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Last gas for Cas
« on: April 16, 2018, 12:46:20 PM »
Well Castleford finish their season this Saturday, so here goes

Cas v Skipton
Pythons v Knott
Hemsworth v Baildon
Mods v Meds
Norths v Aire
Ots v Stock
Shmeds v Dale

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your Summer break

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 04:59:07 PM »
Cas v Skipton
Going for Cas as they are at home and its their last game and they will throw it about.

Pythons v Knott
Pythons to continue to struggle and give baildon a chance

Hemsworth v Baildon
Baildon to sneak it by 1 to just about stay alive

Mods v Meds
Meds to win for me

Norths v Aire
Going to go for a draw here - hopefully we will send a strong team to give the champs a run for their money

Ots v Stocks
20 points difference as otley rotate players and stocks haven't given up much to their credit

Shmeds v Dale
Tough to call going for schmeds as it's long journey

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2018, 12:26:30 PM »
Well done to Cass for getting all their games in, that's some achievement given the conditions this year

Cas v Skipton

Pythons v Knott - Knottingley in for a strong finish to the season

Hemsworth v Baildon - Hemsworth were very good when we played them at theirs and the score showed it, they are capable of beating anyone on their day and shouldn't have too much of a problem here

Mods v Meds - Mods at home

Norths v Aire - North to win this although game of the week for me

Ots v Stock - OO were very good last week and should take this one with Stocks away from home

Shmeds v Dale - Dale to finish strongly and take this one

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2018, 04:01:23 PM »
Castleford vs Skipton - Cas to finish their season on a high but Skipton will make it difficult.

Harrogate Pythons vs Knottingley - Knotts' form has dipped and a Pythons win guarantees them safety. Think theyll sneak it at home.

Hemsworth vs Baildon - Hems well beaten by Aire at the weekend but will probably send Baildon down at home IMO.

Leeds Mods vs LMAD - Hardly an away fixture for LMAD as it's only a couple of mins up the road. Gonna back them for a rare away win given their pace and fitness come to the fore now the weather's perking up.

Northallerton vs Aireborough - Could be a belter this if both teams are up for it. Think Aire's pack on current form could match North's and with promotion already in the bag I'm gonna back a North slip up here!

Old Otliensians vs Stocksbridge - Comfortable home win for OOs inevitable I reckon.
Sheffield Medicals vs Dale - Is this the longest journey in the league? With Dale out of the promotion race I'm gonna go for another Shmeds win.

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2018, 06:15:21 PM »
Cas v Skipton - Skipton were decent last week and if they can replicate that form then they will push Cas. Cas are a good home side though so should have enough to finish on a high.

Pythons v Knott - Pythons will need the win as not to leave things to chance. I think they will raise their game at home to grab a precious win for safety.

Hemsworth v Baildon - I just cant see Baildon getting anything from their remaining away games. Such a shame as they have played good rugby in the 2 fixtures with us but I guess 2 have to go. Not done yet but I think they have left too much to do.

Mods v Meds - Local derby and 2 young teams. I think Mods will play the pitch better and edge it.

Norths v Aire - North will not want to spoil their unbeaten run and should win but if any pack can compete with North then it is Aire. Home win but no suprises if Aire take it.

Ots v Stock - Winning is a habit and one that needs to be continued. It would be disastrous to go into our game at Twickers on the back of games lost that we should be winning. I know 100% the coaching team and senior players will be drilling this into the squad. We need to continue to notch up the wins.

Shmeds v Dale - I rate SHMEDS at home, I think they might nick this if they can contain dales strong pack. Home win again.

Punting for all home wins this week, good luck all.

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2018, 09:05:09 PM »
Dale conquerous over Mods. 40- 15. Mods lots of talk in first 15 but soon were kept quiet.

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #6 on: April 19, 2018, 01:13:35 PM »
Castleford v Skipton - Skipton sounded fairly solid last week, Cas last game of the season and at home. Cas by 10

Harrogate v Knottingley - Hopefully Gates pitch will have dried up! Neither team in form, close game but Grott by 3

Hemsworth v Baildon - Hemsworth are a good team and their league position shows it, don't think Baildon can make the great escape. Hems by 30

Leeds Mods v Leeds Meds - Meds haven't turned up this season but had a good result last week and conditions will favour them, mods will be lagging from their game last night but they have a bit more up front. If Meds run some strong running lines through the centres and get their offloads away it'll soon shut the home team up. Meds by 15

Northallerton v Aireborough - North to bore Aire to death, good luck Aire it'll be a long day. North by 20

Otliensians v Stocksbridge - OO's not had many big scores this year, could this be the one? Hopefully stocks will give them a good game. OO's by 30

Shmeds v Wensleydale - Shmeds are a good side but don't think they are strong enough up front or out wide to stop dale, High scoring game for both teams. Dale by 15

