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Predictions 12/11/22

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on: November 11, 2022, 10:40:08 AM
Hullensians V Huddersfield- Hullensians to bounce back from last weeks thrashing with a BP win at home

Keighley V Goole- Game of the season so far, will be close but I think home field advantage will sway this one. Home win but Goole to pick up a LBP

Leos V Dinnington- Leos to settle the ship after a few bad results. Home win.

Old Rish V Salem- Old Rish to carry on their rich vein of form and win at home.

Hegians V Beverley- Only away win of the week I reckon.

W Leeds V Wetherby- Close game, I think home advantage will sway this one but could go either way.