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Author Topic: Sheffield 2s v York 2s  (Read 2246 times)

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Sheffield 2s v York 2s
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:24:38 PM »
Weather was pretty awful. York started the better. We hardly touched the ball in the first half. When we did we threw it forward, dropped it or knocked it on.
We were playing against the wind and the rain in the first half. York did not have much outside of the no.10, however thee pack was very good.
We turned around 7-5 up due to a York error. Where our 10 who can play like Dan Carter interspersed with playing like Bob Carter (my Dads mate).  Who had dropped or thrown forward every pass, caught a very difficult bouncing ball, skipped through and scored under the posts for a 7-5 half time score.
We improved a lot in the second half, but not much was created and our Forwards decided to start putting it about to close out 12-5 to win.
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