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Seeking Fixtures - RFU Advice
« on: August 30, 2017, 05:46:31 PM »
Right ladies and gentlemen,

I've seen the chaos across the last few seasons regarding pre season fixtures and beyond. It was about time something happened on this. This may be particularly useful for your 2nd XV teams or any clubs in Yorkshire 4 after the opposition inevitably cancel when they realise the standard is so poor.

I've just come out a board meeting with some extremely important Yorkshire RFU officials... I won't name names but one successfully managed the transition from internationally renowned rap star (think Bump 'N Grind) to senior Yorkshire RFU committee member. Enough said?*

My important meetings aside, here is the advice...

- if you need to find that last minute game you can find it on WhatsApp

Tell your Fixture Sec, Team Managers and Captains (esp lower teams) to save Helen Colclough's  number (+44 7795 014689) in their phone, and then to message her on WhatsApp.

This is the official channel for ALL Yorkshire clubs this season.'

Bleed white,
Wily J

*if you're still struggling...
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