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Week 17 Predictions 27/01/24

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on: January 25, 2024, 01:19:56 PM
Goole vs Scarborough - Goole need to just be careful here. I think they will have enough with their powerful runners to do a little bit of an early demolition job on this Scarborough pack. Out of site at half time and then foot off the pedal - Goole win by 18.

Malton and Norton vs Dronfield - Malton are quietly going about their business and 5 points could keep the top 3 looking over their shoulder. I think this could be a low scoring affair and close, Dronfield are running out of steam a little bit (potentially exhausted from moaning all the time) so will need to win this to stand any chance of a successful 23/24 campaign. Dronfield by 3.

Moortown vs Bridlington - Moortown lost the return fixture, put us to the sword then scraped past bottom of the league stragglers Glossop. I think they'll have enough here. Bridlington often struggle to get off the bus on away days, I think a fired up Moortown will win with 5 points.

Morley vs Glossop - Before I found out they were away this week, I was debating predicting a Glossop win. I think they will push Morley for a bit, however Morley to come through strong for the last 25 and win by 10 points. No bonus point though.

Old Crossleyans vs Selby - I am slightly nervy going into this one. Crossleyans can be a bit of a mixed bag, especially on their small pitch, anything could happen. Part of my head is telling me that Crossleyans could come away with something here, but my heart and half of my head is telling me that it'll be a routine win. Crossleyans have a very poor defence and we like to score tries. Selby 5 point win.

Rochdale vs Old Brodleians - MOTD. 1st vs 3rd and with the extra game played Richdale are only a point behind the joint league leaders. Old Brodleians are digging out these victories however this will be a step too far for them and I expect them to be in 3rd by 5pm Saturday. Rochdale are too good a team for a Brods team that might not fancy an away day battle who struggle to score tries. One thing is for sure is that it'll be a physical affair. I have come to admire this young outfit, it'll need something special from the Young Brods to overturn Rochdale. Rochdale 5 point win.

Good luck to all playing and watching.


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Reply #1 on: January 25, 2024, 06:22:05 PM
Evening all! I’m a newbie to the group but looking at the previous strands, there have been some interesting debates regarding certain teams in the league.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the upcoming fixtures. Some absolute crackers which could be very important for certain clubs.

Goole vs Scarborough - 27-12 (5 points)

M&N vs Dronfield - 18-15 (4 points)

Moortown vs Bridlington - 32-20 (5 points)

Morley vs Glossop - 31-16 (5 points)

Old Crocs vs Selby - 16-35 (5 points)

MOTD Rochdale vs Old Brods - 28-19 (4 points)

Best of luck to all involved. I’ll be watching Old Crocs play Selby this weekend which seems to be a huge game for both teams at either end of the table.


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Reply #2 on: January 26, 2024, 10:16:03 AM
Some interesting match ups this week.

Goole vs Scabs - Goole to run riot in this one. 25+ point win.

M&N vs Dronfield - Dronfield after a couple of tough away days need the win but M&N to carry on going about their business in closing the gap on the top. Malton by 5.

Moortown vs Bridlington - Brid on the road doesn't fill any host team with fear, Moortown with a comfortable win.

Morley vs Glossop - Glossop with some improving results of late, Morley to have too much at home and win by 8.

Old Crocs vs Selby - Selby I think are in danger of falling out of contention over the next few weeks, I hope they prove me wrong as they're great to watch. Broomfield is never an easy spot to visit. 24-24 draw.

Rochdale v Brods - No doubt about the game of the day here. Very rare I go against Rochdale on their own patch but this Brods side keep grinding out tight games. Going for a Brods win by 1 point, but wouldn't be surprised by either side sneaking this one.


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Reply #3 on: January 26, 2024, 10:56:33 AM
Goole v Scarborough – A must win for Goole if they want to keep their season on track. Just a Goole win but with Scarborough getting a bonus point or two.

M&N v Dronfield – Close game with home advantage just being the decider, M&N win.

Moortown v Brid – Game between two sides who have not lived up to my preseason expectations. Could go either way but think home advantage will just do it.

Morley v Glossop – Morley to continue the grief for Glossop.

O Crocs v Selby – Selby to win and keep their promotion push on track.

Rochdale v O Brods – MOTD could go either way but backing Yorkshire so going for a Brods win.


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Reply #4 on: January 26, 2024, 06:44:57 PM
Goole v Scarborough –  Scabs are playing much better now but I'm not sure they've reached the stage where they'll trouble this strong Goole outfit. A bonus point win for Goole but not a massacre and Scabs to get at least 1 bonus point.

M&N v Dronfield – Things haven't gone Dronfield's way in their last couple of matches but they have been away to 2 of the best teams in the league, so no shame there as they put up a good show in both games. Malton on current form will run them close and perhaps the last 2 defeats will have dented Dronfield's confidence a little so I go for M&N by less than 5 points.

Moortown v Brid – It looks like Moortown have finally brought their A game to the table allbeit still a bit of a wobbly one. As has been pointed out Bridlington just don't seem to travel well so I'll take a 5 point win for Town.

Morley v Glossop – I'm not sure how to take this Morley team who I thought would have been much better this season than they have shown. Glossop have improved, which will be a positive for them, and I don't think they will lose by as many as they probably would have at the start of the season, but it's still a 5 pointer to Morley for me.

O Crocs v Selby – Crocs have been playing some better rugby recently but still haven't been winning and I can't see them beating Selby who for me are still the best team in the league and should come away with a 5 point win.

Rochdale v O Brods – As has been said this is the MOTD. Dale are unbeaten this season at home, and it's going to take a good team to change that, and whilst there's no doubt Brods are a good team I'm not sure they're good enough to take them on in their own backyard and win. It will be an interesting match and I hope both teams are at full strength in which case it could go either way. Brods have won 7 of their 12 wins by 5 points or less so if they are within shouting distance with 10 minutes to go don't write them off.
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Reply #5 on: January 27, 2024, 10:19:40 PM
Evening all.

Today’s results will certainly raise a few eyebrows.. With 4 teams scoring 50+ points and some huge upsets, it’s promising to be an interesting final stretch of fixtures.

Few questions that spring to mind:

Have Scarborough found their feet and how important is today’s result for their hopes of staying in the league?

Dronfield running out of steam? Their coaches losing their voices? With a game against, what appears to be a moortown outfit who are now turning their season around, they need to find something.

Is this the Moortown of last year? Have they finally found their feet and are they potential outliers for a top 4 finish?

Morley putting Glossop to the sword after their impressive performance against Moortown 2 weeks ago, could Morley push top 4?

Selby finding their way to a convincing result after a few hiccups this side of Christmas? Selby were the much better team and their backs showed some true class today. I’m not sure what’s going on behind the scenes at crocs but whatever it is, it’s not helping their on field performances.

Rochdale favourites to go up? After such a convincing result today, to put away a full strength brods team in such fashion is an absolute statement. I know where my bets are..

Finally, have Brods’ wheels fallen off? Heard they were dominated in all aspects of the game so next week’s fixture against a resurgent M&N side is crucial if they want to stay in the race.

Anyway, be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts. Have a great evening and well done to all involved.