Author Topic: Predictions for the final round of fixtures!  (Read 1201 times)

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Predictions for the final round of fixtures!
« on: April 20, 2017, 11:35:24 AM »
Last weekend of the season coming up. We've enjoyed our season in Y3, lots of really good teams and I'm sure next year will be just as competitive. Good luck to all for next season, hope the two that go down have a good year in Y4 and get back up again soon. Looking forward to the challenge of Y2 and seeing what the step up in standard is really like!

Predictions for the last games:

Castleford   V   Halifax Vandals     -     Just need a win by any margin to secure top spot. Nice not having the pressure of needing a bonus point but I'm sure this will be yet another tough game for us. Focused on getting the job done so backing us to finish the season off with another win. Vandals by 7

Goole   V   Baildon     -     Not a chance of Goole slipping up here. They'll be going all out in the hope that they can still nick top spot. Lads will be playing for places as well to make sure they're on the teamsheet for Twickenham. Goole by 25

Halifax   V   Wensleydale     -     Only pride to play for now for Fax. Dale backs seem to be stepping up to match their impressive forwards by the sounds of recent reports so could be a big score on Fax's big, wide pitch. Wensleydale dark horses for next season? Going with Wensleydale by 20

Harrogate Pythons   V   Knottingley     -     Knotts looked like runaway league champs only a couple of months ago. Rugby league season started now as well so have they lost even more lads? Pythons were pretty impressive against us a couple of weeks ago. Maybe just a bit softer up front than you'd expect with them having some big lads. Decent back line though. Harrogate by 10

Leeds Medics and Dentists   V   Leeds Modernians     -     Might as well flip a coin with Medics! Awesome at full strength, terrible when missing a few. Mods are a solid if not spectacular side, so going with an away win. Modernians by 7

Northallerton   V   Aireborough     -     Another season of finishing just outside the promotion spots for Northallerton. It's been said every week that they're a quality side at home. Long trip for Aire, with nothing really left to play for. Northallerton by 14

Old Otliensians   V   Stocksbridge     -     Stocksbridge with a big strong pack so Otliensians won't fancy this one again. Resting all their front row due to some really important pre-season games coming up in August so Away walk over. If Otliensians do decide they can be bothered to play, they should have too much out wide, so I'll say Otliensians by 10

Good luck all, will look forward to seeing how the league pans out next year!
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Re: Predictions for the final round of fixtures!
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 02:43:56 PM »
Castleford vs Vandals - Vandals to confirm the championship and have a big party on the back of being double champions. Vandals by 15+.

Goole vs Baildon - Goole by 30. Good luck in the final! Do Yorkshire 3 Proud!

Halifax vs Wensleydale - Good luck to Halifax in Y4 next year. Think it's Wendsleydales game to lose. Dale by 20+

Pythons vs Knottingley - Knottingley will be aggressive. If Pythons front up they can deal with it. If they don't Knottla will dominate in the forwards. Pythons by 5.

Medics vs Mods - Medics back from Easter yet? Gonna say Medics at home. Medics by -10.

Northallerton vs Aireborough - North pack to dominate start to finish. North by 25+

Otliensians vs Stocks - Got to agree with Jimmy. After what happened at Vandals and with Ensians still to play in the cup I can see them resting players again. Stocks by 20+

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Re: Predictions for the final round of fixtures!
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2017, 07:32:41 PM »
Castleford vs Vandals - Castleford to be taught a lesson by the Yorkshire 4 boys done good. Vandalised is an understatement. Vandals by 40.

Goole vs Baildon - With Moore pulling the strings from 10 and unleashing Insider then it has to be Goole. Goole by 20.

Halifax vs Wensleydale - See ya later 'Fax, enjoy Yorkshire 4  ;) Dale by 40

Pythons vs Knottingley - Will Sandy Dunlop be able to take the sting out of the Knottingley pack? Sadly, I don't see it happening. After reviewing the match footage of Knottingley's last two games, I don't see the Pythons being able to handle them. Knots by 20.

Medics vs Mods - Are those bloody students back from their Easter break yet? If they are, the only thing that's going to break will be the Mods backline. Medics by 20 (if they are back), otherwise Mods by 10.

Northallerton vs Aireborough - Aireborough have little to play for, and don't see many of them being arsed to drive that far. North by 15.

Otliensians vs Stocks - It was a disgusting set of circumstances with what happened over at Vandals, but hey, we have to remember this isn't professional rugby (unless you're Bradford Salem with the big bank roll). I predict Otliensians will take this (assuming they BOTHER to pick their best team). OO's by 10.

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Re: Predictions for the final round of fixtures!
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2017, 12:11:08 PM »
Castleford vs Vandals - Tough at home. Vandals might have the eye on next season a little too soon. Cas in a tight one

Goole vs Baildon - We're going to throw this game in order to make my friend Insider a champion and take it away from our old enemies Vandals

Halifax vs Wensleydale - Think Fax will just be happy to have this season over.

Pythons vs Knottingley - Knotts to finish a decent season on a high.

Medics vs Mods - Don't know how they keep beating us. But they do. They'll probably do the same here.

Northallerton vs Aireborough - Another classical thriller.

Otliensians vs Stocks - don't know if Stocks can still stay up but I can see a Banana skin.
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Re: Predictions for the final round of fixtures!
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2017, 04:05:20 PM »
Don't know what we are more pleased about at the Vandals, getting promoted or proving Boatracer wrong for most of the season...  :)

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Re: Predictions for the final round of fixtures!
« Reply #5 on: April 22, 2017, 01:52:52 PM »
Castleford vs Vandals - Vandals by 30 to secure top spot.

Goole vs Baildon - Goole by 50, if they aren't resting a few for Twickers.

Halifax vs Wensleydale - Wensleydale by 15. Halifax done and the Dale on form.

Pythons vs Knottingley - Close game, i'd imagine.

Medics vs Mods - Medics are probably done for the season, so likely Mods. Although if both teams were at full strength then Medics are miles better.

Northallerton vs Aireborough - The big farmers to dominate.

Otliensians vs Stocks - Stocks by 15. Ensians to rest full team for final through the week.