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Author Topic: Your thoughts on the new NE season and predictions for Saturday’s results?  (Read 1419 times)

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Well here we go again after a long hot summer and a new league format how are teams going to fare this season? Pitches are going to be hard to start with after all the dry weather, lets hope they all received plenty of water before the hosepipe ban, so I think fast flowing rugby will hopefully be the order of the day on Saturday. I know nothing about what any of the teams have done through the summer or if any have brought in new players from afar. Perhaps in these hard economic times the cheque books have been put away and clubs are bringing their own players through the ranks, which of course many already do. Consequently with absolutely no idea how good any of our teams will be I’ll kick off with my guess for how I think Saturday’s fixtures will go and sit back to be corrected by those in the know.

Brods v B & B.
Brods always seem to start the season strongly so this is going to be a tough one for the Bees after all the troubles of last season. Let’s hope they’ve put their house in order but with points deducted it’s only going to be a tough season for them. They’ve obviously had to bring in players from somewhere so we can only wait and see how they perform. Maybe Brian Noble will give them the magic touch but I can only see a comfortable win for Brods.

Old Crossleyans v Morley
Crocs had a good season last year and should be on a roll. They’ve been in the doldrums for that past few years but now look like they have set their stall out to compete at this higher level and may surprise a few teams this season. Morley are always a team to be reckoned with and I think they will have been very disappointed with last seasons results so will look to make significant improvements. This should be a good game and I’ll just give it to Crocs with home advantage, but it will be close.

Pocklington v Moortown
Two strong teams with the potential to be fighting it out at the top this year. Moortown like Brods always seem to start the season well so I think they will fancy their chances. Pock finished last season with some good results and will want to do better than last seasons lowly position so will be looking to be much improved this time and it could go either way. With little confidence I’ll take Town to just come out on top.

Pontefract v M & N
Ponte had a really good season last year so will be out to prove it was no fluke, however, without any evidence I just feel that this step up might be a problem for them, but they’ll come out all guns blazing. Malton are always a team to fear and like Pock finished lower down NE1 than they would have wanted. They put some good performances together towards the end of the season and I take them to come away with a win in a close encounter.

Scarborough v Dronfield
We welcome Dronfield to compete here in Yorkshire and we wish them well. Like many others in this region I know little about them although it appears from their social media that they have a thriving club and I’m sure we’ll all look forward to visiting them. They certainly have no easy introduction to this league because as usual Scarborough will again be one of the teams to beat and must be one of the favourites to win the league even at this early stage. The result should give us a good indication as to how good Dronfield are but I can’t see them coming away with a win. They will, however, come away having received the usual great welcome and hospitality Scarborough always provides and which I’m sure will be replicated at all the clubs they visit this season here in Yorkshire.

Selby v Bridlington
Both teams will know each other well having progressed together from Y1. Selby just secured a narrow win in this fixture last season so another close encounter should be anticipated, however, Selby finished with a huge defeat at Ponte and if brb is to be believed Brid have had the cheque book out. So based on that information alone I take Brid to come away with the spoils.

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After many seasons reading this forum I thought it was time to finally time to jump on and start posting.

As with many folk after the last couple of years and the restructure I think we go into this season fairly blind, a new era at Bees begins can they regroup? There looks to be a 4 way battle at the top, can Brods hold on to the coattails of the other strong teams? How many have swapped the Gold Coast for the East Coast this season? Will Dronfield but up a better fight than the North East teams that were promoted to Yorkshire 1 over recent years?

Brods v Bees
Rumours coming out of Brods suggest they have lost a number of key senior players due to retirements or moving on but unless Brian Noble has worked miracles at Bees I can only see a Brods win.

Crocs v Morley
Watched Old Crocs on a couple of occasions last season on both occasions they certainly weren't firing on all cylinders, need to be on the top of their game to get close to Morley. Morley (I would think) have top 3 or 4 aspirations this season, I think that starts with a hard fought win at Broomfield on Saturday.

Pocklington v Moortown
Massive game first weekend of the season, both sides would have been happier to start elsewhere but what a huge opportunity to lay down a marker for the promotion chasers. Pock to sneak it on home advantage alone.

Pontefract v Malton and Norton
Basing this on nothing other than M&N being in the higher division last year as it is a number of years since I last watched either side. M&N to start of on winning ways.

Scarborough v Dronfield
As Giddyant suggests this is an incredibly tough start to life in the northern divisions for Dronfield who seem to have been steadily climbing the leagues over a number of years. Scarborough struggled on the road to finish last season but gave opportunities to younger members of the squad, if they have recruited well this summer I can only see a 5 point home win on the coast and BRB to be back on the forum all guns blazing by October.

Selby v Brid
As with the Ponte game, neither are a side I know too much about - first game of the season always tough to travel so Selby to sneak it. Unless the chequebook has been out on the east coast.

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Brods v B&B – expect a comfortable win for Brods.

Crocs v Morley – Morley under achieved last season expect a close game but home advantage should just see a Crocs win just.

Pocklington v Moortown – think Moortown are one of the pre-season favourites so expect a Town win.

Pontefract v Malton & Norton – September always a good time to play Malton & Norton when farming effects player availability. Expect a Pontefract win.

Scarborough v Dronfield – Scarborough are my tip for promotion so expecting a Scarborough win  but think Dronfield will do better than many in Yorkshire expect.

Selby v Brid – Told Brid have recruited well so I expect a comfortable away win. Unless Selby have recruited well expect it will be a long hard season for them.

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Brods v Bees - Notice Brods lost a player or two but can't see Bees turning last season round so quickly. Home win.

Crocs v Morley - Crocs got some very good players but maybe not enough to be challenging in this league. Away win with Crocs getting a BP or two.

Pocklington v Moortown - MOTD for me. Pock to spend their sevens booty well and finish top or second with Moortown. Draw.

Pontefract v Malton & Norton – Ponte unbeaten at home last year and have apparently fought off the vultures for some key players. Will the Ponte scrum provide front foot ball and a stream of pushover tries in this league as in the last? Remains to be seen. Keeping the faith with a home win with a BP or two for the visitors.

Scarborough v Dronfield – I expect Scarborough to be fighting it out at the top and have a very good home record. 5 pointer for the home team.

Selby v Brid - Fear for Selby unless they have recruited. Brid certainly have recruited, how well, who knows. Away win with one home BP.

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Sadly misplaced confidence in Scarborough. We will fight and the players will give it there all but expect a difficult season.

Loving all rugby but especially at grassroots level.

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Backrowbandit - interesting statement there! Has the team changed much since last season? Have you lost some of the pack?

Good luck for the upcoming season. One of the better away days up there I must say!

I think, relating to your earlier post, Moortown will have the edge on pock by the end of the season by a good 12 points.

Wonder if there will be any hasty receptions to the bees?

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Going to Pocklington today to watch Town hopefully get a win. Very young Moortown team with loads of players who have come through the minis & juniors. Looking forward to a cracking match.