for 3 weeks as i jet of on holiday  8) so here it goes;

Yawno v Farmers: Ive heard mixed things about both clubs so far this season, but given its not a traditional Saturday afternoon fixture and also that the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, im going for an home win.

Poo boys v Ex Fiji: Will Rish put a stop to Groves wining ways? maybe however momentum can carry a team a long way in this league so im going for another home win and groves to make it 3 on the bounce.

Bog trotters v Brawno: As ever im sure Thornes delightful and well mannered supporters will welcome Barney with open arms (maybe not) but i do genuinely think (from what ive hear) that Barnsley will likely be fighting to stay in Yorkshire 2 this season. Im going for a convincing home win with a bonus point.

England v County Set: Away win - dont really no what else to say on this fixture?

Slimmers World v Sheep sha**ers: Wetherby are a tough team to beat at home and i think North Ribb will come up against one of the better defences in the league. im going for a home win with a bonus point.

Wheatos v Pie Men: Credit to wath from what i heard about their performance last week against the Cheesmen, almost run for a full 60 minutes. however this is a completely different encounter and just like my first week predictions will come down to who controls the set pieces (particularly the scrum) and also who is best in contact round the ruck (pick and go galore) - im going for a draw.

Cheesy whotsits v Snoozers: Depending on whether the Cheese men have all their missing players back from their game against Wath, i can see snoozers racking up their 3rd win of the season.