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Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Week 12 Predictions
« on: November 28, 2022, 03:59:56 PM »
Baildon v Barnsley
Bramley Phoenix v Yarnbury
Ripon v Northallerton
Wath Upon Dearne v North Ribblesdale
Wensleydale v Leeds Corinthians
Wheatley Hills v Harrogate Pythons

Cash Cows v who: Can't see the team formerly known as Barnsley making the journey up the Mountain, so another blob - HWO

Big Apples v Planespotters: Tough day at the office for Yawno, afraid to score tries in case of knee drops and can't get near to the swinging 10 to calm his game down: Phoenix - 7

Young Farmers v Smoggies: Back home safely after a lesson in match management in Miggie and no ill effects from the post-match curry. Rugrats finding home form against Teesside neighbours - Ripon + 7

Salad Dodgers v Not Wharfedale 3rds: So much love and respect coming from the visitors won't lull the pie men into softening up. Woff - 7

Hairdale v Saints: Back down to earth with a bump, Saints penalty count will be punished more thoroughly here. 'Dale + 7

No Hills v Hoorays: Hopefully looking over their shoulders to check on the Bentleys in the car park won't be too much of a distraction to make it 11 wins on the bounce for the visitors - 'Gate + 7

Yorkshire 2 / What's going on?
« on: November 21, 2022, 05:41:31 PM »
Is it me, or is this site in need of resuscitation? Just quiet, or broken - can anyone see or post anything new?

Yorkshire 2 / System Failure
« on: November 09, 2022, 08:19:25 PM »
Am I the only one unable to view any posts and receiving a blank page every time I try to view on any device - laptop, phone, iPad? Weird?

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Table Week 5b
« on: October 04, 2022, 01:24:46 PM »
Playing catch up this week for four teams, so up to Ribbex as to whether it qualifies for fantasy league points? Otherwise, just for fun -

Baildon v Harrogate Pythons: Tough one to call based on recent form and both looking to scrap it out to get closer to the top three. Whilst Pythons may do better up front, I think home advantage will edge this. Baildon - 7

Bramley Phoenix v Northallerton: It would be a tough day at the office it they were at home and an even tougher one on the road for imploding smoggies. Phoenix + 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Week 5 Predictions
« on: September 27, 2022, 08:36:16 PM »
Orcs v Wharfedale 2nds: How will the best-behaved supporters in the league get on toe to toe with the hosts in the "stand"? could be cosy. Not so tight on the pitch, with home advantage and Ribb's finest not coping with the altitude or attitude of the hosts. Baildon + 7

Sheffield 2nds v Saints: If it goes ahead and isn't an AWO, genuinely sorry for Barno, but as long as Saints play to their potential could be a hard day in the office for the hosts. Corinthians + 7

Pie Men v Young Farmers: Un-tempted by the pre-match banquet, Rugrats to keep up their blue smartie sugar rush and squeeze in again. Ripon - 7

Mulletdale v Apple sauce: Budding Y1 contenders with hair in best condition, welcome clean-cut visitors, but will work their magic on the worst pitch in the league if not Yorkshire. Wensleydale + 7

Wheatos v Smoggies: A similar position to Barnsley, though not quite as many players leaving, hence recent results. Hills + 7

Yawno v Slytherin: If Pythons can avoid the three try advantage trap, while still doing up their bootlaces, they could be in for a chance. Home advantage on the magic carpet should be enough. Yarnbury - 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Week 4 Predictions
« on: September 21, 2022, 03:17:41 PM »
Firebirds v Pie Men: Big beardy chaps will feel at home on the postage stamp pitch, but with two games on the trot at home, Bramley should just have enough to keep up winning ways and Wath to crumble. Bramley - 7

Slytherin v Knottla 2nds: Snakes alive... the Hooray Henrys on home turf will be too much for Barno. Arroget + 7

Leeds Saints v Orcs: Still no sign of WWW to cheer them on and nobody else to pick up his pen, but they're letting the results do the talking anyway, so Leeds - 7

Not Wharfedale v Wheatos: Best behaved supporters, best hospitality, not best dale, worst performers. Wheatos -7

Smoggies v Best Dale: Teesside terrors taking another tumble at the hands of the tonsorially elegant gentlemen farmers. Wensleydale + 7

Young Farmers v Yawno: Rugrats buzzing with excitement at playing in their own sandpit for first game in three weeks, hopefully the giddiness will calm down to return to winning ways. Ripon - 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Week 3 Predictions
« on: September 13, 2022, 08:31:40 PM »
Orcs v Snakes: Looks like Mount Doom could be the quite the place to conquer judging by the host's last two results. Hope the Hooray Henrys don't get too rattled; Baildon + 7

Firebirds v Young Farmers: Back on the road again, the Rugrats will be looking forward to more of a test than last week and maybe take in some plane spotting for a bit of fun and excitement on the way home; Ripon + 7

