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« on: September 20, 2011, 10:27:44 AM »
Too many latecomers asking for the rules, so will set this as a sticky.

•One point for predicting winner
•One point for predicting winning margin of + or - 7.
•Correctly predicting a draw will gain 5 points.
•A result of exactly 7 points difference will be considered a -7 result.
•Members will be expected to predict every week. Tampax Pundits and timewasters will be given one warning before being expelled immediately without appeal.
•My decisions are final.
•Bonus points will be available from time to time for predicting the exact scoreline in a selected match. 1 point for within 7, 3 points for the exact score for each team.

Referee pundit members officiating at a Y1 fixture can declare such and be awarded one point for that fixture.

Promotions and relegations between leagues will occur at the end of each month.

I am happy to take PMs from punters who, for 'political' purposes post one thing, but want their true prediction to be the opposite. Needless to say, the 'secret' prediction will be the one that stands!

I will always finish higher in the league than BRB.

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