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New season
« on: July 10, 2020, 10:01:11 PM »
Excited for the new season!

As a neutral from Sheffield, I fell in love with Dirty Leeds Corinthians up the M1! I was worried when I first went to watch, carrying my signed Sheffield Steelers ice hockey stick as.protection thinking these dirty Leeds boys were gonna windmill me, but before I knew it I was dancing with the Corinthians after games to 'don't blame it on the sunshine' in the local Falconers Rest pub, shagging gypsy travellers behind Lucianas back (my Venezuelan partner). I even signed on for the Corinthians and got a game when they fell short of players, kicking Harrogate to death in my debut appearance. It's been a proper whirlwind romance with the Corinthians and I look forward to following them again in division 2! Just hope I don't have to get my Hi Tec pro boots out again as they have gathered dust over lockdown, and my lightening pace seems to have disappeared and reckon I might get found out in division 2!

Look forward to sharing some pints with you on away days, your gonna love it at the nutty slack, staropramen served by ladies with nippleless bras and crotchless panties on roller skates! You won't be disappointed especially if you get man of the match!