Pie Men v Smoggies: A routine day at the office for the big beardy men and another sad day for the former pride of Teesside; Wath + 7

Prettier Dale v Not Wharfedale: Heart says home win, but head says with best behaved supporters and gospel like match analysis, could be a "top four" defining moment for Ribb - 7

Wheatos v Sinners: Again the heart says home win, but in fighting form, could be a Corinthians win on the pitch and in the bar Leeds - 7

Yawno v Brawno: Any truth in the rumour that Barnsley supplemented by Knottla mercenaries truly scotched, so hopefully not too tough a day for the Barnsley faithful, but Yarnbury + 7 

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Week 2 Predictions
« on: September 07, 2022, 02:09:40 PM »
Full set this week, so some interesting results hopefully:

Barn Doors v Orcs: If they locked the doors at Shaw Lane after last night's players meeting, a fair chance they'll raise a side. sympathy vote for Barno for a home win. Barnsley - 7

Slytherin v Wheatos: A lesson in gentlemanly conduct on the cards here, followed by high tea at Betty's. Gate + 7

Saints v Mullets: Middleton's mountain top almost as wild and windy as Cawkill, so 'Dale feeling at home. No WWW to cheer them on or invade the pitch by the looks either. Dale + 7

Sheep sha**ers v Pie Men: Played in front of the best behaved supporters in the league, unless of course you mention Wharfedale, doh... Ribb - 7

Old Farmers v Young Farmers: Teesside smog lifting just enough to recognise the difference between the two teams. Wait a minute, have they swapped shirts before the end of the game? Ripon + 7

Yawno v Firebirds: Clearly no benefit from the magic carpet based on last week's drubbing, so more of the same this week: Bramley + 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy League Week 1 Predictions
« on: August 31, 2022, 10:41:12 PM »
Well, someone's got to start it off, so I might as well annoy people from week one. Looking to moderators Ribbex and Gateprop to verify/validate this as ok and of course run the scoring if we get enough interest:

Rugrats v Old Farmers: Another year older and wiser for the kiddikins, with some exciting new signings and pre-season outings. Maybe the same for the sheep sha**ers, but got to go for home win. Ripon + 7

Pie Men v Saints: Big beardy chaps to grind the chilli eaters into the postage stamp pitch. Solid home win. Wath + 7

Cheesy wotsits v Slytherin: Can the clean cut sophisticates hold their own with the mullet mob? Flowing locks envy may gift the hosts a narrow win. Dale - 7

Wheatos v Barn doors: Going to be an interesting "south of the patch" clash. Think barno may want to prove more here, so Barnsley -7

Yawno v Mount Doom: Sea anglers simply have to do something special on their magic carpet to subdue the bad boy chiller crew. Yarnbury +7

Is the Bramley v Northallerton game going ahead? If so, would be good to see a Phoenix Rising start to the season - 7 if it happens.

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy Fixtures 02/04/22
« on: March 30, 2022, 12:21:03 PM »
Saints v Sinners: Now the chilli has finally gone, Miggie's finest faced with a new catering conundrum of what to cook next and will it last until September? No hospitality on the pitch though for the Bad Boyz. Saints - 7

Sheep Sha**ers v Wheatos: Not much of a hill to climb here and an easy rumble around for the Donnie Massive. Hills + 7

Smoggies v Young Farmers: Derby day and a tearful reunion of old and new Rugrats. Kids on a roll, so... Ripon + 7

Pooh Boys v Pie Men: Home attraction, wherever home is, to draw in enough for a team, but not enough to halt the Pie Men's late bid for promotion. Woff + 7

Bog Trotters v Wotsits: Not much at stake for either team here, but going on form... Dale + 7

Runners up v Champions: Could be the biggest upset of the day, week, season etc. Despite busloads of travelling support, Wetherby to empty into Grange Park for the afternoon and cheer the Whalers on to win - 7

Sea Anglers v Fishermen's Friends: Expect a few sea shanties in the bar afterwards, but no plain sailing for Sinbad and crew. Ull + 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy Fixtures 26/03/22
« on: March 23, 2022, 11:47:13 AM »
Beverley Hills Bad Boyz v Wheatley Hills Badder Boyz: The rarified atmosphere of playing on an actual hill will expose the weaknesses of the fake hill-dwellers. Orcs - 7

Fishermen's Friends v Bog Trotters: Despite this being as near to an East Coast Derby as is possible, not sure if Thorne are up to the journey. HWO

The Champions v Yawno: Clash of the magic carpet experts, Ali Baba v Aladdin, or will the evil Jafar make an appearance? Keefleh + 7

Saints v Runners up: Whalers to succumb to the temptation of the pre-match chilli buffet and take an uncharacteristic turn for the worse. Probably to the toilets too as the chilli has been on the hob for two months now. Saints - 7

Young Farmers v Sheep Sha**ers: Rugrats still giddy from last week's losing BP and go one better with a win. Ripon - 7

Pie Men v Smoggies: More substance than style on show here, with lots of big bearded blokes bashing about. Woff - 7

Cheesy Wotsits v Waifs n Strays: Toss up between a last weekend on the piste for the remaining Pooh Boys, or a tough journey up another glacial valley. If they can raise a side, Dale + 7 or HWO

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy Fixtures 19/03/22
« on: March 16, 2022, 06:14:59 PM »
Any interest in catch ups this week?

