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Author Topic: Week 16 Banter  (Read 340 times)

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Week 16 Banter
« on: December 31, 2019, 04:14:09 PM »
Itching to kick off part two of the season:

Poo boys v Brawno: Barno’s highly strung Prop to be so incensed by changing room standards and sidestepping poo on way to pitch, will be yellow carded before kick off. OGs too powerful, organized and more importantly, not in fear of relegation and will win comfortably.

Bog trotters v County Set: North form will overcome the home advantage and sneak a narrow win.

Cheesies v Pie Men: what a culinary masterpiece this could be? If Wath fatties don’t manage to roll the pitch flat, a close home win on the cards.

England v Not a Wharfedale feeder club: Two teams vying for better than they are status. Seemingly no comments from WPL but excuses from North will probably be reaching Wetherby like proportions. Close home win.

Wheatos v Farmers: Hopefully plenty of Christmas cheer will slow down the Doncaster massive and Ripon’s Extra festive training sessions will lead to a tidy away win.

Yawno v Old Cashworthians: No magic carpet advantage over the flying Rish men. Possibly the best surface to show Rish talent and an away win .

Slimmers World v Snoozers: The week’s most boring game, with Hegians scoring in their sleep and Weth relying on lucky breaks and crossbars to gain their points.

Happy new year everyone.