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RFU Return to Rugby
« on: August 04, 2020, 07:42:19 PM »
New email from RFU has been circulated to clubs.

Action Plan

"Having undertaken the required exposure risk analysis of face to face contact within game and training situations, our action plan to government is focused on a staged return, commencing with non-contact rugby - initially restricted to activity within individual clubs and focused on Ready4Rugby, a 10-a-side variant of touch rugby. We will monitor this over the first few weeks and, subject to satisfactory implementation, would then look to permit inter-club activity using approved non-contact formats. In parallel with this, we will be considering the potential for some adaptations to the high-risk elements of contact rugby to see whether appropriate mitigations can be introduced (a subsequent exposure risk analysis on this would have to be approved by government). If this proves possible we would again introduce this gradually, initially through training and subsequently in inter-club matches. This would then continue until it is deemed safe, and appropriate government permissions are in place, to move back to full contact rugby – at least four weeks being in place between commencement of full contact training and match play for full contact rugby. "

Update on adult league rugby

As stated above, we are at Stage B on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap. We have to reach Stage F (which will not be reached until at least four weeks after Stage E) before full contact competitive league rugby can commence. As a result of the current position, the adult league season (Level 3 & below for men, Level 2 & below for women) will not commence in September. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the prevalence of the virus in the community, the next announcement about when league rugby will commence for these levels will be on 1 September. The fixtures previously published will be amended at the earliest opportunity and this will be communicated to clubs.

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Re: RFU Return to Rugby
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2020, 05:17:36 PM »
With the RFU now moving to Stage C, has anyone received any definite information about how clubs in an area with local lockdown can proceed?

The lockdown rules say that sports clubs can still have 30 people training outdoors, however, does anyone know if this is 30 people on the whole site, 30 people on one session on one field and then 30 on another etc and if it is a shared site with other sports does it mean 30 people across everybody?

If it's 30 people altogether, this could potentially have big implications, particular as junior rugby starts to come back.

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Re: RFU Return to Rugby
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2020, 06:24:27 PM »
You could always move to Scarborough 😁😁.... 1 case since the beginning of July. ....and that was a lad who went on a night out in Leeds.....

Another reason to change the conference's.
Loving all rugby but especially at grassroots level.