Sheep Sha**ers v Fishermen's Friends: No amount of welcomes in the hillside will stop the relentless pursuit of the trawlermen to put themselves in the running for whatever debacle awaits Level 7 and above. Ull + 7

Waifs & Strays v Leeds Saints: Wherever this takes place, Saints will set up home and probably play a bit of T&P before heading down the pub. Sad to say, but probably AWO

Wheatos v Wethos: Any rumours that Hills "took their foot off the gas" to accommodate Ripon's under-strength and under-age side last weekend strenuously denied. Different kettle of fish this week and pedal definitely to the metal if Hills are to seriously threaten Whalers' promotion chances. Wetherby - 7

Yawno v BBCC: Not too many distractions here for the Orcs, who will be bouncing back from Wetherby last week after bouncing back from Ripon the week before. No saving grace on the magic carpet this week Baildon - 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy Fixtures 12/03/22
« on: March 09, 2022, 03:21:26 PM »
Fishermen's Friends v Nobody's Friends: Must win for the trawlermen to get back into promotion contention. BTEC Etonians to be distracted by the 101 things to do with a shipping container and start having designs on acquiring one for a new clubhouse. Ull + 7

The Champions v The Losers: Will Thorne travel, will they have a front row, will anyone care? Routine training session for the Champions. Keefleh ++ 7

Sheep Sha**ers v Pie Men: Not even home advantage of the breath-taking backdrop of the Matterhorn will save the day. Woff to trundle on + 7

Smoggies v Wotsits: No need to "mull it" over, based on form, a trouncing for the Teesside Terrors. 'Dale + 7

Runners up (for now) v Orcs: Normal service to be resumed at Grange Park and Baildon to come back down to earth with a bump after last week's side show. Whalers + 7

Wheatos v Young Farmers: Having pretty much exhausted the local talent pool, Rugrats now calling on minis and juniors to swell the ranks. As long as they don't get crushed or eaten and keep running around, could be the end of their losing ways. Ripon - 7

Yawno v Leeds Saints: Saints enjoyed their fallow week last week and made a serious dent in the remains of the uneaten chilli mountain. Rumour has it, it may be finally consumed by the end of the season. Not enough talent on show though for the mighty sea anglers on their magic carpet, assuming no snow, rain, leaves, wind, players... Yarnbury + 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy Fixtures 26/02/22
« on: February 22, 2022, 11:33:55 AM »
Storms allowing, time for a few catch up games this weekend.

Smoggies v Bad Boyz: First of this week's two mid-table clashes, but any thoughts of fireworks will turn into damp squibs in no time. Home advantage and webbed feet for North - 7

Wandering Waifs v Sheep Sha**ers: Another close call here. Ribb need to make sure their bus is locked to keep homeless Etonians out from squatting. OG - 7

Young Farmers v Fishermen's Friends: Rugrats in detention all week writing their lines; "any day now" Ripon - 7

Wheatos v Boggies: Will Thorne step up for the "local derby", or will they capitulate to the Hills juggernaut? Hills + 7

Yorkshire 2 / Fantasy Fixtures 19/02/22
« on: February 16, 2022, 11:10:33 AM »
Looks like yet more wind and rain to come, so hold onto your hats and keep wearing the thermals.

Sheep Sha**ers v Fishermen's Friends: Any vocals from the touchline will be drowned out by the howling of Storm Eunice but despite being about as far away from the sea as it's possible to get, a buoyant away win. Ull + 7

Smoggies v The Champions: Even the claypit won't slow down the champions elect to romp nearer to the prize return to Y1. Keef + 7

Waif & Strays v Saints: Wherever it's played, no home comfort for the nomads. Just in case there's no suitable venue for post-match hospitality, Saints will take their own food with them, they still have plenty of chilli leftover apparently. LC + 7

Young Farmers v Pie Men: Now they have remembered how to score tries and are back in their own sandpit, Rugrats - 7

Bog Trotters v The Runners Up: Thorne playing for pride, but can't see that enough to stop Whalers' relentless drive for Y1 promotion. Wetherby + 7

Wheatos v Wotsits: Battle of the snacks here, with home and weight advantage Hills - 7

Yawno v Bad Boyz: A Wide awake performance on the magic carpet for the sea anglers to dispel any rumours of their return to boring ways. Yarn + 7

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