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Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:13:54 AM »
Hopefully this goes a bit smoother - apologies for any misdiagnoses on the notes, GP's hand writing...

 East Riding Deep Sea Fishermen vs Beverley Hills of Bradford
It's a long trip out east for the Bad Boy Chiller Crew, their high altitude training camp may pay dividends down at sea level. Low scoring affair as Baildon realise that the ball doesn't fly quite as far as they expect without a howling gale for assistance. Baildon -7

Wharfedale 3rds vs Big red leicester
What a cultural shock for the men from Settle, less rolling hills and sheep more burnt out caravans and toothless locals. Going to back the knuckle-draggers from south yorkshire who will 'whoop' and 'boom' their way to victory. Thorne +7

Teesside Terrors vs BTEC Etonians
As the Hooray Henrys arrive in Daddy's chopper they'll be welcomed warmly at the border with mordor, such is the smog and fumes that blows across from Teesside. It's early in the season but there's been a hint of rain, which means North's pitch will already be ankle-deep in mud. Both teams to spend 80 mins bog trotting and no time scoring, 0-0! DRAW

Friendly Farmers vs Fat Fighters
Small vs Big. Young vs Old. Pre-pubescent Acne vs Early onset Diabetes. Ripon's young lads will need to stay on their toes to avoid the embrace of Slimming World. If the pitch is in descent condition will be a cricket score for the lads yet to sit their A-Levels. The main concern is whether the Ripon hooker has got a proper haircut yet. Ripon +7

Post Stamp Pitch Pat vs WWW's Wet Dreams
The words on everyone's lips 'will WWW make the trip down to Wath to watch his beloved Leeds Corinthians?' The result surely hangs in the balance... I'm predicting a non-attendance as his electronic tag won't allow him more than 2 miles from Middleton. Wath -7 J

Cheesey Wotsits vs Magic Carpet Marauders
Surely a big bus trip on the cards for the men from Keefleh?! 'Dale's pitch couldn't be more different to their lovely RFU-sponsored carpet though, and the forwards might actually have to do something rather than admire their fluorescent boots. Home advantage to benefit the Wotsits but Keefleh to have the  better day out as they get to enjoy the naked skydiving on the bus back. 'Dale -7

Brawno vs Yawno
Similar situation to the Ripon game, only less exciting. 'Hills larger than life pack to push Patto's Posse around the park in a game for the purists. Lots of smelly chat in the scrums and don't expect the ball to get past the first man all game. My advice, save yourself the struggle and go support Corinthians at Wath for a chance to see WeirdoWetWipe in the flesh. 'Hills -7

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Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2021, 02:51:56 PM »
Saturday, 18 September
Yorkshire Two
Hullensians +7 v Baildon (17-3)
North Ribblesdale +7 v Thornensians (22-12)
Northallerton +7 v Old Grovians (36-19)
Ripon v Wetherby -7 (12-15)
Wath Upon Dearne  +7 v Leeds Corinthians (29-10)
Wensleydale v Keefly -7 (10-21)
Wheatley Hills +7 v Sea Anglers (40-5)

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Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2021, 04:48:16 PM »
Hullensians -7
North ribb +7
Northallerton -7
Wetherby +7
Wath +7
Keighley +7
Wheatley hills +7

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Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2021, 05:22:47 PM »
Hullensians +7 (27 - 7)
North Ribblesdale +7 (31 - 22)
Old Grovians -7 (35 - 29)
Wetherby +7 (36 - 12)
Wath Upon Dearne  +7 (18 - 5)
Keighley +7 ( 40 - 6)
Wheatley Hills +7 (33 - 10)
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Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2021, 10:40:55 PM »
Real sea anglers v “Chiller Crew” - Baildon to get lost in sea fret (and absence of mountains) and see fishermen’s friends netting a bonus point win. Hull +7

Not a Wharfedale feeder v Bog trotters - Sheep shearer’s fortunes to be changed by introducing minted lamb chops to pre-match buffet and confusing visitors with meat options other than McDonald’s. Expect every move of the ball to be accompanied by choruses from the out on licence spectators to the tune of: off side, forward, not straight etc. Ribb to take control +7

County set v Poo boys - Too early for the pitch to resemble the Somme yet, but maybe some unfriendly farmers still occupied with whatever it is farmers do just now. OGs not concerned with dodging dog s**t, but worrying when goal post owls will swoop to interfere with play. Home win -7 19 - 15

Farmers v Slimmers World - No playground distractions for the young farmers this week. Large chaps from down the A1 should expect fast and furious game with perhaps a second home win. -7

Pie/postmen v Olympians - could be a good example of brute force and bl**dy ignorance. Will WWW encourage Leeds to up their game, or will the cage fighting ring give home advantage. Wath -7

Cheesey wotsits v Ali baba etc - got to go with the advantage of he roller coaster pitch and excitement of ales in’t dales on way back to give the battle of the dales a -7 advantage to Wesley.

Wheatos v Yawnos - a massive result for the Doncaster massive last week and potentially another this week. Judging by form, should be a significant roughing up for Leeds Trinity - home win +7

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Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2021, 12:08:36 PM »
Hullensians -7
North Ribblesdale +7
Wetherby +7
Wath Upon Dearne  +7
Keighley +7
Wheatley Hills +7

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Re: Week 3 Predictions / Banter
« Reply #6 on: September 19, 2021, 01:40:52 AM »
Hullensians deserved the 14-5 today.

Mistakes by both sides, and the game could of gone either way….the score doesn’t reflect the competitive game that was played.

Credit to Hullenisans. The hospitality was exemplary.

We’ve had a tough start to life in Yorkshire 2…. But we’ve now played 2 teams ( Keighley and Hullensians ) who dropped a division … and our other fixture was against Northallerton… a top of the table finishing team pre-COVID.

All I will say is, Yorkshire 2 is a very competitive league, but most importantly , more than anything… it’s great to be back playing competitive rugby… week in, week out… and seeing smiles on faces after an 18 month lay off.

Interesting season ahead… we all go again next week

Yours in rugby

Beverly Hills Of Bradford RUFC 😂🏉

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