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #7 on: April 19, 2018, 01:50:43 PM »
Cass v skipton
I think cass will want to finish on a high this season. They have had a mixed season, with some good results and some you wouldn't expect them to produce. They could well be the only team to take points off us this season and I think they they take the full 5 this weekend. Skipton are now safe for another season.   I think they will give cass a good go
In parts but I'm going cass by 17

Gate v knots
Another two teams of what ifs this season. Gate have surprised me this season they had us on the ropes at home and if their lad could kick they would of won. Apart from that performance they haven't lived up to expectations with poor results and even more so when they knew what a win would have meant last weekend. Knots aren't a top 3 side which many thought they were going to be this season but they are a decent side on their day . Result all depends on how much gate want it and what lads knots bring across. Gate by 5 as they have to win

Hems v baildon
I think this will be goodbye to baildon unfortunately. Hems are a decent side and good at home. I think they will out baildon to the sword this weekend and win by 12. Baildon have just left it late to start playing a bit of rugby.

Mods v meds

Was disappointed with the result last night for mods. Thought  they would have put up more of a fight. But travelling away midweek is never going to be an easy task for anyone. I still believe they are a decent side at home and will nick this game. I can't see meds stringing 2 wins together so going for mods by 9

North v air
Could be the same of the week. Air have shown that they are one of the form sides and a team that can beat anyone.  Both sides have big packs, but I believe our backs are improving every game and will run air around. We've beaten them twice already this season and we are hoping to sign off the last home game with a big win. North to 'bore' air  and win by 12

Otley v stocks
Otley are a top side and while stocks put up some fight last week against gate and won I can't see them doing the same this week. Otley by 40

Meds v dale

All depends how dale recover/ resting players for the semi final against North or Ossett.
The students aren't a bad side at all and have had some good results recently. Going to go for a sheff win by 7

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2018, 08:53:48 AM »
Cass v Skipton
both good sides on our days. . . got to back your own though- skipton by 10

Gate v Knots
away win here

hems v baildon
id like to see baildon win. . but can they?

mods v meds
not sure on either side here- draw

north v air
air will put up a fight but going with the home side.

otley v stocks

meds v dale
always a tough game at shmeds but think dale will win this one.

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #9 on: April 20, 2018, 10:25:39 AM »

Cas v Skipton - Last day of the season for Cas (lucky buggers) I would think Cas can get the win if they have their full back line out in weather like this and at home, although it won't be easy after last weeks scoreline suggests at Skipton.
Pythons v Knottingley - We've really struggled since our big break off due to the weather and it seems to have killed our momentum with availability and training but if we can get our strongest team out I know we can get the win, fingers crossed a miracle happens!
Hemsworth v Baildon - Hems are a strong team up front and even though Baildon have been fighting tooth and nail to stay in this league I think this might be the final nail in the coffin.
Mods v Meds - Two contrasting styles here and definitely not a pitch Meds will like, tough one to call but I'm going with the students weather permitting.
North v Aire - Two massive packs to hurt each other here but as always, North have a gameplan and by god do they stick to it, North to remain unbeaten.
Otley v Stocks - A long day for Stocksbridge enjoying their final moments in Yorkshire 3.
Sheff Meds v Dale - Sheff were really good at the breakdown last week and if they can ruin Dale's ball like they did ours then there's no reason they can't get the win and I think they just might considering the size of the away day route.

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #10 on: April 20, 2018, 07:55:32 PM »
Cas,hems, Leeds medics, north, ensians and Sheffield Meds all to win.

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Re: Last gas for Cas
« Reply #11 on: April 20, 2018, 09:00:22 PM »

Cas v Skipton

Skipton for me. Cas were poor a few weeks back and Skipton have some big runners if they take their A team.

Pythons v Knott

Pythons got something to play for still but reckon their safe really. Knots are the better team so let’s go for them.

Hemsworth v Baildon

Hems by 50+. Baildon are down really and it’s a long journey. Hems decent at home.

Mods v Meds

This is to be played at Meds as they reversed the fixture earlier in the season. As an old prop I’m delighted to be playing my third game of the week, in the sunshine, on a massive pitch.....

Norths v Aire

North by quite a few, they’ll still be playing for cup places. Also, not been on here for a while, North are well dgood can’t this year, anyone who thinks they’re one dimentional misses the point completely, they have decent backs and when the pack play well the backs get brought in.... contrast on a great season.

Ots v Stock

Ensiens by a sackful. Good luck at HQ.

Shmeds v Dale

Score flattered Dale on Weds but they were worth the win so no excuses. Poor in the scrum though so this will be one of the easier run outs the Shmeds pack (in context of what must have been some horrific afternoons). Close one to call, let’s go Shmeds cos of the drier pitches.